Adventure Inc - Episode 01 - Bride of the Sun

Overview: The Adventure Inc. team comes up against Judson Cross' (Michael Biehn) old partner in an attempt to retrieve an ancient Mayan altar that is linked to an old legend.

Synopsis by Tribune 2003

As Judson Cross (Michael Biehn) perilously hangs off an ocean-side cliff, attempting to retrieve a jade, disc-shaped artifact, he is jumped by another treasure-hunter: Judson's old partner, Stefan George (Steve Bacic). As a struggle ensues, MacKenzie (Karen Cliche) and Gabriel (Jesse Nilsson) rush to his rescue only to watch Judson and the artifact plunge into the water. Judson surfaces without the artifact.

A few days later, Judson and his crew arrive at Punta Gorda's governor's palace. There, they find a fisherman unknowingly hooked the artifact and is turning it over to the government. As Judson stands watching, he eyes a beautiful young woman and approaches her. She is the governor's daughter, Ynez (Lisa Marcos), and she tells Judson the Mayan myth that is associated with the jade disk: a young Mayan princess was forbidden by her father to be with her true love, a commoner. Her father sacrifices her on a jade altar, making her an example, and forever separating the two lovers. The jade disk is supposed to lead the way to the altar. Ynez propositions Judson: if she can join his crew on their search for the altar, then she will help him get the jade disk back. Judson denies her request, but after a botched attempt at stealing the disk from a closely guarded room, he makes the pact and they prepare to leave for the jungle.

In the midst of their jungle adventure, Judson and his crew find that there is someone following them, attempting to sabotage their quest. It is Stefan and the governor. Time is of the essence. They move quickly, day and night, but are taken aback when ironically enough, Ynez tells them that she is in love with a commoner, just like in the myth. Later that night, she holds the disk close to her heart and suddenly, her eyes and the disk begin to glow green and she starts speaking in an ancient Mayan dialect.

Ynez, in her trance, begins to climb a large mountain, seemingly being led by an outside force and Judson and his crew follow closely. As they continue to the top of the mountain, Judson catches who he thinks is one of Stefan's men, but it is Theo (Ray Mukaddam), the commoner who Ynez is in love with. He is also speaking in an ancient Mayan dialect and he and Ynez continue up the mountainside together. As they reach the top, they are awestruck by the Mayan ruin that is before them, complete with a jade altar. The myth is real. Just then, Stefan and his crew arrive. They begin to chain the altar and try to pull it from the ground with their Jeeps. Steam and green smoke begin pouring from where the altar is now cracked. Judson is unsuccessful in his attempt to stop Stefan and his men, when a sudden bolt of green lightning strikes from the altar to the Jeep. The chains snap and Judson lunges to save Stefan, but Stefan is already mortally wounded. When Judson looks up, he finds that the altar is back to normal, along with Ynez and her love. No one can seem to explain what just happened. Judson decides this is one artifact that needs to be left in place.

Synopsis by Tarlan

Warning: The Mayan spellings I have used here are purely phonetic and therefore will most definitely be misspelled.

Opening Scene:

Judson Cross is hanging from a rope partway down a cliff face. Carefully, he chips at the rock face until the stone breaks away, revealing a hidden artefact. We see a black boot land close to the edge of the cliff top dislodging debris which hits the peak of Judson's baseball cap. He looks up in time to see a man lower himself down towards him fast. The man is Stefan George. They fight as each tries to grab the pre-Columbian jade ring.

In the meantime, Gabe and Mac are on the Vast Explorer, and Gabe witnesses the fight. Mac and Gabe jump into the inflatable and race to the rescue. Stefan's henchman arrives beside Judson. He hits Judson hard and the donut sized jade ring tumbles into the sea below, and then he pulls a knife which he uses to slice through Judson's rope. Judson falls, hitting the sea hard enough to stun him. Gabe and Mac arrive, and Mac dives over the edge, reaching Judson and pulling him back to the surface.

Governor's Palace, Punta Gorda:

Judson, Mac and Gabe are entering the Governor's palace grounds, discussing Stefan George who was once Judson's former partner and dive master. Both Mac and Gabe are upset that Judson is being so philosophical about Stefan and his cutthroat tactics but he says that Stefan was the best partner he ever had. Both Gabe and Mac are a little put out at that but Judson jokes about it. They are also annoyed because of the lost opportunity and then Judson reveals why they are at the palace. It appears that a local fisherman caught the jade ring and has donated it to the museum.

Inside, Governor Morton is presenting the fisherman with a medallion for his generosity. Judson goes to stand next to a young, beautiful woman and he denigrates Morton for swapping a worthless pice of metal for a priceless Mayan artefact. The woman reveals herself to be the Governor's daughter

Judson: My name is Judson Cross and you must think I'm a real jerk.
Ynez: No, I think you're a world class marine archaeologist and explorer. We get cable, and I was educated in the States.

Ynez asked Judson if he knows anything about the jade and he relates some Mayan history concerning a warrior priest, Ko-Hi-Ho The Fierce who built the City of the Sun. Governor Morton steps up and Ynez tells Judson that her father does not believe in the legend of E'Chala even though Ynez is a direct descendant of Ko-Hi-Ho through her mother. Judson offers the Governor a pice of paper saying that the Ministry has agreed to allow him to have the jade artefact. Governor Morton does not refute Judson's claim but says he cannot have it for at least a week or month, until the artefact has been properly cleaned. He does not relent even when Judson continues to press him on the issue.

On board the Vast Explorer:

Judson, Mac and Gabe are leaning close to the bow of the Vast Explorer frustrated by the loss of the jade. Without it they will not be able to find the lost temple of Qu'nichia. Gabe remarks that now they will not hear the rest of the story about the star-crossed lovers. A woman's voice behind them catches their attention and they turn around to find Ynez. She tells them that E'Chala was the daughter of the Sun King.

Ko-Hi-Ho had promised his daughter to a neighboring prince, hoping to increase his kingdom, and he built a magnificent altar for the wedding so that all would know his wealth and power.

Gabe: Sounds just like my dad.

Judson remarks that neither Gabe nor Mac have a romantic bone in their bodies. Ynez continues the story. E'Chala was already in love with a boy from the village and, in his rage, her father sacrificed her and she died at his feet; her wedding altar becoming her tomb.

Ynez asks if she might speak with Judson in private. Mac and Gabe take the hint and leave, and Ynez reaches out to take Judson's hand, playing with his fingers. She offers him the jade on condition that she can go with them in the search for the temple. When he says no, she calls him a Treasure Hunter, to which he responds:

Judson: I like to think of myself more as a professional explorer.


Gabe remarks that he believes the Governor is trying a shakedown, expecting them to pay for early possession of the jade artefact. Judson says he refuses to pay, especially as they have a valid permit from the Central Government. Instead, he produces the blueprints to the Governor's Palace, insisting they would not be stealing the jade, merely borrowing it for a few days.

Governor's Palace - Evening:

While Mac distracts the guard, Judson slips inside the museum through the window, remarking that he is too old for this. Being careful not to trigger the alarm system, he steals the jade, replacing it with the reasonable facsimile he asked Gabe to reproduce.

Descending the stairs, Judson stops and raises his arms when he notices two guards with rifles aimed right at him. Before he can figure out a way to get out of this mess, Ynez descends the stair and goes straight up to him, kissing him soundly on the lips. She tells the guards that Judson is her date and sends them away. Judson insists he was not stealing the jade, only borrowing it for a few days but refuses when Ynez restates her request to join him on his search for the City of the Sun. She turns and calls for the guards so Judson clamps his hand over her mouth. She bites him.

In the meantime, Stefan swims to the Vast Explorer. He boards the ship and sabotages the engine.

Next Day:

Judson asks Ynez why she wants to go with them so badly and she says she wants to be a part of this important find. They barter percentages with Judson finally relenting at 15 percent when Ynez threatens to have him deported. She is overjoyed and states that she will have her servants pack her bags, to which Judson responds that she is already packed. Obviously, he feels that they have delayed long enough. He orders Gabe to get ready to cast off but when Gabe starts the engine, there is an explosion in the engine compartment. They check the engine and Judson discovers the sabotage.

Judson knows there is little chance of getting the engine fixed so orders Gabe to take her out on the one remaining engine, stating he'd row if necessary.

In the jungle:

They are cutting a path through jungle, beneath a small mesa. In the trees and rocks above are Howler monkeys. Gabe gets splattered on the shoulder by monkey poo and seems resigned to it but Ynez also has some land on her vest top. She runs off screaming. They let her go as she races to the stream.

In the meanwhile, they are being followed and watched by Stefan.

Judson decides that this is a good place to set up camp. Gabe comes out of the tent they have erected, and Mac throws him a canteen to fill with fresh water. It is then that Gabe realizes that Ynez is washing her clothes upstream from the camp and, hence, fouling their drinking water. It is obvious that she has never been in the jungle before and has never had to live rough.

Gabe complains to Judson, but when Judson tells her that he will drop her off at the first town, she starts to beg on her knees.

Ynez: I don't care about the treasure. I only want Theo.

Theo is a farmer so Ynez's father will not allow them to marry even though they love each other. Ynez only wanted the money so that she and Theo could elope. Judson does not want to get involved in family battles, citing that it is a good way to get your nose broken. Her story seems to mirror that of the fated Sun King's daughter, E'chala

Ynez: Have you ever been in love?

Judson rubs his eyes and looks away but her pleas have reached him. Mac calls Judson a softy for letting Ynez have one last chance. Ynez takes the tent to sleep in. She has the jade artefact in her hand. It is glowing, and she is talking to it softly in a foreign tongue -- presumably a dialect of ancient Mayan.

Early next morning (05:00):

They are rolling up their sleeping bags. Judson asks Gabe to contact their museum patrons in the States to let them know they are on schedule. They hear something that sounds ominously like incoming missiles. Judson, Mac and Gabe throw themselves down into the undergrowth with Judson's arm partially over Gabe. Two mortar bombs land: one in the water close to the camp, the other within the camp, destroying the pile of sleeping bags.

Someone starts to rain gunfire into the camp and Judson races to get Ynez out of the tent before she is injured. Everything falls silent and then they hear the sound of a jeep leaving.

Gabe: Bandits?
Judson: Bandits? No. I don't think so... but I got a pretty good idea who it is.

Scene cuts to Governor Morton:

A jeep carrying the Governor and two of his men goes to the destroyed camp and then they meet up with Stefan. Governor Morton has been convinced by Stefan that Judson Cross has kidnapped hsi daughter, Ynez,and stolen the jade.

Scene cuts back to Judson and his party:

Judson and the crew decide to press on. They come to a deep gorge where the only visible way across, other than climbing down and then back up again, is to use a rope bridge. They decide it is probably a left over from a CDC (Center for Disease Control) expedition into the area for medicinal herbs five years earlier. With little choice, Judson decides to go first, enjoying the exhilarating experience. One by one the team cross safely.

Judson tells the others to take a break while he checks around. As he is doing so he hears a voice on his radio.

Stefan: Eh, amigo.

Judson recognizes the voice and looks saddened and disbelieving -- as if hoping Stefan will come to his senses. He returns to the others to let them know about the problem then learns they have a bigger problem as Ynez no longer seems to understand them, responding only in a strange language.

Judson: Now we have a big problem.

Gunfire starts up around them, forcing them into a cave close by but the Governor tries to stop Stefan's men, angry and concerned that his daughter might be injured or killed. Stefan responds regarding Judson Cross.

Stefan: I've known him for fifteen years. He only cares about one thing. Winning. And he'll do anything -- anything -- to win.

Mac tries to get through to Ynez and wonders if, maybe, Ynez believes she is E'chala. Gabe recognizes one word Ynez is saying as Ch'valva. Caves. Place of Fright. Mentioning that sacrifices were carried out in caves. As Judson and Gabe walk through the cave system behind Mac and Ynez, Gabe brings up the subject of Stefan George.

Gabe: Judson, he's trying to kill us.
Judson: He was my partner but he was also my friend. One night he got juiced up and made some really bad decisions. I don't know... guess he always felt a little less than...
Gabe: Less than you.
Judson: Felt he had something to prove, and when he couldn't, he drank and drank.
Gabe: Yet you talk to him like he's your friend. You're too loyal, Judson.
Judson: Yeah, well. I'm beginning to realize that might not be such a great thing.

Stefan, two mercenaries and the Governor enter the cave system to follow Judson and his party. They catch up fast and start shooting. In panic, Ynez runs and falls into a pool of water. Judson yells and leaps in after her. Mac and Gabe dive in after the pair of them. They break the surface outside of the caves and swim to the bank with Judson bringing Ynez ashore.

Stefan calls Judson on the radio again and Judson asks Stefan if he still has the Smith and Wesson silver .38. Stefan reaches down -- he is wearing it -- and asks why..

Judson: You won it from me, right? So you didn't always lose.
Stefan: I cheated that time.
Judson: I know.

Gabe interrupts to tell Judson that Ynez is not breathing. Judson rushes over and starts mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Scene cuts to Stefan:

Stefan makes a phone call to someone called Antonio, wanting to be certain he will be paid in krugerands and not pesos. He tells Antonio that he should have the jade by tomorrow. His conversation is overheard by one of the Governor's men and Stefan tells one of his mercenaries to go see if the man understands English. Stefan looks concerned when he hears a noise in the jungle beyond, and is displeased when his mercenary returns brandishing a knife, implying that he has killed the Governor's man.

Scene cuts back to Judson:

Judson succeeds in resuscitating Ynez. She points to a mountain peak and Judson realizes that she wants to go up there. Ynez hands the jade to Judson.

Scene cuts to Stefan:

When he realizes that the Governor is approaching, Stefan fires into the jungle, pretending that he is firing at Judson Cross in an attempt to cover up the murder of the Governor's aide. Stefan uses the discovery of the dead man as extra leverage on the Governor, strengthening his case that Judson is a dangerous man.

Scene cuts back to Judson:

Judson realizes that someone is following them and, silently, he urges the others onwards while he sneaks up and grabs hold of the young man.

Theo: Atteni. E'Chala, atteni.
Judson: Oh no. Not another one.

He marches the boy up to the others who is greeted by Ynez. He calls her E'Chala, and they embrace and kiss. They head off together and Gabe yells at them that they are going the wrong way but Judson responds.

Judson: No. Let them go. Speaking a thousand year old language. Maybe they know a thousand year old short cut.

Scene cuts to Stefan:

The Governor realizes that he has been duped all this time by Stefan. When he confronts Stefan, he is punched in the stomach and falls to his knees.

Scene cuts to Judson:

The couple lead them into a hidden cave entrance, Judson follows behind with Gabe and Mac.

Judson: The more I see the two of them together, the less convinced I am that they're crazy.

Inside the cave Judson discovers what they had been searching for -- the lost City of the Sun and its mystical, precious jade altar that was built for the marriage of E'Chala but became her sacrificial altar instead.

Scene cuts to Stefan:

Stefan orders his men to blast the cave entrance to make it wide enough for the jeep to get through. He confronts Judson calling him Partner.

A fight breaks out and Mac kills two of Stefan's men. Meanwhile, one of Stefan's men places a rope around the priceless jade altar and Stefan attaches it to the towing bar on the jeep. He climbs in behind the wheel but is jumped by Judson. They fight but Stefan gets the upper hand, pulls out the smith and Wesson and aims it at Judson's heart. Judson tries to reason with him.

Judson: You don't have to do this, Stefan.
Stefan: Yes, I do.

But instead of firing, he pistol-whips Judson across the face and then throws Judson to the ground. Stefan revs the engine and starts to pull the large jade altar from its mounting. Meanwhile, Gabe tries to jump Stefan's right-hand man but is thrown aside. Mac jumps in. A knife is thrown at Gabe but embeds in his holdall.

Stefan is still trying to drag away the heavy altar. Gas begins to escape from beneath the altar, and the altar starts to glow a luminous green. Electric sparks flow along the rope, reach the jeep and deliver an electric shock to Stefan. The rope breaks and Judson pulls Stefan from the jeep just as the jeep goes spinning off through the cave mouth and over the edge of the gorge, exploding as the fuel tank ignites.

Mac and Gabe try to explain away what they had seen.

Gabe: Methane/Nitrogen reaction.
Mac: Geo-thermal activity here is off the charts.

Ynez and Theo have returned to normal and are confused, wondering where they are and how they got there, and Judson is kneeling down with Stefan in his arms.

Stefan: Judson.
Judson: You had me, man. You could have killed me.
Stefan, grabbing Judson's shirt: You think we're done?

His hand falls away, head rolls to the side and Judson runs a hand through his hair in dismay, and we must assume that he is dead though it is not completely clear. Judson lays Stefan down and goes to Mac and Gabe, laughing softly as the Governor kisses his daughter and hugs Theo, understanding that, finally, the Governor has accepted his daughter's choice.

Judson: Well. It was a nice wedding... long engagement... like a thousand years.

Ynez hugs Judson in thanks for his part in helping her, who then shakes hands with both the Governor and Theo. Mac climbs up to the jade altar and Judson follows.

Judson: Love is a powerful emotion. Beautiful isn't it?
Mac: You're leaving it here, aren't you? Here. Found this on the ground.

Mac smacks the jade against Judson's chest, walks away and then looks back -- smiling, as Judson laughs and tosses the artefact into the air.




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