Adventure Inc - Main Cast

Michael Biehn
"Shut up and get naked!"


...stars as Judson Cross, leader of an elite team of treasure hunters and adventurers.

Probably best known for his work with Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, and  Clockstoppers), Michael has appeared in many films, TV-movies, TV shows, and the computer game Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. His 1998 TV series The Magnificent Seven still enjoys a global cult following.

A busy and popular action/adventure star and character actor, recent projects also include The Art of War and Omega Code 2: Megiddo.

Michael has been a certified diver since The Abyss. His athletic style and resumé of action/adventure films like Navy SEALs and K2 make him well-suited to the role of treasure-hunter and adventurer Judson Cross.

Originally from Nebraska and Arizona, Michael Biehn lives with his wife and two sons. He also has twin sons from a previous marriage.

He was born in Anniston, Alabama, on July 31, 1956.


Karen Cliche


...stars as Mackenzie Mac Previn, one of an elite team of treasure hunters and adventurers. Mac is an expert with weaponry -- and she is a dive master.

Don't let this willowy 5'9" former model fool you. Karen Cliche (pronounced kleesh), has done her share of action roles before. Her most recent role was alongside Stephen Dorff (Blade) in the Miramax action thriller Riders where she played Alex, a member of a group of thrill-seeking bank robbers.

Born on 22 July 1976 in Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada, Karen graduated from Rosemount High School in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1993. Before getting into acting, she was a world-traveling model for Ralph Lauren and others.

A busy actor, her recent credits include Summer, a tribute to filmmaker John Hughes, the 2001 mystery series All Souls as Gabby Maine, the made-for-TV movie, Protection, with Stephen Baldwin and Peter Gallagher (American Beauty). Some fans might also recognize her as Marissa from MTV's Undressed, plus she starred in the cult favorite Vampire High series.


Jesse Nilsson


...stars as Gabriel Gabe Patterson, one of an elite team of treasure hunters and adventurers. Gabe is an expert with computers and with anything electronic or mechanic.

Despite being an asthmatic, Jesse Nilsson was active in the dramatic arts from a young age, and was no stranger to Canadian TV. He received his dramatic education at Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto, Canada.

His recent credits also featured a six-episode guest star role in the Canadian TV series Our Hero, where he portrayed Rollins -- an animal rescuer.

His film credits included The Skulls, Model Behavior (alongside Justin Timberlake of N'Sync) and Teenage Vampires. He played Justin in the Disney teen series Ready or Not and has had several guest starring roles in shows such as Dear America, In a Heartbeat (Disney/Alliance), Twice in a Lifetime (Pax/E!). Jesse also played Alex in University for Odyssey/Muse Entertainment.

Tragically, Jesse Nilsson passed away in Toronto on April 25, 2003, due to heart failure. He was 25. He had been suffering from pneumonia for the two weeks prior to his death but was on the road to recovery. He is survived by his mother, father, sister, and brother. His funeral service was held May 1, 2003 at the Jerrett Funeral Chapel in Toronto, Canada.