The Magnificent Seven 01
Ghosts of the Confederacy

Opening Scene:

A woman is about to give birth. The child is born, the Grandfather - and medicine man - holds the baby aloft for all in the Seminole village to see. A troop of ragged confederate soldiers rides into the village. They are after food and supplies. One tries to grab a pretty woman but the leader of the troop, Major Anderson, stops the man - and shoots him dead. He says they are after only food and supplies. One of his men discovers the gold ceremonial mask. Anderson threatens the villagers with a cannon. He tells the Chief to fill a chest with gold or there will be trouble.

Cuts to:

Photo 1 Chris from GOTC Saloon where most of the patrons are cowering because of the trouble in the street outside. A man dressed in black, Chris Larabee, is leaning up against the bar. The bartender puts a bottle and glass onto the bar but dives aside when shots shatter the window and deflect off the bar top. One shot smashes the neck of the bottle. Chris picks it up and pours himself a shot of whiskey. He drinks whiskey then leaves the saloon, ignoring the flying bullets.

Chris: Town always this lively?

We see another younger man, Vin Tanner, sweeping outside a hardware store (Watson's Hardware)

A dark-skinned man, Nathan Jackson, is manhandled down a set of stairs and onto a buckboard, protesting his innocence, saying that no one could have saved their trail boss. A woman, Mary Travis, steps into the street, holding a rifle. She tries to stop the men but they push her aside. She shouts out, asking the townspeople for help, berating them when they look and walk away. Photo 2 Vin from GOTC

Vin pulls off his apron and goes into the store. He emerges moments later with a rifle. The owner is berating him, telling him that he will lose his job. He looks up, sensing scrutiny, his eyes meeting Chris's across the main street. They acknowledge each other, and each others intentions and start walking towards the cemetery at the end of the town, meeting in the center of the main street and walking along side by side.

JD Dunne arrives on the stage coach. He has paid his fare for further up the line but jumps out when he sees all the commotion. This is the West that he has come looking for.

They reach the cemetery, move through the small crowd and step inside, then wait until they are noticed by the cowboys who are preparing to string up Nathan.

Chris: Cut him loose.

There is a gunfight. Nathan starts to swing and Vin takes two shots to sever the rope. The fight is over quickly and one of the men turns and flees. JD goes to shoot the man but the barrel is forced down at the last second by Chris who is angry that JD was about to shoot the man in the back.

Photo 3 Chris & Vin from GOTC

Vin and Chris introduce each other.

Chris: Name's Chris.
Vin: Vin Tanner. New in town?
Chris: Yesterday. You?
Vin: Last week.
Chris: Buffalo hunter?
Vin: Among other things. Not many left to hunt.

Nathan interrupts by throwing a knife at a man who is about to shoot the two strangers who saved him. He asks Chris and Vin to untie him.

Vin hands the rifle back to the owner of Watson's Hardware Store.

Vin: Sights a little off. Which explains why the first shot missed the rope.
Virgil Potter: You can keep it.

Mary Travis steps up. She explains that she owns the town's newspaper. She asks there names. They ignore her. She asks where they came from. Chris replies saloon They walk away and she asks them where they are going. They respond together saloon.

Chris, Vin and Nathan go up to the bar but the bartender makes no attempt to pour Nathan a drink until Vin says so. Vin spots the two old men from the Seminole village in the mirror. They want to hire Chris, Vin and Nathan to help them fight Anderson. All they have is a small piece of gold that is worth only 35 dollars. Chris reckons that could buy them 7 men.

Nathan knows of a man who is working outside the town on the ruin of an old church, Josiah Sanchez. However, Josiah is not interested, but Nathan tells Chris and Vin that they should swing by there on the way to the village in case Josiah changes his mind.

Photo 4 Josiah

Chris knows of one other man in the town, Buck Wilmington. Buck is busy with one of the ladies when there is a bang on the door. The woman believes it is her husband. Buck grabs all his clothes and, after kissing her soundly, climbs out through the window. He jumps to the ground and comes face to face with Chris. Buck hugs Chris, greeting him as an old friend, but Chris seems uncomfortable with the hug, glancing over at the passing townsfolk.

Chris: People will talk.

Vin comes up behind Chris while he is telling Buck about the Seminole village. Buck is amazed that Chris is offering a mere 5 dollars especially when the odds are twenty to one. He sees that Chris is serious and tells him to count him in. As Chris, Vin and Buck walk back along the main street, joining Nathan, they hear shots and commotion from the saloon.

Photo 5 Ezra

Ezra Standish has challenged a man to a shooting wager, shooting the Ace of Spades. The man shoots and does well. Ezra is pretending to be inebriated, his foot slipping on a bottle, his first bullet going wild. He seems, suddenly, very sober as he shoots dead centre not once but several times in a row. His challenger is shocked then angry, realising he has been cheated somehow. Ezra has a time trying to escape and wounds one man using the mirror to guide his shot. Vin is appreciative of the skill displayed.

Vin: Nice shootin'
Ezra: Dreadful. I was aiming to kill him.

During the showdown, while Ezra is holding off most of the saloon with a small derringer, Chris tells him he knows Ezra 's gun is shooting blanks. He offers him the Seminole job but Ezra is amazed at the small fee, saying that 5 dollars wouldn't even cover the cost of his bullets.

After Ezra has manages to escape the saloon, Nathan asks what they want with the gambler/con artist. The response is, that you never know when you might need one.

The five men: Chris, Vin, Buck, Nathan and Ezra meet up ready to ride out. JD Dunne gallops in, showing off his horse skill but falls into a trough causing the others to laugh. Chris tells JD that he isn't needed. They ride off passing close to the old missionary to find Josiah saddled up and waiting for them. For some reason he has changed his mind about riding with them.

Photo 6 Buck from GOTC

On the ride to the village Josiah makes them aware that someone is following. When they get there, Buck drifts off and discovers that there shadow is JD. He brings the boy to Chris. Chris tells him to go home but JD is insistent, standing up to Chris. In the end, Chris gives up, realising it is JD's choice. Buck notices that there are no women around but Nathan discovers where they are hiding after falling into a trap. He meets one of the village elder's daughter, Rain, for the first time.

They start preparing the village and the villagers for the coming battle. Vin is teaching the villagers how to shoot a rifle, Nathan is preparing for the casualties - helped by Rain. Ezra is organising the children into making figures so they can deceive Anderson into believing he might be outgunned. Josiah is building high walls (fortifications). The village elder talks to Chris about Anderson, says Anderson is an old soldier so he will arrive a day earlier, hoping to take them by surprise.

Buck is surprised by, but overcomes, a Seminole who turns out to be the Chief's son.

First Night:

Chris and Vin sit watch together as the sun is setting. They know the battle will take place tomorrow. Vin tells Chris about the 500 dollar bounty on his head.

Chris: How come you're so valuable?

Vin tells him about how he was framed for murder in called Tascosa, by a man called Eli Joe, He wants Chris to take his body back to Tascosa, should he die.

Vin: If a friend collects I get the last laugh.

Next Day:

Photo 7 from GOTC

Anderson arrives with his men but the odds are not twenty to one as the village elders had stated, instead they are closer to forty to one. He berates the chief for misleading them.
During the battle Josiah is shot in the right thigh and Ezra dislocates his left shoulder. JD is almost killed but is saved by Buck who shoots the attacker. Buck tells JD off for fanning his gun, saying that it's the best way to get himself killed. Nathan tricks Ezra into an angry exchange then reaches out and pops the shoulder back in. They have beaten off Anderson's first attack.

Vin: What d'you think?
Chris: Maybe.
Vin: I'll take first watch.

That night the men are sitting against the wall to a hut, drinking. Chris tells JD to slow down as JD upends the whiskey but JD is drunk and obviously shocked by the events of the day. JD tells Chris to mind his own business, but Buck is sympathetic. This is when we hear about Chris's murdered family. Buck gets up and walks with Chris for awhile.


Photo 8 Nathan

Ezra has taken over the watch but has been tempted to check out the played-out mine where the gold for the mask had come from. this allows Anderson time to get into position, setting up his cannon on the top of the mesa overlooking the village. They start firing on the village. There is no easy way to reach the cannon - except to climb. The chief's son leads the way up, the six remaining hired guns following behind. At the top, however, the Chief's son is killed and Chris, Vin, Buck, Josiah, Nathan and JD are captured.

Vin: I'll take that 5 dollars now.

Vin is kicked and then all of them are handcuffed and placed on the ground in front of the cannon. Anderson orders that they are executed by firing the cannon.

Captain Francis follows Anderson into his tent and tries to reason with him. We see that Anderson has a festering wound and is probably suffering from blood poisoning. Anderson's response is to strip Francis of his rank and have him put with the other prisoners ready for execution. Chris spits onto his wrist and starts to work on his handcuffs, ignoring the blood as the handcuff rubs the skin raw.

Meanwhile, Ezra, on hearing the cannon fire, realises what has happened and starts to ride away. However, his conscience gets to him and he rides back and tries to get the others free but his plan misfires. However, his actions have given Chris enough time to free one hand. He grabs the guards gun and starts shooting. Ezra joins in and together they kill or wound all the soldiers manning the cannon.

Photo 9 Chris from GOTC

Chris and Vin race back into the village, leaving Ezra to man and protect the cannon from being retaken. Francis joins them in the battle. They all try to kill Anderson but Nathan explains that the man probably cannot feel the gunshot wounds inflicted upon him as Anderson is drugged with laudanum to hold off the pain from his festering leg wound. JD jumps out, fanning his gun at Anderson but the gun fails him through his abuse of it, leaving him defenceless as Anderson charges towards him bearing a sabre. Buck pushes JD aside and is cut down by the sabre. Josiah takes a bullet in the side while using his own body to protect Buck.

Meantime, Chris manages to hit Anderson, then Vin. Nathan stabs Anderson in the leg and Anderson topples from his horse. Francis steps out, and pleads with Anderson not to force him to kill him but Anderson calls Francis a coward and aims at him. Chris finishes Anderson off.

Once Anderson is dead the soldiers are confused. Chris tells them it is over, tells them to go home to their families.


Chris and Vin meet in the village.

Chris: Where you headed?
Vin: Tascosa.
Chris: Tascosa? Why?
Vin: Never know how much time there'd be to set things right.
Chris: Gotta saloon there?
Vin: I reckon.

Chris sees the chief. He hands him his dead son's knife, letting him know that his hotheaded son died bravely.

Meantime, we discover that Buck is alive and able to ride. As they prepare to leave, the Chief tells Chris and Vin that they would always be welcome in the village. they hand back the gold amulet, just in case the Seminole need it again some day.

They start to ride off but hold up and wait for the others to join them. Josiah mounts up and starts riding against Nathan's wishes. Nathan, who had intended to stay in the village with Rain, is persuaded by her to leave with his new friends.

The Seven ride off together.