The Magnificent Seven 02
One Day Out West

Opening Scene:

The episode starts with the Seven riding back to the town. it cuts to the arrival of a stagecoach, passing boarded-up stores, revealing that the town is slowly becoming a ghost town.

At Mr. Potter's store, Lucas James, the nephew of one of the largest, richest ranch owners in the area, drops a pot which smashes. He tips over a cabinet, sending the contents flying and starts to walk out. Potter remonstrates with Lucas James.

Potter: You can tell him what to do with his money.

Potter throws something which bounces off the doorframe near Lucas. Lucas turns, draws and shoots Potter. He then takes several paces back inside and shoots Potter again.

An older man arriving on the stagecoach hears the commotion and witnesses the unlawful killing of the store owner. He asks the coach driver for his sawed-off coach gun and then steps into the middle of the street to confront Lucas and his two henchmen.

The Seven arrive back in the town.

Older Man: Drop your gunbelt.
Lucas: Don't know who I am, do you?
Older Man: No. I don't care.

Mary Travis runs up to the older man and it is obvious that they know each other and that she is concerned for his well being. Lucas threatens the older man, mentioning how the odds are stacked against him three to one.

Vin, holding his horse: Hardly seems fair.
Nathan, leading his horse: Nope

Buck walks between the older man and Lucas then turns and walks towards Lucas.

Buck: Why, howdy boys.

Buck brushes past the darker-clad henchman and takes a seat on the boardwalk behind the three men. Chris walks behind Mary to stand by the older man's side

Photo 1 Chris and Judge Travis

Lucas: You stay outta this, cowboy. Ain't your fight.
Chris: He just call me a cowboy, JD?
JD: I think he did, Mr Larabee.
Ezra, daintily slapping trail dust from his sleeves: At least once.
Josiah, coming up very close to the second henchman: He hates that.
Chris, walking towards Lucas: Just call me a cowboy?
Lucas: No. I was just saying it ain't your fight.
Chris: Not yet.

Lucas and his henchmen realise that the odds are not in their favour, and they drop their gunbelts when they learn that the older man is Orrin Travis, the Circuit Judge.

Travis escorts Lucas to the jail, with Mary beside him. He is perplexed when he finds the jail is empty, having travelled 300 miles expecting to see a ful jailhouse. Mary tells him that the sheriff let everyone go just before he hightailed it out of town. Lucas makes some smart comment about his uncle being the important Stuart James, but the Judge informs him that he has already hung 23 smart young men.

Photo 2 Chris in the saloon

Chris is alone at a table in the saloon with a half-empty bottle in front of him and a full shot glass of whiskey. Unusually, he has his back to the door. Vin moves in front of him.

Vin: Hey, cowboy. Join ya?

Chris indicates his welcome with a hand gesture and Vin takes the seat opposite. Chris has the look of someone who has already had a few glasses, and he pushes the full glass across to Vin.

Vin: I was thinking 'bout getting an early start for Tascosa.
Chris: I was thinking about whiskey, room, bed... more whiskey. Why don't you give it a few days?
Vin: With this bounty on my head I haven't got a few days.

Vin downs the whiskey.

Chris: Never known a man who was in such a hurry to get himself hung.
Vin: Chance I gotta take. Need to clear my name. I'm leaving in the morning. Wouldn't blame ya if ya'd prefer to stay.

Chris looks at the bartender who has drawn too close for comfort before speaking in a lower voice.

Chris: What're the women like in Tascosa?
Vin: Don't come much livelier.
Chris: See you in the morning.

Chris gets up and walks away, waling past Nathan and Josiah who are drinking together, with Josiah discussing how he was so certain he was supposed to die in that village.

The Judge enters the saloon and makes an offer of the sheriff's position - $30 for one week's work. JD says he wil take it and, despite an initial brush-off because of his youth, the Judge is forced to accept him as he is the only person to speak up. The Judge looks at the person standing with JD, and even though Ezra's back is to him, he recognises Ezra and makes him turn around. We discover that Ezra jumped bail at Fort Laramie, and JD is given his first job as sheriff escorting Ezra to jail.

Buck rushes into the jailhouse and berates JD for taking on the sheriff's position. We learn that Buck was a lawman once. JD finds a sheriff's badge and Buck convinces him to pin it under his jacket collar. He also finds a gun and starts spinning the cylinder much to Buck's consternation about mistreating a gun.

In the meantime, one of Lucas's men has returned to Stuart James to tell him what has happened. Stuart James saddles up and rides into town.

Later that evening:

Chris is leaving the restaurant as Stuart James enters. Stuart approaches the Judge, sits down, introduces himself and tries to sweet-talk the Judge into letting his nephew go. Unfortunately for Stuart James, Travis is a man of principle and a witness to the murder of Mr. Potter.

Next Morning:

Buck sees Mary Travis walking along the main street. He goes over and takes her papers off her, helping her to deliver The Clarion to the townsfolk. She sees Chris Larabee on the opposite side of the street and watches as he goes into Mr. Potter's store. She starts questioning Buck about his friend.

Photo 3 Chris and Mary Travis

Mary enters the store and greets Gloria Potter, the widow. Chris is standing by the counter sorting out payment for some goods he is purchasing.

Mary: Your friend, Buck, told me you lost your wife and son in an accident. I lost my husband. I know something of what you've been through.
Chris: No Ma'am. You don't.

At the Jail:

Lucas is in the jail next to Ezra. They strike up a conversation and Ezra challenges Lucas to a game of chance. If Lucas loses then he has to leave the keys within reach when his 'people' break him out.

A group of townfolk approach the jail, intending to free Lucas James afraid that his uncle will come into town and start trouble. JD is all alone and tries to stop them but they can see he is reluctant to shoot anyone. Just as the mob are about to overwhelm JD, there is a loud gunshot and we see Vin with his mare's leg (a sawed-off winchester) pointed in the air. Vin moves through the crowd and stands next to JD.

Townsman: We don't want your kind in this town. You bring nothing but trouble.
Vin: Can't be worse than what you already got.

Gloria Potter berates the townsfolk for their actions, wanting justice for her dead husband who was both a friend and fellow citizen to them. She nods her thanks to Vin and JD before moving off.

In the barbershop:

Buck is having a shave and is talking animatedly about women to the barber. Chris enters quietly and takes the cutthroat razor from the man's hand. He grasps Buck around the neck and hold the razor just below the jawline.

Chris: My past is my own, Buck. Not something you can use for conversation.
Buck: She asked.
Chris: Guess you didn't hear me.
Buck: I hear you... and I'm sorry, Chris, but what the hell am I supposed to say when people ask?
Chris: Nothing.

He takes off a stripe of lather then walks away leaving Buck looking shaken.

Travis has been unable to gather anyone willing to sit on the jury so he decides to hold a bench trial for Lucas James. JD enters alone, shaking his head to say he has been unable to find anyone interested. When henchmen of Stuart James enter, JD points the gun but the cylinder drops out. He ducks as they start firing at him, walking into a post and knocking himself senseless.

Chris and Vin are in the street outside readying their horses as they prepare to leave town for Tascosa. They hear the shots and came running. Chris shoots down one man in the street, and he and Vin take cover just outside the saloon.

Meanwhile, Lucas has shot Judge Travis and is about to finish him off when Chris throws a small barrel through the saloon window, quickly following it inside. Chris ducks behind an upended round table and he shoots one of Lucas's men. Lucas and the remaining henchman flee. Chris calls out to JD and, once he knows JD is okay, he sends JD running for Nathan to help the Judge.

However, when JD runs out of the saloon he runs straight into Vin's line of fire, ruining Vin's shot even though Vin shouts 'Get down, JD', the opportunity is lost.

Chris arrives at the room where Mary Travis is nursing Judge Travis. She realises that he still intends to leave town with Vin. He pauses on his way out to tell Mary that this town is no place for women, suggesting that she goes back to where she came from. At that moment Vin arrives and tells Chris about James's boys asking about the Judge in the saloon and Chris feels obliged to help out once more.

In the cemetary:

Chris, Vin and JD struggle to take a coffin off the back of a buckboard then the three men strain to lower the coffin into a grave, watched by Mary Travis who is wearing mourning clothes.

Chris: What you put in here?
JD: Rocks.
Vin: Did you have to put in so many?

They pretend to be paying their last respects and then Vin lets Chris know that they are no longer being watched.

Photo 4 Chris in cemetary

Scene opens with Chris looking out the window of the room he is renting at the boarding house. He hears a sound and turns to where Judge Travis is lying on his bed, slowly coming round.

Judge: Where am I?
Chris: Room I rent. Safe.

The Judge thanks Chris for backing him up the other day and they talk a little longer.

Judge: What do you believe in, Mr. Larabee?
Chris: Not as much as I used to.
Judge: From what I can see, more than most.
Chris: Have to choose my fights carefully these days.

Nathan and Josiah are up on the church roof making repairs when Chris steps out below, wearing a stripey poncho. We discover the origin of that poncho.

Chris: Save any souls yet?
Josiah: You look downright handsome in that thing, Chris.
Chris: Thank you for the going away present, Josiah, but I'm not leaving. Got a little situation.

Josiah repeats his last word to Nathan with an ominous expression on his face.

Nathan: Is that another one of those 6 to 1 odds kind of things?
Chris: No. I don't think so. I'm figuring more like 10 to 1.
Josiah: You know how to lead a man into temptation, don't you?
Chris: We leave now.
Josiah: What do you say, Doc?
Nathan: Well. I always did recommend a little fresh air and exercise.
Josiah: You did.

In the saloon a little later, Chris's attempts to persuade Buck to accompany them. Buck is holding onto one of the saloon girls.

Buck: I thought you and Vin were going to Tascosa?
Vin: It'll keep. Sides that Lucas fellow owes me a new hat.

Vin pushes a finger through what must be a bullet hole in his hat. However, Buck is not convinced as he grabs the woman and throws her over his shoulder.

Buck: You can count me out. Sides, if I decide to commit suicide I'll do it myself.

Buck carries the squealing woman off, presumably up the stairs.

Vin: That's it?
Chris: You can always count on Buck.

Chris's last point of call is the jailhouse where he wants to pick up some of the spare weaponry stored there under lock and key. JD is at the jail and he removes his sheriff's badge while Chris takes a rifle from the rack. Ezra calls out, saying that he knows where Lucas is headed and Chris strings him along at first with an inquisitive glance, but then reveals that he doesn't need Ezra's assistance as he knows where Lucas is. However, Ezra convinces Chris that he can get close to Lucas due to the 'jailhouse friendship' they created while he was there.

Chris: Ain't planning to run out on me again?
Ezra: In my sainted mother's grave.
JD: I thought you said you're mother was still alive?
Ezra: Figure of speech.

Chris looks unconvinced for a moment but then he grabs the cell keys and throws them to Ezra.

Just below the crest of the ridge overlooking the James compound, Vin is checking out the terrain using his spyglass. There is a bareknuckle fight in progress that has caught people's attention and there seems to be a lot of movement in and out of the compound. The group of Six split up slightly and dismount outside. Chris pauses beneath the ornate 'gatehouse'. He has spotted a sentry on the nearby roof top and he pints the man out to Vin.

Photo 5 Chris and Vin at James ranch

Chris: Can you handle it?
Vin: Like lickin' butter off a knife.

Ezra comes to stand beside Chris and, in the meantime, Josiah is offering to help a man carry a heavy load. Chris gives Ezra the signal and the gambler ambles forward to where Lucas is talking and laughing between two senoritas. He asks Lucas if he might speak to him alone - without the courtesans - then sticks a gun, covertly, into Lucas's belly and leads him back to Chris.

Lucas: I remember you.
Chris: Nice to be remembered.

Vin coldcocks the sentry, takes a slug of whiskey then gets into position on the roof. JD is busy slicing through the cinches on as many saddled horses as he can manage and Josiah walks up to the black-clad henchman who had accompanied Lucas in the town at the time of the killing of Mr. Potter.

Josiah: Nice gun. Can I have it?

Stuart James has realised that something is afoot but the six men are ready. With Vin on the roof aiming at Stuart James, the man can only watch as Lucas is taken away. He is seething with anger, waiting for his men to disable the gunman (Vin) on the roof but when they get there they discover that Vin has gone leaving the former sentry's hat balanced over the top of the whiskey bottle to give the illusion that he was still there.

Although the six ride away with Lucas, JD could not disable all the horses. A large party of James's men follows, and are gaining, shooting wildly. Two shots ring out from the undergrowth and two of James's men fall from their saddles. The others pull up and turn back. Buck rides out on his grey horse, rifle in hand.

Buck: Good thing I came along.
Chris: Good thing you did.

Back in town the Judge has managed to convince the townsfolk that there can be law and order. Several of them agree to join the jury for the Lucas James trial.

The Judge makes an offer to the seven men. He wants them to take on the role of peacekeeperes for 30 days - until he returns. One dollar a day plus board. He tells JD that this will mean a cut in wages for him but JD is more than happy to accept the offer.

Ezra is offered a pardon in return for his acceptance.

Nathan: Might as well stick around.

Josiah accepts. The Judge looks around and calles to Vin who is hanging around at the back.

Vin: Got things needing taken care of but I guess they'll keep.
Judge: Chris?
Chris: I got a feeling I'm going to regret this.

The Judge moves off leaving the new seven peacekeepers lounging around outside the salooon while Travis begins the trial of Lucas James.