The Magnificent Seven 04

Opening Scene:

A man has been tied up. He is surrounded by gunpowder. Another man, smoking a cigar starts to berate the man, telling him that he was a useless powder man. The captive's eyes widen in fear as the other lights a fuse.

Man: Good ay to ya, sir.

With those words he walks away, joining a group of four waiting outside. They walk away together, ignoring the blast as the wooden building explodes behind them.

Buck and Nathan have been sent to meet a prison wagon to pick up a prisoner and bring that prisoner back to the town. Buck is stunned when the prisoner turns out to be a woman, Mrs. Terry Greer. A greater shock is in wait for him when he goes to get her bag and is punched in the face. The assailant turns out to be Mrs. Greer's 6 year old daughter, Olivia.

We discover that Mrs. Greer was a cracksman, a safecracker, who has served 3 years for robbery and just been paroled from Yuma prison. Olivia does not like the way Buck is looking at her mother and makes sure Buck knows her displeasure. Mrs. Travis meets the group and asks Nathan and Buck to watch over Olivia while she talks with the mother. They decide to take Olivia over to the hotel to get something to eat. Nathan and Buck stride off ahead and we see Olivia place something, furtively, in the large cigar box she carries.

Mary and Mrs. Greer go to Mary's Printer's store where Mary explains that she has found a job for Mrs. Greer in a nearby town. A man walks in. It is the killer from the opening scene: Morgan Coltrane. He pretends that he is looking to invest in the town but it is obvious that he knows Mrs. Greer and she is not pleased to see him.

Instead of following Nathan and Buck, Olivia walks into the saloon and past the table where Chris Larabee is sitting with a cup of coffee poised to drink. He is sitting with his back to the door, uncaring and he watches the girl as she moves past him. He stands when he hears Nathan and Buck enter the saloon calling out the name 'Olivia'.

Buck is angry with Chris.

Buck: You said it'll be a fast pick-up. This is the package we ended up with.
Nathan: Prisoner's a female.
Chris: I didn't know.
Buck: What are we, Boys? Damn babysitters now?
JD: Language round a child
Buck: Not a child. That is a hellion.

While Buck, Nathan and JD continue to discuss the child, Chris walks off and sees Mary Travis on the other side of the street. He crosses to intercept her as she walks along briskly delivering her newspaper.

Chris: Should have told me it was a woman they were picking up.
Mary: Didn't think it mattered.
Chris: (What a) man don't know can get him killed.
Mary: Come, Mr. Larabee. You should read my paper. There's new money in town. Making progress.

She hands him a paper which he holds but barely glances at.

Chris: Too much progress.
Mary: Excuse me?
Chris: I'm beginning to feel out of place.

He walks off without giving her a backward glance or even a polite 'good day'.

Back in the saloon Vin is standing at the bar wearing his red shirt, hat, buckskin jacket and beige pants. Nathan and JD are next to him. They hear some commotion at the card table where Ezra is sitting.

Man: Sayin' I cheated?
Ezra: No. I'm saying you cheated badly. Queen I dealt you is tucked neatly in your right boot.

The man pushes back from the table and stands but freezes in his attempt to pull out his gun when Ezra's derringer snaps out and Vin, Nathan and JD draw on the man. The man sees the sense in making a retreat and leaves quickly with his friends. Buck hands Olivia, the instigator of the incident, over to Nathan and storms out in anger.

Buck goes to speak to Mrs. Greer and she makes up a cover story to protect him when Morgan Coltrane and his gang come up on them and hold a gun on Buck. Coltrane wants to find Olivia - to use as leverage against Mrs. Greer - but she lies and tells him that her daughter is no longer in town.

As they walk along the boardwalk, Buck sees JD coming towards him with Olivia and quickly shakes his head. JD ducks out of sight with Olivia and they watch the gang go by.

Vin and Chris are mounting up, ready to go after Buck and Mrs. Greer.

Olivia: Want my mommy back.
Vin: Plan on it, little lady.
Chris: JD. Take her over to the church. Tell Josiah to look after her until we get this thing settled.

They ride out of town and stop just beneath the crest of a ridge, within a small copse. Vin takes out his telescope and checks the scene. There are five riders: Buck, Olivia and 3 others.

Vin: Crossing the border.
Chris: Odds are right. Let's take 'em.
Vin: Odds have changed.

Vin hands the telescope to Chris and nods in the general direction in which the small group are headed to see another group of riders waiting for them.

Chris: Shute. I'll guess we'll have to wait 'til they get settled in down there.

However, the group makes no plans to camp for the night, turning as one and riding off deeper into Mexico.

Vin: How's yer Spanish?
Chris: No bueno. Yours?
Vin: What's 'no bueno' mean?

They follow on behind at a distance and stop just below the ridge looking over a small town.

Vin: Purgatorio. When I was a bounty hunter.. chased a few desperadoes here but it's so overrun with outlaws nobody wearing a star will come within a bullet's distance. A real hell hole.
Chris: Sounds like fun.
Vin: Well, we're going to hell anyway you look at it. Come on.

They ride into the town and draw some unwanted attention from some of the men in the streets.

Vin: Last time I was here... run into a gunslinger named Bob Harper.
Chris: THE Bob Harper? What happened?
Vin: Just say it was a bad time for his gun to stick.

A crippled man hobbles out of one of the many saloons, a desperate look on his face. He moves quickly, but not fast enough to outpace the bullet sent into his retreating back. The killer flips a dollar to a small group of men who crowd around the corpse and the men start to strip anything worth taking from the body before it is dragged away for disposal.

Chris: Least they keep the streets clean.
Vin: Ugly cuss who was shot? Took him in once. Ugly cuss who shot him? Took him in too. His whole gang knows me.
Chris: Stick around here and you're gonna be deader than a beaver hat.
Vin: I'll take that chance.
Chris: I won't. You get back to town. If we're not there by morning... you come hunting.

They grasp hands in a familiar gesture and Vin watches for a moment as Chris rides on alone before turning back to ride out of town.

A saloon in Purgatorio:

Buck listens as Morgan explains that he met Terry Greer after placing her under arrest, implying that he was once a law enforcer. He glances over when Chris enters the saloon as Terry responds, saying that her father died in prison and her husband is dead , all because of Morgan Coltrane.

Chris is at the bar listening in on the conversation and when Morgan tells his men to take Buck outside and kill him Chris realises he has to act quickly. He turns and yells, acting slightly drunk.

Chris: Buck Wilmington, you shot my brother in the back. Now I'm here to kill you.

He grabs hold of Buck and throws him over an upturned table and to the floor and then appears to stamp on Buck, hard.

Chris: Did you like that? Huh? Ya gonna love this.

He throws an unresisting Buck into the street beyond. Buck rolls over and over and then comes up on his knees and taunts Chris who is levelling a gun at his chest.

Buck: Just shoot straight.

Buck clasps his chest as Chris fires and he falls sideways then rolls onto his back. Chris shoots him again the walks over, surreptitiously pulling back his glove and scoring the flesh of his palm with the end of the gun barrel. He presses the 'bloodied' hand to Buck's chest giving an illusion that Buck has been shot then staggers away, yelling drunkenly and pushing past Terry and one other from the small crowd of Morgan's men that has gathered between him and the saloon.

Chris: I'll see you in hell. All of you... you go to hell.

Morgan approaches Chris who has gone back to the bar and we hear Chris ordering a tequila... right now.

Morgan: That was some show. Mind?
Chris: I don't mind. You're paying for it.
Morgan: Hard to lose kin. Happened to me in the war. Seems there's no justice.
Chris: I make my own justice.
Morgan: You in the habit of shooting people?
Chris: I'm in the habit of doing anything I want.
Morgan: Would I know you?
Chris Would I know YOU?
Morgan: Name's Morgan Coltrane. I was a sheriff over in Missouri.

Morgan asks if Chris is interested in joining his gang 'make some money'. He calls Chris 'cowboy' and asks him to ride shotgun on Terry Greer.

Terry: Whatever he did to your brother, you didn't have to shoot him.
Chris: He's in a better place now. Trust me.

Scene cuts to Buck who scares the undertaker by sitting up. We watch as he moves around the town recollecting his belongings - boot, hat, gunrig - from the scavengers who had removed them from his 'corpse'.

Back in town:

Vin arrives back after nightfall, canters along the main street and dismounts outside the church. He has only just missed seeing Olivia who has snuck out once Josiah, Ezra and JD fall asleep inside the church. Ezra awakens belatedly earning himself an almost disdainful glare from Vin when he pulls his gun on him.

Vin: Howdy, boys.

They realise that Olivia is no longer in the church and they set off to find her. JD goes in the direction she took and is knifed in the shoulder by one of Morgan's men who had stayed behind to find the girl. JD staggers back out to the main street, shouts and fires a round from his gun to draw the others attention. Ezra supports JD as they go back to the church.

Vin: I gotcha gun, kid.

Vin takes control and tells Nathan to look after JD while the rest of them go hunting for Olivia but, before they leave, Buck arrives.

Buck: What happened?
Ezra: Long story.
Vin: Where's Chris?
Buck: With the gang... on his way to rob the bank.
Nathan: What!
Buck: Long story.
Vin: Well, come on. We gotta find Olivia.

The gang rides into town and one of Morgan's henchman reveals that they have the girl. Morgan tells Terry to look up at the first story window and Chris lets his gaze linger on that window deliberately knowing that one of the others might be watching. After they pass, Buck and Ezra step out from the deep shadows and move towards where Olivia is being held.

Vin steps out to meet Josiah and they go off to get Nathan.

Terry enters the bank with Chris and, once they are alone, Chris reveals who he is.

Chris: Mary Travis is a friend of mine. Buck Wilmington is not dead. His death was staged. I don't have time to explain.
Terry: What'll I do?
Chris: Play it out.

Morgan comes in to check on their progress and urges them to move faster.

Buck and Ezra light a fire outside the room where Olivia is being held. When the door opens they attack and overpower the two men holding the girl. Chris comes out of the bank and, on seeing that Olivia is safe, he pushes Terry to safety and the Seven open fire on the gang.

Vin lassoes one of the gang and Chris stands in the street firing at Morgan who is bearing down on him on horseback, gun blazing. Chris's shot hits Morgan and he falls dead from his horse.


Mary, Chris, Buck and Vin are watching as Terry and Olivia get on the stagecoach to head to their new life in Bitter Creek.

Buck: Well, good thing I play dead so well. Tell you the truth, Chris, I think I could have handled that situation by myself.
Chris: Should have shot you while I had the chance.
Vin: Hey, Buck? What time you got?

Buck goes chasing after the stagecoach when he notices that Olivia is dangling his watch from the window, tauntingly.