The Magnificent Seven 11
Sins of the Past

Opening Scene:

The episode begins with Ezra coming form the bank, having bought the saloon with the intention of turning it into The STandish Tavern for gambling and drinking. He tries to convince Josiah, JD and Nathan to become investors. Excitement in the hotel across the street draws Ezra and the others across only to discover Ezra's mother, Maude, is in town and has won the hotel.

It's dark and a group of men attack Vin at his wagon just off the main street. Chris sees it happen and rushes ion, gun drawn only to discover that the attackers are a US Federal Marshal (Yates) and his deputies. Yates has come to arrest Vin for the murder of Jess Kincaid and intends on taking him back to Tascosa in Texas to stand trial. They take him to the jail.

The next morning, Mary and Chris try to reason with Yeats but he says he has his duty and wiring Judge Travis would do no good as Travis is a territory judge with no jurisdiction in Texas. Chris enters the jail and he is seen sitting beside Vin's jail cell with his head hanging low. Within the cell, Vin is berating himself for letting the people of the town get to him, saying he should have hunted down Eli Joe and tried to clear his name while he had the chance.

Vin: You know me, Chris. I ain't afraid of dying. I just don't want to go out like that, strung up like some mangy dog.
Chris: I ain't gonna let that happen.
Vin: No, Chris. You go messing with the federal marshal, they're gonna string you up right alongside me.

Chris walks off without answering. Later, he sees Mary and walks along with her. She has wired anyone she can think of as Judge Travis is two days away from the closest telegraph but they all agree that Yates has the power to take Vin to Tascosa even though Chris is sure they will hang Vin the moment he sets foot in that town. In the meantime, Vin sees a chance to escape and tries to take it, but fails.

Despite telling Ezra that she intends only to use the hotel as a bed and restaurant, Maude starts putting in gaming tables and a bar in direct competition with Ezra. Ezra declares war on his mother. Buck has his own problems too when a local girl, Lucy, tells him he is the father of her child and that her father expects Buck to marry her.

When they saddle Vin up ready to take him back, the others can only stand around and watch. JD grabs a gun and steps into the street but Josiah is there in an instant, throwing JD out of the way and apologizing for JD's actions. He grabs Vin's mare's leg as the horse goes past and takes it to where Chris is saddling up, ready to ride out too. Buck tells JD that freeing Vin is a job for one man only.

Chris keeps out of sight as he parallels Yates and his men. He sees them stop and blindfold Vin, who questions the direction they are taking as they seem to be heading away from Texas instead of towards it. It becomes clear enough when they arrive at a clearing and Vin is dragged from his horse. When they remove the blindfold, Eli Joe is standing in front of Vin. Yates is not a US marshal but one of Eli Joe's gang. Eli Joe tells Vin that he is tired of looking over his shoulder waiting for Vin to catch up with him and orders his men to hang Vin, there and then. Vin's hands are bound as they place him back on his horse. His hat is removed but before they can put the noose over his head, a shot rings out. Chris had been watching and distracts the gang with gunfire while Vin rides off.

They meet on the ridge and Chris cuts the ropes binding Vin's hands. It's apparent that the reason why Vin didn't seem afraid of hanging was because he trusted in Chris to stop that happening. Chris hands Vin the mare's leg and they gallop off. They meet up again after Chris has checked that no one has followed them. Vin wants to capture Eli Joe and force him to tell the truth. Chris is unsure.

Chris: I don't know, Vin. Truth and Eli Joe don't seem like a likely mix.
Vin: I've lived with Kiowas and Comanches. I know a thing or two about getting the truth out of people.
Chris: I look forward to seeing' that. Too bad we got to keep him alive.

Back in town, Ezra has problems of his own with his mother as both of them use dirty tactics against each other. he has already seemingly been betrayed by JD and Nathan. However, he has found someone willing to manage the Standish Tavern--a new arrival in town called Inez Recillos. She shows him that she is more than capable of dealing with difficult customers.

The Seven go hunting for Eli Joe and his gang and come across them. They attack and Vin goes after the rider wearing Eli Joe's clothing only to discover it is Yates dressed up to fool Vin. They take the surviving gang members to the town jail. Vin is determined to go on alone to find Eli Joe but Chris and the others persuade him that he doesn't need to go it alone, that they will help him.

Chris tells them they have twenty minutes until they ride out so Buck--after much soul searching and talks with Josiah--goes to see Lucy with flowers in hand only to find her with another man. It turns out that this other man is the true father and she was simply trying to make him jealous enough to admit it and marry her. Buck is strangely disappointed.

Vin returns to his wagon, unaware that rather than riding away, Eli Joe has taken a room at Maude's hotel--her best room. The room overlooks Vin's wagon. Eli Joe opens the window and readies a rifle, preparing to shoot Vin, who has returned to his wagon to pick up supplies. Chris is walking down the street intending to join Vin. His sixth sense kicks in and he stops. He hears the click of the rifle, looks up and sees the rifle barrel aimed at Vin. He yells out a warning to Vin even as he draws and starts firing at the window.

The others join in the gunfire and shoot holes through the room. Ezra adds a few shots that destroy the expensive hotel sign his mother had hung earlier. Maude is dismayed by the state of her presidential suite--the room.

Eli Joe escapes onto the roof and Vin follows. They fight and Eli Joe falls over the edge, hanging on desperately. Vin grabs his hand because he needs Eli Joe alive. As he pulls him up, Eli Joe grabs a knife from his boot intending to plunge it into a vulnerable, defenseless Vin. Chris fires and Eli Joe falls to the ground below--dead.

Vin slumps against the building looking completely devastated.


Chris and Vin watch as Eli Joe's body is loaded onto a wagon.

Chris: I know you wanted him alive.
Vin: You did what you had to. I can't clear my name if I'm dead.

Chris rests his hand on Vin's shoulder in commiseration before walking away. In the meantime, Ezra concedes the war to his mother as she has ruined him. The Standish Tavern is in foreclosure and he is aghast when he discovers that his mother has sold the hotel at a profit and bought Ezra's saloon out from under him. She gives the management of the saloon to Inez. When Ezra asks her why she did this to him, she replies that it was for his own good, because he was allowing his business senses to dull. Ezra seems strangely accepting of her attitude.