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Reviews For Chrysalis
Reviewer: Tola Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 05 Aug 2018 10:37 pm Title: Chapter 9

This is absolutely fantastic stuff! I have read this all - great time with your work. Especially flashbacks/dreams are wonderful, very dramatic. The way you describe the rush and fear is so real. And the text is also one of the most uncompromisingly cruel for the character I've ever read - which actually makes it very credible. The scenes when Hicks crawls into this narrow duct at the end, alien tries to do that too, and then everything that followed it, the days there, hallucinations and what he thinks that most probably is hallucinations too - it's mesmerizing and I had chills like hell. And English is not my mother tongue even. Now the most significant question: DID YOU FINISHED THE BOOK TWO? Or even if not - do you have anything? I really would want to read the next chapters! Wish you both much inspiration and hey - do not stop writing, you do that really well! PS. Hicks with 6yo Newt = most charming duo!

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