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Best of Times by Tarlan
[Reviews - 1]
Summary: The Seven reflect on the best and worst Christmas they spent. Part of the 'Best of Times' challenge
Categories: Magnificent Seven > Old West, Magnificent Seven > ATF
Characters: ALL SEVEN, Buck Wilmington, Chris Larabee, Ezra Standish, JD Dunne, Josiah Sanchez, Nathan Jackson, Vin Tanner
Genres: Angst/Drama, Humor/Comedy
Warnings: Profanity
Challenges: None
Parent Series: None
Stories: 2
Series Type: Moderated

Best of Times - Vin by Stacie Rated: TEEN [Reviews - 1]
Summary: Vin recalls the best and worst Christmas of his life.
Categories: Magnificent Seven > Old West
Characters: Chris Larabee
Genres: Angst/Drama
Warnings: None
Series: Best of Times
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1841 Read Count: 2539
[Report This] Published: 18 Sep 2004 Updated: 18 Sep 2004