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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was written for the end of an Anniversary Week for a Yahoo Groups list I'm on. While it's specific for that list, this humor piece could apply to any fan fic list - if you have an open mind:)
Two men sat side by side ready to watch the sun set. It had been a long, busy week. They were more than ready for the calm meditative serenity of a warm July Colorado sunset followed by a relaxing weekend. Truth be told they need it, desperately.

Why they couldn’t be quite sure. After all they hadn’t fought any bad guys, gone any glorious adventures, it had been a normal week with normal duties. As far as they knew.

“Chris I just can’t figure it,” Vin started. “It’s been a quiet week yet my wrists and ankles hurt like I’se been tied up and left out to dry to days. My head feel like somebody took a hammer to it, not to mention me ribs and the rest of me feeling like I’se been beat up or run over by a bull.”

The younger man slowly shook his head in disbelief to the way he felt. If he didn’t know better he’s think they had faced an army of bad guys in the past week.

“I know what you mean Cowboy. I don’t feel quite so bad physically, but I am exhausted. And for some reason I feel like I’ve been put through the emotional wringer ten times over. It seems like I’ve been growing grey hairs over you in particular at an alarming rate, and you haven’t even had a bloody nose lately. Go figure.”

“Well at least now we can enjoy the sunset, have a couple beers and enjoy the weekend.”

“You said it.”

They settled back to relax when Chris’ cell phone rang.

“Damn.” He fumbled for his phone, “Larabee.”

“Hey Chris, it’s JD. Sorry to bother you. I was wondering if your ever heard of a group called Vinfeedback, Brigitta, Rhiannon, Carole there’s a whole list. They might cause us virtual harm…”

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