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Author's Chapter Notes:
The following is a response to Kathy's Drawing challenge.
The man glanced over his shoulder and darted down the alley. Stash sighed. "You're going to be difficult, aren't you Billy?" he said, as he drew his gun and jogged after him. "You'll be sorry."


A bin crashed. Stash speeded up and rounded the corner. Rose knelt on the guy's back. She'd already cuffed him and started to search. Jewellery glittered in a pile by his head. She whistled as she pulled a bag of white powder from his left jacket pocket. Stash took it and checked. 2g of coke.

"And in pocket number 3," Rose said, as she produced a flick knife from inside the coat and flourished it in the air.

"Told you you'd be sorry, Billy." Stash said. "Robbery, dealing and carrying a concealed weapon. 3 strikes in one go. That's a personal best. "

"I don't know." Billy began and yelped as Stash took one arm and Rose the other and they lifted him none to gently on to his feet.

"Yeah. Yeah." Stash said. "Billy, this is my new partner and probably the last woman you're going to see in a while. Rose, meet Billy Short-Term."

She raised an eyebrow.

"Things are always happening to Billy and he never knows how. Bet he's already forgotten being in Mason's Jewellery and doesn't know how all those rings got into his pocket."

"Ah! Shall I or will you?"

"Your collar." Rose started to recite Billy's rights.

She'll do, Stash thought. She'll definitely do.


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