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Aliens - A Forgotten Boy artwork by Tarlan

Ellen Ripley really didn't know much about the strong soldier that saved her life that night on LV426. The most she knew was his name was Lt. Dwayne Hicks and that he died in a ship-crash along with Rebecca Jorden. It had been years since she last saw his face but she could still remember those cutting green eyes.

Ripley now living on Earth and the nightmare put behind, had time on her she spent her time looking up records of Hicks.

As she sat their all alone in her living room looking over old files she started to read out loud the story of Lt. Dwayne Hicks.

Dwayne Hicks was born to Linda Hicks and Cal Hicks in Eastvien, Austria. His father a sergeant in the American army and he raised his family on a military base just outside of Europe. Dwayne had no brothers or sisters and was home schooled by his mother. Dwayne spent his pastime watching his father work at the base...that's where his love of fighting began.

Ripley turns the pages and reads on.


Dwayne made his first acquaintance with death at the age of eleven.

CUT to Dwayne (11-years old) hiding under a bed, watching...

...his FATHER (dressed in the uniform of a sergeant for the American Army) fighting THREE GANGSTERS. He kills one
with his bare hands. The other two shoot him to death with hand guns.

...and his MOTHER being raped by the same men. When they finish, they SHOOT her.

...The men throw his mother's body on the bed where Dwayne is hiding.

Dwayne jumps a little but covers his mouth from crying out. The men laugh and then start to pour gas over the furniture. Dwayne looks up at the mattress, He tries to keep still but slowly blood from his mother starts to drip down on his face.

We see a strong red glow...CUT to Dwayne's bloodstained face looking at the fire they started.

Somehow Dwayne got out in time before the house burned down... Right then and there he swore his revenge...

CUT to Dwayne now seventeen dressed in jeans and a torn black shirt...we see him firing a sawed off shot gun into three men at the same time.


After killing the men that killed his parents he joined the teams to become a strong solider and to help people in age twenty-seven he met me...

CUT BACK TO Ripley sitting in the living room.

She places down the files and sighs.

We see sitting across from her in a chair is a young woman with short black hair sipping some tea.

That's some life...

Well, Call, now you know there was a man named Dwayne Hicks and that he saved me, in every way a person could be saved.

Call looks at the woman's sad eyes.

I don't even have a photo of him. He's now only alive in my memory.

Later that night Ripley went to bed but for the first time since she was a little girl she felt safe. She felt as if a man was watching over he always did.


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