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Aliens - His Own Life artwork by Tarlan

The men all looked down at the body.

It was the body of a young man... a soldier. He had short blond hair and chisel good looks. The wrapping around his face was now gone and deep, ugly burned scars were left on the left side of his tanned face, also seven gashes were lined on his stomach from the crash.

They were all in the lab. They had just finished with the little girl, and now they were looking over the young man that died in the crash.

"I say internal bleeding... that's what I'm putting down on the charts." The man in the lab coat then started to write.

"What should we do with the bodies?"

The man looked up at the others. "Take them to the fire pit... burn them..."

One of the men shuffled his feet and then looked up. "You mean You don't want to?"

The man looked around and then back at the other two. "Fine... take half... give them to me. And I'll take care of it."

The other two then both took out two large needles. "You take the girl... I'll take the male."

Two hundred years later:



"My name is Dwayne."


"Don't be long, Ellen."


His eyes opened... for the first time since Bishop gave him his second shot. He was in a hospital bed. He tried to call out but nothing came. He panicked and tried to move his arms and legs.


The only sound that came out was a thin groan. He heared the door open and two doctors all dressed in white rushed over to him.

"He's awake!"

Before he could try to speak again he passed out.

Hicks woke up three days latter. As he opened his eyes he saw a young man -- mid-thirties -- sitting in a chair right next to his bed. The man smiled.

"Nice to see you awake. Are you feeling okay?"

Hick's felt it hard to speak but let out a low hoarse voice, "Yes. How long have I been here?"

The man looked at him a little nervous. "You mean... you don't know?"

Hicks tried to sit up a little. "No... what?"

"What's the last thing you remember?"

Hicks now knew somthing was wrong. "How Long?"

"Sir... I don't know how to break this to you. Maybe I should get the doctor..."

The man then started to stand up when Hick's arm shot out and grabbed his shirt. The man let out a small scream and Hick's looked into him with his eyes filled with hate.

"You tell me right now... NOW!"

"Your name is Cpl. Dwayne Hicks. Right?"


"Wrong ... you're Hicks number eighteen."

Hicks looked at him confused. The man broke free of his grip and walked to the door. Before leaving the man looked at him over his shoulder.

"Cpl. Dwayne Hicks died in a ship crash two hundred tears ago. His blood was taken away and here at G90th3 he was cloned eighteen times. The other seventeen failed. You're the first living clone."

The Man then shakes his head and leaves Hicks alone. Hicks looks around the room shocked as hell. Hick then slowly tries to raise himself up from the bed. He groans in deep pain and falls back down. The door opens and two doctors come in... both have huge smiles on.

"Good morning, Hicks. How are we feeling today?"


Both of the doctors smile. "What ever could be wrong, Hicks. Are you in pain?"


"My name is Doctor Learner. This is Doctor Misseler... and you're staying at the Mount Hope--"

Hicks looks at the others. "Are we on Earth?"

"Yes, we are."

"What year is it?"

"Year 4056."

Hicks looks at both men. He draws in a quick breath and his sharp green eyes grow wide. "I don't believe you."

"Dwayne... You're alive today because we saved you."


"My great, great, great, great grand father used to be the best known clone doctor around. He was working on the planet that your ship crashed on. You died from internal bleeding along with that little girl -- Newt. They saved your blood and for the last two hundred years we have been trying to bring you back."


Hicks starts to shake. The other doctor holds him down.

"Take it easy..."


"I know this must be a shock. But try and think of it as a second life."

Hicks looked at the doctor. "I'm not a clone... I'm myself!"

"I have really nothing else to say, Dwayne. We've brought back people that have been dead longer then you. How do you think it feels telling them that they're really dead... that they were born in a test tube... everyone they ever knew or loved are dead. How?"

Hicks then felt the hot streaming tears fall down his cheeks.

"Why did you bring me back. Why?"

"Because they felt bad seeing you dead. Too many young people die... now we can stop that."


"Ellen Ripley died after the ship crashed... for unknown reasons. The aliens that you also saw are dead too."

"Did you..?"

"No I'm sorry, we didn't."

"So your telling me I'm in a world I don't know. I've been dead for two hundred years and everyone I ever knew are dead?"

"Not everyone."

Hicks rose an eyebrow. "What?"

"Like I said before. You and that little girl died... Newt?"


"She's alive Hicks."


"We cloned her to... and we did that just for you."

"Newt's alive?"

"Yes, after about twenty times we made her perfect for you."

"For me?"

"Yes, Hicks... for you."

Hicks looks at both men confused. "Can I see her?"

"Later. You need your rest and we have a few tests for you." The men then both smiled and walked to the door. "You're going to love your new life, Hicks."

And they then left him.

Four weeks later Hicks was finished with his tests. Everyone at the hospital were very proud of how well he was doing. In his spare time he ordered up tapes of the news of the last two hundred years. So many things have happened; wars, deaths, everything.

He felt so alone.

One day the doctors showed him a meeting room were he would see Newt. Hicks was nervous as hell. He came to the room early and sat around looking out the bay window thinking, would things be better if I died?

The door then opened and he turned. There stood a young woman in her mid-twenties. Long blond hair. Dark blue eyes and a beautiful face and body.



The girl's eyes filled with tears. "I can't believe it's you!"

Hicks looked at the woman. He had seen that face before... but were? "Do I know you?"

The girl turned a little red and looked her self over. "I didn't think you would know me like this."

It then hit him. "Newt?"

She smiled. "Hello, Hicks."

Hicks slowly walked to her, looking over her smooth face. "Newt is twelve years old."

"I know. They cloned me to be twenty-three. My body was too weak to be that small."

Hick's eyes went wide. "It's so nice to see someone I know..."

She then rushed into his arms. He held her tight as she cried. When they broke apart both looked into each other's eyes.

"You and I are the only ones left. Ripley..."

Hicks saw she was crying again and wiped her tears away with his strong tanned hand. "At least we have each other Newt."

She then smiled and looked at him. Hicks then felt a stirring in his body and tried to push it away but her face was so beautiful and perfect. She was no longer the little girl he carried in his arms. She was a full grown woman that he loved in this dark world. He then placed his hands on her cool pale face and slowly took his lips to hers. When their kiss ended he turned away.

"I'm sorry Newt."

She then pulled him back facing her. "Don't be."

She then pulled him so close he felt every curve of her. Their lips met again and then slowly his hands worked up and down her back. She let out a stiff groan and they slowly they fell to the floor. In a rush their clothes were off. Both of their bodies came out so flawless... so well built... so smooth.

She kissed his neck and soft mouth. He kissed her all over making her cry out in small bursts. Soon he looked down into her eyes. Half of himself told him he was wrong, but the other told him that she was the one he was always looking for.

"I love you, Newt."

"And I love you, Dwayne."

He then fell on her... filling her with a quick rush... She let out a cry as he laid on her. His cock filled her and it felt good. He then started to thrust quicker and quicker. Each time he pulled out she cried and then filled her again. His cock grew bigger and bigger. Soon he came in a loud scream.

He then laid on her breathing hard. Her hands touched his warm back. "Never leave me again."

He then looked at her and smiled. "Never."

He kissed her soft face and then put his head down on her chest. "Ouch!"

He rose his head and looked "What's wrong?"

Newt held her left hand with the right. "Oh... Just cut myself on your belt."

"Let me see it baby."

Newt then became nervous and held her hand away. "No really. It's fine."

Hicks then rose his upper body off her and looked at her in a stern way. "Newt Let me see."

Her eyes then went to a dark gray color and she let out her hand. Hicks held her soft hand and drew in a breath. There was white blood. His scared green eyes locked with hers.

"You're an android."

He then pulled off her and slowly stood up stark naked looking down at her. She then sat up a bit holding her hand which was dripping white blood all over the floor.

"Hicks. You don't understand."

"They said you were cloned. They said they..."

"They couldn't clone Newt. Her blood was too weak so they built me to look like her in order to please you."

Hicks looked down at her smooth body... and it made him sick. He then reached for his clothes and started to pull them on.

"I don't need a fucking android to please me. You fucking raped me, you sick Bitch!"

"But, Hicks, you felt me! I'm real. I can always be there..."

Hicks then felt sick. He did up his belt and turned away and started to walk to the door.

"At least I'm here. What was her name... Ripley! At at least I'm not dead!"

Hicks then turned feeling his heart turn to stone. Both looked at each other.

"You're just like them all... trying to be something else. You're never going to be like Ripley and Newt. They were real."

He then turned and walked out the door as she screamed after him. "YOU CAN'T DO THAT! YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Hicks then walked down the hallway further and further away from her screams. Once he reached outside he looked around the world he didn't know. He was alone and he knew it. He then started to walk further and further away from the hospital with a new life to start.

His own.


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