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Summary: Hicks is suffering, blaming himself for the deaths of his friends in unit on LV-426. He sacrificed all to wipe all xenomorphs out, to get his revenge. But then he meets Deirdre, young woman who seems to be more mad than he is, and joins her crusade.
Rated: TEEN
Categories: Alien Characters: Bishop, Call, Cpl. Dwayne Hicks, Ellen Ripley, Rebecca (Newt) Jorden
Genres: None, Action, Hurt/Comfort, Plot? What Plot? (PWP)
Warnings: Profanity, Violence, Rape/Non-con
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes
Word count: 32792 Read: 13591
Published: 24 Jul 2006 Updated: 02 Feb 2008

1. Prologue by Rommie [Reviews - 2] (2740 words)

2. Deirdre by Rommie [Reviews - 0] (3508 words)
I´m sorry because of grammar mistakes. As you probably noticed, English is not my first language. But I still hope you´ll enjoy my story :)

3. Enemy of my Enemy... by Rommie [Reviews - 0] (4799 words)

4. Seek the roses... by Rommie [Reviews - 0] (6684 words)
I want to thank Carl and Zdenka for they big help! You´re great! :)

5. Running up that hill... by Rommie [Reviews - 0] (8906 words)

Carl, Zdenka - thanks for all the support :)

To everyone who reads it - thank you, for patience ;)

6. Fairytale gone bad by Rommie [Reviews - 1] (6155 words)
It took a long time to finish this part. I still hope you will enjoy that.