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Author's Chapter Notes:
I really had no idea why I wrote this..
“This is crazy, I’m not doing this!” Knight pleaded with Hicks as he dragged her over toward the laptop.

“Oh come on, it’s just a stupid game the colonists’ kids are playing.” Hicks spoke, adding a small smirk. Knight gritted her teeth as she was sat down in a chair in front of the laptop. The poor woman hated downtime on the Sulaco.

“Trust me, alright?” He soon added again.

The rest of the platoon with either asleep or drinking liquor that was smuggled aboard. Knight mumbled a curse word before nodding and using the pad to scroll over to the icon, soon the screen was black and showing the beginning credits.

Knight cringed at the sight of huge letters spelling “SLENDER”, and soon felt a bit out of place.

She was about two pages into the game when shit started getting real; Knight had her face closer to the screen while Hicks watched from over her shoulder.

Soon the computer screen went a bit static, “Oh what the fuck!” Knight hissed, clearly caught off guard.

“Well don’t stop, he’ll get you. Keep going!”

Knight held the SHIFT key to run, “Shit, shit!” She yelped in a panicked tone, Hicks chuckled softly. Soon the game was calm again, except for the annoying drum beat in the game. Knight rounded the corner and grabbed the page.

Hicks had stepped back again, knocking over a file and causing Knight to jump a bit in her chair. “Damnit!” She yelped.

“Sorry, sorry.” Hicks taunted, causing her to become even more panicked during the game. Soon he was kneeling right next to her to get a better view, only, right when Slender Man appeared out of nowhere. Causing the two the completely freak about.

“Ah, fuck this shit!” Knight screamed as she scrambled out of the chair, crawling on her knees to try to get to her feet.

Hicks’ partially terrified and amused laughter had Knight over at the other side of the room; she was pacing slowly back and forth. “That’s right, walk that shit off.” He teased as closed the laptop.

The two were making enough noise, because Vasquez had made her way to the room and was glaring at the two.

“Hey man, some of us are trying to sleep.” She spoke tiredly, looking at a rather pale Knight
Chapter End Notes:
My first fic on here, please be nice. Though I like comments and such.

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