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Author's Chapter Notes:
Happy anniversary my darling. You are always in my heart..,
In the early hours before dawn Chris found himself traveling alone. The memories of long ago were still fresh in his mind. But these were different. He could not allow the nightmares to plague him today. He needed to hold onto the joy that this day brought in order to keep his sanity.

In those days he wore colors. He seldom wore his gun because he had no need of it.

On that day he remembered Buck admonishing him for the grin he could not hide. He recalled trying to keep his knees from hitting each other as he gazed into her eyes. Just one look and he was lost in their depths while looking at the lips that were slightly parted, waiting for his to join them in a kiss that would last a moment in eternity.

Pony knew by instinct where to go as they traveled through dusty streets. So many who shared their joy were gone now. He knew that he had to make this journey alone.

Dawn broke as he ended his pilgrimage. He alit from Pony and stood there in shock. Everything had changed. The grotto was no longer there. A building stood new and tall like an obelisk.

He kicked himself as he looked at the panes of glass. The sign above it read "Justice of the Peace." He laughed as a grin formed. At least someone would share this space where so long ago two became one and would never part.

How long was an eternity? Not nearly enough time he thought to himself as he made his way back to the town and people he had come to think of as home.

Change is the only constant in life. Change had turned his life in a different direction and given him reason to live again. But the memory of this day gave him strength in his darkest hours. The love made him realize how precious life is.

He need not come back again to this place. He realized that it would remain in his heart always. He would keep it there where it would be safe in times when he needed it most. He was thankful for that as he rode back into Four Corners where he was welcomed with open arms and a drink should he need it.

For once he had a smile that he could not shake as he alit from Pony and walked down the street as the sun rose from the horizon.
Chapter End Notes:
Muze is 15 and today would have been 23.

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