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Story Notes:
A vignette for the Firm
Chris woke in the early morning hours and noticed the once tidy piles of paperwork strewn across the floor.

"What the hell?" he said aloud to himself as he looked around his chair.

The one thing he hated about the job was the paperwork. He had sworn once too often that he would never let the onslaught of white paper invade the confines of his house and home. Last night he admitted defeat (and de head and de hands) and brought some of the exponentially growing mound of paperwork home to sort through.

It had taken him a few hours to get them organized into a myriad of stacks that were before him. But the comfort of the chair had finally claimed its willing victim. He had fallen asleep when he had put the last page on its corresponding stack.

He moaned in disgust as he looked once more at the disarray.

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road" he mumbled aloud as he went about gathering the papers that would bring the office to a standstill if they were misfiled. He turned on a few lights and followed the trail that led to the bedroom.

He laughed aloud as he noticed amidst the pile that centered on the bed lay a certain feline with one eye open. She was oblivious to the stern look on his face.

One look at a disheveled Chris Larabee and she rolled on the papers making a crinkling sound. There she was in all her splendor with her tummy exposed and purring contentedly.

"Just wait till Vin gets back" he said sternly as he she sat up and put a paw out.


"I suppose you want food after you went to all this effort to help me with my work?"

'Meow' the cat said as she jumped toward him and vibrated even more loudly.

Chris shrugged put the papers on the bed and picked up the cat. She climbed up on his shoulder and he felt the vibrations emanating from the animal and stroked the fur.

He surrendered. And he made a promise to himself. No more working from home.

Chapter End Notes:
This is dedicated to all of those who are bogged down with the the white stuff. The original title was misspelled because I love language and meant for it to be humorous. No insult was intended.

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