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He saw her as she walked toward him. The sunset glowed around her like a halo. Her smile out shown the sun's rays. The dress she wore was lace and tea length. It cascaded from mid knee to mid calf and she looked more beautiful then he had ever seen before. He was so glad this day had come.

For too many years he had held on to a memory that should have been just that. Instead it had grown into a living thing that continued to remind him of what he thought he could never have again.

She had waited along side him. She had been there when he was hurt. She had been there when they were counting the hours till his last breath, and managed to defeat the odds.

In his darkest hours he knew that somehow she was there in case he needed her.

He had used the excuse that he was afraid of putting her in harms way. He realized that it was more his fear than hers. Her love was more unconditional than he realized. He wasn't aware that his love had grown without his knowledge. She had been in danger more than once and each time, he felt his heart beat faster.

Now he was finally able to put his need into action. His heart was nearly beating out of his throat as she came nearer and he felt Vin put a hand on his shoulder. He smiled thinking was it to support him of to keep him from running away.

Josiah stood taller as Chris took her hand. He blinked and found himself in bed next to her.

"Mary was it a dream?" he asked as he took her face in his hands.

She smiled and felt him respond. That was all the answer he needed.

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