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Mary paced back and forth in Chris' office. She had just come from the crime scene where her friend, Nicole, had been found. The police were initially calling it a suicide but she knew better. She ended up here because she needed fresh eyes to look at the crime scene.

"Chris I know her! There is absolutely no way that she would have done this. The police are overworked and they are seeing what they want to see." Mary ranted.

Chris came from behind his desk and faced her. He saw the rage and could not think of anything to do to defuse it. He knew that holding her would not ease her pain. He sat on the edge of his desk and put an arm out to stop her pacing.

She turned to face him and felt the tears come to her eyes. Chris took his hand to cup her face and brush away a tear with his thumb.

"Would you like me to look into it for you? I can have Ezra get the report and we can check it out. You have to have some reason other than your gut for us to investigate." Chris said.

"Chris you met her. Did she seem like she was someone who could do this?" Mary asked.

"Sometimes all it takes is one push...You said it yourself she was still having a hard time with the death of her husband. She could have easily been upbeat because she made a decision." he said.

"That is such a line of...No! I refuse to believe it with her. She was happy. But she was happy because her life had taken a turn for the better. She told me that she had found someone and was looking forward to meeting him."

"Have they met yet?" Chris asked.

"I'm not sure. But the whole 'suicide' was staged." Mary said as she looked straight into his eyes.

"How come you are so certain?" he asked.

"I'm not sure I can put my finger on it but there is something not right. Something is out of place and I need your help to find out." Mary said in a tired voice.

"Then we best get Oren to cut the red tape and get the team over to the scene and put some of the pieces together." Chris said as he put a protective arm around her and headed toward Oren's office.

Mary sighed heavily as she recalled the last time she saw Nicole alive and fought to erase the image of her sprawled out on the floor from her mind. She took another gulp of air and found herself immersed in the memory.

Chris noticed her pain and set her down. He needed to get to the scene as soon as possible, but she was in no shape to see Oren.

He managed to calm her and went to start the wheels in motion. It took only a matter of moments and by the time he got back, Josiah was sitting beside Mary and praying with her.

When she saw Chris, she stood and he took her by the shoulder.

"Are you up for this?" he asked.

"It's the last thing I can do for her." she said.

"Not the last thing." He said. He felt her shudder and got her out and into his jeep. He placed a hand on hers and saw the rest of the team following behind. She had trusted him with less than this to go on. Now it was his turn.

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