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It was comforting to know that he kept us safe. He treated us with the utmost care. When he had come back with some surprises for Adam, we had been in his pocket wrapped in fine paper. It wasn't much, but she never really wanted anything. He had carved combs for her hair. Most of those were destroyed by the fire. He had fought to reach her, but Buck held him back with all the strength he had. He had been too late.

Buck had wanted to celebrate the sale by carousing and just letting loose. He had told him that he was sure they were safe. Before he joined Buck at the saloon he had stopped at the general store just long enough...

He had put us in his pocket and put the pennies on the counter. He knew that she would protest if he got her anything more.

We were put aside when he performed the task of burying. He was so lost in grief that he seldom touched us. Days passed and there we were, when he needed us. We found it odd that we were not discarded, just merely put aside.

He slowly started to change. He grew darker and not only did he change inwardly, but people recognized him by what he wore. He was so different from that day he stopped in the general store.

Despite the darkness, he kept us near. We were still in the same paper as that day he got us in the general store. By this time we had formed creases to match the paper. We would travel in his pocket, but once he was situated, we had a home on the bureau.

Then the day came when he rode into a town called Four Corners and he saw her fighting for a black man. He met a man who could read his thoughts and found others to fight by his side. His spirit started to lift. He started to put down roots and there on the dresser we stayed. He no longer took us from place to place. He made this our home: the first one we ever really knew.

We continue to keep watch over him, until he gives us to one he has come to love as much as her.

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