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Oh My Hicks by bushsbunny

The sexalicious Corporal from ALIENS, using the Photography V9 Photoshop Action, with extra tweaking. Photoshop Actions may be fun and helpful, but a lot of them aren't as easy as you would think! Especially if you're a photoshop newbie, like myself. There's applying the action, and then there's what you go on to do with it once you've APPLIED the action. There IS work involved, it IS a form of artwork, and I am enjoying it immensely!

playtime_by_bushsbunny.jpg one_satisfied_soldier_2_by_bushsbunny.jpg oh_my_hicks_by_bushsbunny.jpg ellen_and_dwayne_kiss_2_by_bushsbunny.jpg closer_2_by_bushsbunny.jpg
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