Borderline artwork created by Tarlan



Dr. Lila Colleti
Det. Macy Kobacek     
Ed Baikman
Susan Coletti
Rebecca Coletti
Det. Frank Hagen
Paul Coletti
Gina Gershon
Michael Biehn
Sean Patrick Flanery
Natasha Napoli
Daniella Napoli
Eddie Driscoll
Nick Boraine


Psychiatrist Dr. Lila Colleti is devastated when her ex-husband wins custody of their two little girls. He uses her long and erratic hours working at the local prison for the criminally insane at the local prison, and her drink problem as the reason why she is an unfit mother.

When one of Lila's patients, Ed Baikman, is released into a half-way house, he is under the delusion that she needs help. He murders her ex-husband and his girlfriend. to help her out by murdering her ex-husband and his girlfriend, and then threatens to tell the cops they'd planned it together when she refuses his advances.

However, Lila's lover is Detective Macy Kobacek. Despite overwhelming evidence against her, fabricated by Baikman, Macy overcomes his doubts and is instrumental in helping her to get Baikman to confess.

In the ensuing showdown, Macy tries to fight Baikman to help save Lila, taking a nasty blow to the head in the process. Lila is forced to take action to save herself from the still psychotic Baikman.

In the last scene, Macy is taken away in an ambulance but he is awake and the look he and Lila share proves that their love has strengthened through this ordeal.