Criminal Minds 414 - Cold Comfort artwork created by Tarlan

Criminal Minds 414 - Cold Comfort


SSA Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau
Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner       
Senior SSA David Rossi
SSA Dr. Spencer Reid
SSA Derek Morgan
SSA Emily Prentiss
Analyst Penelope Garcia
Det. Ron Fulwood
Sandra Lombardini
Brooke Lombardini
Leona Gless
Roderick Gless
A.J. Cook
Thomas Gibson
Joe Mantegna
Matthew Gray Gubler
Shemar Moore
Paget Brewster
Kirsten Vangsness
Michael Biehn
Lolita Davidovich
Mercedes McNab
Cybill Shepherd
Sam Littlefield


Several days after Brooke Lombardini is abducted from a parking lot on her way home from work, a rain storm causes a mud slide that reveals the embalmed bodies of two missing girls at various stages of decay. Det. Ron Fulwood calls in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) to assist in helping his department find Brooke before it is too late. The investigation is slightly hampered by Mrs. Lombardini's conviction that a local 'psychic' can help, much to David Rossi's disgust. The signs of nerophilia on the embalmed corpses set the investigators analyzing leads to any previous disturbances to graves and they discover a possible suspect.

The psychic is convinced that Brooke is still alive, and, slowly, the episode reveals Brooke in the hands of a sick young man, Rodderick Gless, who is trying to re-create a lost love through similar looking girls by cutting their hair and piercing their ears and forcing them to pretend they are the 'au pair' he loved and lost when he was only nine years old.

Fulwood arrests a man who had lost his job at a funeral parlor after being caught touching the dead 'clients' inappropriately. He isn't the man they are after but something he says - about genuine articles - sparks a memory of an old grave desecrated with only items and clothing and jewelry stolen. This leads the team and Fulwood to Roderick Gless in time to save Brooke's life.