A Fire in the Sky artwork created by Tarlan

A Fire in the Sky


Jason Voight
Sharon Allan
David Allan
Jennifer Dreiser
Stan Webster
Ann Webster
Mrs. Rearden
Tom Reardon       
Paula Gilliam
Richard Crenna
Elizabeth Ashley
David Dukes
Joanna Miles
Merlin Olsen
Jenny O'Hara
Diana Douglas
Michael Biehn
Cindy Eilbacher


A comet is heading for a collision with the Earth, threatening death and destruction on a massive scale. Astronomer Jason Voight warns the President that the comet will impact in Arizona in eight day's time but no one agrees with his prediction. The President agrees to launch a missile to try and break up the comet but this fails.

Tom Reardon (Michael Biehn) is a budding Rodeo Rider. He lives with his grandmother in Arizona. Tom is in love with Paula and wants to marry her but she comes from a wealthy family. Her father will not agree to the match because he does not believe that Tom will be able to support his daughter. When the news of the comet arrives, he and his family attempt to flee by plane but get caught in traffic. When Paula's mother realizes she has left valuable behind at the hotel, Paula goes back for them but, in truth, she is heading back to Tom.

Tom's grandmother refuses to leave her ranch and Tom stays with her. Paula arrives and, together, the three prepare for the worst by taking cover in the cellar.

After the comet hits, they come out to discover the ranch house almost completely destroyed. Tom is despondent but his grandmother tells him that it can be rebuilt.

For information: Jason Voight planned to study the approaching comet but, once out in the Arizona, he comes across a large group of native Americans whose transport has broken down. Voight puts all the children into his far smaller car and hands the keys to one of the elder boys, tellign him drive out as fast as he can. Voight waits for the end with the remaining adults.