In the Kingdom of the Blind artwork created by Tarlan

In the Kingdom of the Blind


Jackie Ryan       
Tony C
Papa Joe
Michael Biehn
William Petersen
Leo Rossi
Nick Vallelonga
Paul Winfield

Basic Summary:

The opening scene is of a man being dragged along by two others through a dark, cave-like area while Jackie Ryan relates his grievances. The man is one of his 'soldiers' who has betrayed Jackie. Jackie asks him why he did not come to him first, why he did not believe Jackie could protect him and his family. He talks about the rival gang that used his soldier to try and have him assassinated. He wonders why they did it, whether they had grown too greedy, saying that there is more than enough for everyone.

Jackie Ryan's men 'nail' the traitor to a cross, raising up the cross like a crucifiction, which mirrors the religious cross hanging from Jackie's earring.

Jackie's part in the film seems complete now, and Michael Biehn does not appear in any other scenes. What follows is a tense interrogation by a police detective of three youths who entered the brother's house of that rival gang's leader and murdered him. William Petersen plays Tony C, who is trying to figure out who betrayed the family. The end of the film ends in bloodshed with the main theme seeming to be 'reap what you sow' as Jackie has his revenge by destroying the other gang from within.