Law and Order - Organized Crime artwork created by Tarlan

Law and Order - Organized Crime
315 The Wild and the Innocent


Det. Elliot Stabler
Sgt. Ayanna Bell
Det. Jet Slootmaekers     
Det. Jamie Whelan
Det. Bobby Reyes
David Carver
Peter Grimes
Janelle Carver
Calvin Harper
Christopher Meloni
Danielle Moné Truitt
Ainsley Seiger
Brent Antonello
Rick Gonzalez
Michael Biehn
Ronnie Gene Blevins
Michael Markiewicz
Brandi Bravo
Jeff Leaf


Janelle Carver is the daughter of Stabler's former Marine buddy, David Carver. Her fiance is gunned down and she is kidnapped. The task force must help to settle a dangerous dispute between two rival biker gangs wrapped up in a deadly scheme to sell 3D printed handguns to the Cartels.

David Carver is the President of the motorcycle club, The Sons of Sin. He had made a deal with a rival bike gang, the Cursed Crew, to sell them the 3D guns but he withdrew after finding out the guns were being sold on to a Cartel that had a hit list of names he recognized as former marines. David Carver is a veteran of Desert Storm, which is how he knew Stabler. He was Stabler's platoon leader. When he refused to supply the guns, this is when Grimes (Cursed Crew President) had his daughter kidnapped and her fiance killed as a means of forcing him to go through with the deal.

To avoid a war between the rival gangs, Stabler steps in and persuades Carver to let him help get Janelle back. In the process the organized crime team find the 'ghost' who is manufacturing the 3D guns. During the exchange it is revealed that Deacon, Carver's right hand man, has betrayed them all to the Cartel. There is a gun battle and in the mess, Grimes grabs Janelle as a hostage and drives off. They chase after him and eventually stop him. Carver is reunited with his daughter and is then arrested for his known felonies, but Stabler offers to be a character witness in his defense when it comes to trial.