Law and Order - Criminal Intent artwork created by Tarlan

Law and Order - Criminal Intent 608
The War At Home


Det. Robert Goren
Det. Alexandra Eames
Capt. Danny Ross
Dep. Commissioner Leland Dockerty     
Elaine Dockerty
Amanda Dockerty
Vincent D'Onofrio
Kathryn Erbe
Eric Bogosian
Michael Biehn
Fran Drescher
Betty Gilpin


Captain Ross, Goren and Eames are called in on Thanksgiving when the daughter of Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD, Leland Dockerty, goes missing while on leave from the army. Amanda Dockerty was 22 years old and due to be married in one week. She was due to return to her unit without taking a honeymoon. The investigation into Amanda's disappearance leads to the discovery of her clothes scattered about the woods but no body is found leading some to wonder if she was running from her duty and impending mariage.

As the investigation progresses, the searchers discover that Amanda was a witness to a crime committed while in Iraq where her unit took revenge on an Iraqi army unit (murdering them execution style) following a bad tip by the sergeant of that Iraqi unit that led US soldiers into an ambush where two of them were killed. Amanda had threatened to tell her father the truth and she was murdered to stop her talking. Her body is found in an oil drum awaiting collection from a car breakers yard that woudl have already gone had it not been for the Thanksgiving holiday. Leland and his wife, Elaine, are devastated. Leland Dockerty tries to get a confession but the murderer will not react to any threats even against his life. Goren and Eames use the information gleaned to draw out a confession.