Logan's Run (Pilot) artwork created by Tarlan

Logan's Run 101


Gregory Harrison
Heather Menzies
Donald Moffat
Randy Powell
E.J. André
Michael Biehn


Michael Biehn played a 'sandman' in the pilot episode of the TV series based on the film Logan's Run and had just a couple of scenes and lines. The pilot followed the plot of the original film through the initial escape sequence but, rather than meet a mad robot just beyond the escape route, they meet up with an android called Rem. The rest of the series followed Logan, Jessica and Rem as they tried to keep ahead of the Sandman, led by Francis, who was trying to bring them back to face Carousel.

Logan's Run is set in the future, long after a terrible war that had ravaged the Earth. The people live in the Dome city but to restrict the population growth, when they reach the age of 30 the crystal embedded into their palm turns black. This means they must prepare for Carousel. As far as the young people are concerned, Carousel is the ultimate goal offering a new life but, in reality, it is a benevolent form of culling. Not everyone believes in Carousel and, increasingly, when they are approaching 30, some choose to run. The Sandmen are the equivalent of a police force used to hunt down and execute runners. Logan is a Sandman but when Jessica reaches 30 and decides to run, she convinces him to run with her by proving that the air beyond the dome is now safe and breathable.

The city elders - a hidden group who have been allowed to age and who do not wish to lose power by revealing the clean air beyond the dome - are afraid that news of a Sandman running will encourage the others to rise up against Carousel. Hence, they set Francis after Logan and Jessica.