The Paradise Connection artwork created by Tarlan

The Paradise Connection


Stewart Douglas
Bruce Douglas
Major Barclay-Battles     
Maggie Donovan
Nicky Milo
Buddy Ebsen
Brian Kerwin
Bonnie Ebsen
Michael Biehn
John Colicos
Marj Dusay
Paul Lambert


Stuart Douglas, a well known criminal lawyer from Chicago, arrives in Hawaii searching for his son, Bruce. Bruce has run away from a promising legal career and Stuart's concerns are raised further when he learns that Bruce has become involved in a dangerous drug smuggling operation.

Bruce's roommate is Larry, and it is fairly obvious that Larry has a drug problem. When Larry intercepts a 'drop' and takes the drugs meant for drug lord Major Barclay-Battles, he hides them in a buoy. Unfortunately, Major Barclay-Battles's henchman catch Larry and beat him severely but he remains conscious long enough to tell Bruce where to find the drugs. No more is seen of Larry after this.

Bruce is actually trying to stop the drug trafficking and learns that the woman he thought was the drug lord, Maggie Donovan, is actually a federal agent trying to find evidence againt Major Barclay-Battles. At the end of the film, father and son are reunited.