The Scorpion King 4 - Quest for Power artwork created by Tarlan

The Scorpion King 4 - Quest For Power


King Zakkour
King Yannick        
Chief Onus
Victor Webster
Ellen Hollman
Will Kemp
Barry Bostwick
Rutger Hauer
Michael Biehn
M. Emmet Walsh
Royce Gracie
Leigh Gill
Esmé Bianco
Eve Torres
Brandon Hardesty
Rodger Halston
Grant Elliott
Lou Ferrigno
Don 'The Dragon' Wilson


When he is betrayed by a trusted friend, Mathayus must marshal all his strength and cunning to outwit a formidable opponent who will stop at nothing to unlock a supreme ancient power.

Mathayus is given the task by King Zakkour of retrieving the Urn of Kings from the palace of Skizzura. He is accompanied by his friend, Drazen. Unknown to him, Drazen has his own agenda and betrays him, taking the urn for himself and leaving Mathayus behind in danger. Drazen is the son of King Yannick or Norvania and he takes the urn to his father. The inscription on the urn will lead to the location of the incredible powers used by Lord (King) Alcaman, who once ruled the entire world. Drazen is shocked when his father smashes the urn, but inside was a gold key.

King Zakkour sends Mathayus to Norvania to make a peace with King Yannick. He is attacked by the King's guards - an inept lot - and tortured by being held in a sarcophagus type device filled with water being heated. King Yannick listens as his son starts the torture, and when Mathayus tells Drazen that he wants to rip out the traitor's heart and eat it, but refrains because he is honor bound to this peace offered by King Zakkour, King Yannick believes him and sets him free, inviting him to a banquet. At the banquet King Yannick is about to sign the Peace Treaty when he stops and stands, tearing open his clothing to reveal a number of scorpions climbing and stinging him. He realises his power-hungry son, Drazen, has plotted to kill him and before he dies from the venom he hands the key to Mathayus, who he considers to be an honorable man.

The rest of the movie follows Mathayus, assisted by Valina and her father, Sorrell, on a quest to find the seat of Alcaman's powers with Drazen dogging their footsteps all the way to a final showdown that sees Drazen destroyed - turned to ice because Alcaman's crown can only be warn by someone honorable. Mathayus, Valina and her father, Sorrell, who is the rightful king of Norvania, decide the power is too much for one person to bear and they seal Alcaman's palace, throwing the key inside before the stone doors fully close. Sorrell is crowned King of Norvania but immediately abdicates and crowsn Valina as its queen.

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