The Abyss - Screen Saver Gallery

These are all screen savers created by FANS. Select the screen saver you wish to download and then follow the instructions given. Note: Screen Savers may take a while to download and have only be tested on a PC running WINDOWS (inc. Windows 7).

Instructions: Select the screen saver. It will prompt you to download the EXE file. Save this file onto your Hard Drive and make a note of where. After it has downloaded, go to the EXE file on your Hard Drive and run the EXE program. This will install the screen saver onto your PC. To verify it is there, minimise all windows and 'right' select an empty portion of your screen. Select 'Properties' then select the 'Screen Saver' tab. You should see the screen saver selected.

The Abyss 01 (518 Kb)..........Lt. Hiram Coffey (Michael Biehn) byTARLAN

The Abyss 02 (521 Kb)..........Water, abyss and Lt. Hiram Coffey (Michael Biehn) byTARLAN