Streets of Blood artwork created by Tarlan

Streets of Blood


Andy Devereaux
Stan Johnson
Nina Ferraro
FBI Agent Michael Brown    
Pepe Vasquez
Barney Balentine
Val Kilmer
50 Cent
Nina Ferraro
Michael Biehn
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Brian Presley


After the devastation in New Orleans caused by hurricane 'Katrina', the partner of Detective Andy Devereaux is found dead but it is later discovered that he might have been mutrdered. Devereaux is teamed up with Stan Johnson and during their investigation, an undercover DEA agent is murdered by two crooked police officers. Nina Ferraro is a psychologist who interviews Andy, Stan and the two crooked detectives. In the meantime, the FBI is called in to investigate reports of corruption in the New Orleans police force. That investigation is led by FBI Agent Michael Brown (Michael Biehn).