The Magnificent Seven 08

Opening Scene:

Vin picks up a piece of broken brush and speaks to Buck. He touches the branch where it was broken off from where their quarry snapped it on passing through. Vin knows they are close and, with Buck riding almost alongside, they head off. They find their quarry and Vin closes in, appearing close to Chanu, with the mare's leg held in his hand at waist height. Chanu has a knife and is poised to throw it at Vin but surrenders when Buck shoots from the hillside.

Vin leads Chanu back into the town. Chris is there waiting, playing cards on the boardwalk, and he is concerned for Vin that the gathering crowd might turn ugly. As the young white woman with Chanu is led away, her brother and Vin have a confrontation. The girl is Claire Mosely, daughter of the Reverend Mosely, a missionary preaching Christianity on the nearby reservation.

CHRIS: Vin, you better get him behind bars before somebody does something stupid.

In Mary Travis's office, Nathan is tending to Claire's scrapes. Chris is standing in the shadows, head bowed. Mosely and his son, Rafe, walk right past without seeing him. They begin raging about what has happened and the son jumps when Chris speaks up, making his presence known.

Later, there is a thunderstorm and, in the saloon, Mosely's son is stirring trouble. As Rafe leans on the saloon bar, Chris comes up to one side of him, and Josiah to the other. Josiah slides the bottle of whiskey across MS to Chris, who pours some and drinks it. He never looks at Rafe, even when Rafe turns and speaks to him directly.

RAFE: I'll be watching you.

Josiah goes to the reservation, wanting to tell Chanu's father that his son is in jail, and hoping to find out why Chanu abducted Claire Mosely. His father speaks in riddles, talking about Josiah's relationship with his own father, and Josiah decides to stay and figure it all out.

Inside the jail cell, Chanu is sitting on the ground, singing softly, with the singing distracting JD and Nathan from the fact that Chanu has a strap that he is preparing.

Ezra and Buck confront Vin about the way he seems to be siding with Chanu, not willing to accept that there could be any decent explanation for why Chanu abducted Claire Mosely.

EZRA: Some disturbing rumors are circulating regarding your relationship with the man in question.
VIN: I expected as much.

When they leave, Vin looks saddened and frustrated. He goes into the jail and sends JD and Nathan off to get supper. Once they leave, he opens the outer cell door. He has brought food for Chanu, wrapped in a red bandanna.

Vin tries to talk with Chanu, but when he leans in to hand over the food, Chanu grabs Vin and yanks him towards the bars. He gets the strap around Vin's throat and chokes him until he drops unconscious to the floor... then takes the keys, unlocks his cell and escapes.

Nathan and JD return and find Vin unconscious. While Nathan props up Vin, JD runs to get Chris, who comes back running. Chris stares straight at Vin, eyes filled with anger and concern. Vin is angry, and asks Chris for some time to recapture Chanu.

CHRIS: We'll go after him, you stay put.
VIN: No, I'm going after him. He's mine.
NATHAN: If we keep a guard outside the townfolk will still think we got Chanu. That'll buy us a little time.
VIN: All I need is 24 hours.
CHRIS: That's an awful lot of hard riding for a man in your condition.
NATHAN: I'll ride with him.
CHRIS: All right. 24 hours. Then we form a posse.

Vin rides over to Mosely's home and discovers that Claire is missing, along with her father. Rafe Mosely turns up and is angry when he hears Chanu escaped. He wants to go after Chanu but Vin knocks him unconscious.

Riding out, they meet with Reverend Owen Mosely on the trail of Chanu and Claire. Mosely starts preaching and Vin looks away. They find a campfire but Vin is confused as it has been made from wood taken from a lightning-struck tree, which is contrary to Chanu's peoples' beliefs.

In the meantime, JD is at the Indian village and he sees smoke coming from one of the teepees. He cries out FIRE and charges inside with water, only to find a group of Indians sitting naked. Josiah apologizes for JD's ignorance and then explains to JD that it is a sweat lodge.

JOSIAH: A purifying ritual to harmonize themselves with nature. It's sacred, and you need to show a little bit more respect.

Alone, Vin comes across Chanu, who is singing mournfully while gathering and laying stones. On seeing Vin, Chanu leaps up onto his horse and rides away. Vin grabs the reins of Claire's horse, meaning to follow, and then he spots the girl's body. Someone had strangled her.

The small party return to the town with Claire's body draped over the saddle. Chris is comforting a distraught Mary while Ezra takes the girl off the horse and carries the body inside.

Vin cannot understand how he could have been so wrong about Chanu but Chris persuades him to rest up and restart the hunt for Chanu on the next day.

Next Day:

Vin and Nathan ride off together in the hunt for Chanu. Vin spots an Indian who looks like Chanu and dismounts, tracking him through almost wooded undergrowth. He gets confused when Chanu appears elsewhere, and then two Indians, knives pulled and ready to hurt or kill him, confront him. Nathan shoots to protect Vin, and they discover that neither is Chanu, but the injured warrior is Chanu's older brother, Jonah-eh.

Back in the town, Claire's funeral brings out the worst in the townsfolk, who are stirred up by Mosely into a mob that plans to attack the peaceful Indian village. Mary runs to warn Chris.

In the meanwhile, Vin is waiting silently, concealed near the water's edge and watches as Chanu bends down to take a drink. Chanu looks around uneasily as he drinks, and then Vin steps out of hiding.

They fight until Vin gets the upper hand and pins Chanu down. Vin demands an explanation, unwilling to accept Chanu's vicious words about Mosely when his actions speak differently. Eventually, Chanu gives in to Vin's demand and snarls, "She was my wife."

Vin releases Chanu in shock and Chanu pushes Vin aside, and then drops down. "I loved her."

Ezra and Buck have saddled up and are about to ride off. Chris stops them.

CHRIS: Where you headed?
EZRA: Thought we'd go after a murderer since no one else seems interested.
CHRIS: That's a load of bull.
BUCK: Look, Chris we don't think Vin is right for this particular job. It's not personal.
CHRIS: Well, it sounds personal to me, Buck.

At that moment, Mary arrives and tells them about the mob heading out to the reservation.

At the reservation, Ezra shoots a rifle into the air as he and Buck come between the townsfolk and the Indians. Chris walks through the crowd, seemingly unnoticed. Vin arrives with Nathan, Chanu, Jonah-eh and the other warrior. Chris waits a little way to the right side of Mosely, prepared to listen to what Vin has to say.

VIN: Chanu didn't kidnap Claire Mosely. They were married. They ran off together.

Vin reveals that Chanu and Claire were married in the eyes of the tribe but Mosely refused to accept that his daughter could want a heathen. Instead of being abducted, she had been fleeing with the man she loved. Vin determines that Chanu could not have killed Claire, and he reveals the true killer, her father, Reverend Mosely. He recounts how Mosely must have come across his daughter while Chanu was out foraging, and when she revealed that she was pregnant with Chanu's child, her father strangled her in a fit of fury.

VIN: You'd share your God with him but not your daughter.

Rafe Mosely not believe it and goes for Vin, but Nathan intercedes, holding him back... and then Mosely reveals that Vin is telling the truth. Mosely goes for his gun and Chris shoots the gun out of the Reverend's hand.

Rafe is distraught, and horrified by his father's actions in murdering Rafe's sister. They take Mosely away.

Vin accepts a gift from Chanu, affirming his newfound friendship with the chief's second son, and then the seven ride off together. Chris leads the way from the village and the last image is of Vin riding fast to catch up to him.