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The Ride - Promotion Interview

This is a transcript from the The Ride Interview. Michael Biehn's interview is reproduced here without authorisation but there is no profit being made and no copyright infringement intended. This is purely for the interest and pleasure of fellow Michael Biehn fans who might stumble across this page.

Michael Biehn:

"Hi, my name's Michael Biehn. I'm playing Smokey Banks who is a bull rider, rodeo rider, who's a few years past his prime. Drinking a lot, partying, womanizing. He's got a few gambling debts and gets thrown into jail... and the Judge gives him the option of either staying in prison or going out and working with some boys at a, kind of, juvenile facility, where I meet a young boy that I strike up a relationship with... and it turns out he's... he's sick, and kind of teaches me about life and faith and turns my life around."