Updates - 2010

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18 Dec New ART by KAYLAH:
I've split up all of Kaylah's wonderful artwork into THREE separate areas:
1. Candid
2. Terminator
3. Terminator AU (NEW!)

12 Dec New SCREEN CAPTURES: The Terminator - Movie Captures

05 Dec New ART by KAYLAH: Art 314 to 340

28 Nov New ART by KAYLAH:
Art 273 to 313

21 Nov New ART by KAYLAH: Art 235 to 272

18 Nov New ART by KAYLAH: Terminator Art 232 to 234

I decided to undertake a massive site redesign. Cosmetically, little has changed except to neaten things up a little but underneath, ALL of the code has been changed to make better use of CSS (stylesheets). This change was to reduce the size of individual pages and standardize the pages to make it easier for future changes. I can only check the pages in the latest web browser versions so I apologize now if the pages do not render quite so well in older browsers. All I can suggest that you upgrade to the new versions of Firefox/Internet Explorer if possible (these are free).

I really do hope you like the slight improvement in the design of the pages. If you spot any mistakes/problems that are not related to older browsers then can you please contact me.

Now I have the upgrade out of the way, I do hope to start adding more Michael Biehn information to the site.

11 Sep New ART by KAYLAH: Terminator Art 225 to 231

27 Aug New ARTICLES:
Art of War - DVD Reviews 2001 (2 pages)
Deep Red - DVD Cover (2 pages)
The Rock - Press Kit (7 pages)
Terminator - DVD Reviews - Terminator 2 (3 pages)

26 Aug New ARTICLES:
Tribune Official Website Calendar Images 2003 (3 pages)
Aliens - Empire Nov 2004 - AvP (5 pages)
Aliens - Total Film Dec 2003 - The Story Behind Alien (6 pages)
Chain of Command - French DVD cover (2 pages)
In A Shallow Grave - Patrick Dempsey - Empire Aug 2005 (2 pages)
Terminator - Total Film 2003 - Terminator 3 (3 pages)
Zuma Beach - DVD Cover (2 pages)

Adventure inc - MB Stills 01-40 (replaced with larger copies)
Adventure inc - Cast Stills 01-25 (replaced with larger copies)
Aliens - Stills 38-41
Aliens - Cast Stills 09-10
Asteroid - Still 03
Clockstoppers (replaced with larger copies)
A Taste for Killing - Stills 05-07

The Legend of Butch and Sundance
Zuma Beach

24 Aug New ARTICLE: Hog Wild - Press Kit (5 pages)

07 Aug New SCREENCAPS: Stiletto - Film Gallery

Streets of Blood - Film Gallery
Streets of Blood - Making of...

New WALLPAPER: Adventure Inc - Worth Fighting For by Tarlan

29 May New ART by TARLAN: - larger copies included here:The Abyss Wallpaper section
The Abyss - Light in the Dark - Plain (85 Kb)
The Abyss - Light in the Dark - Text (87 Kb)
Endless Night (40 Kb)

18 Apr New ART by KAYLAH: Terminator Art 220 to 224

The Abyss - Croatian Video Movie Guide 1996 (317Kb)
ALIENS - Japanese Program (28 pages)

12 Apr New SYNOPSIS: The Magnificent Seven - Serpents

New SCREENCAPS: The Magnificent Seven - Serpents

11 Apr New ARTICLES: They Wait - DVD Region 1 Cover


10 Apr New ARTICLE: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Jonathan Sheffer (6 images)

New Page: Dark Blue - 1.07 O.I.S - with link to screen captures

25 Mar New YouTube Video by IRAN: Video Links

15 Mar New ART by KAYLAH: Terminator Art 210 to 219

16 Feb New ART by IRAN: - Iran
Candid 180 to 182
Conundrum (Frame by Frame) 001 (152Kb)
Crash (Breach of Trust) 001 (134Kb)
Criminal Minds 001 (188Kb)
Family 001 (117Kb)
Grease 001 (127Kb)
Hawaii 001 (244Kb)
The Insatiable 001 (112Kb)
James at 15 001 (106Kb)
Legend of Butch & Sundance 001 (101Kb)
The Paradise Connection 001 to 002
Psych9 001 (66Kb)
Stiletto 001 (151Kb)
They Wait 001 (109Kb)

New VIDEO by IRAN: On YouTube - The Fan Part 1 and 2

New MOVIE pages:

15 Feb New ART by IRAN: - Iran
The Abyss 010 (103Kb)
Adventure Inc 008 (186Kb)
American Dragons 012 to 013
Asteroid 006 (103Kb)
Cherry Falls 009 (134Kb)
China Rose 002 (147Kb)
Clockstoppers 005 (71Kb)
Coach 003 (79Kb)
Dead Men Don't Dance 006 to 007
Dragon Squad 003 (85Kb)
Fire in the Sky 012 (144Kb)
Hog Wild 016 (177Kb)
In the Kingdom of the Blind 005 (93Kb)
The Magnificent Seven 010 (88Kb)
Mojave Moon 012 (48Kb)
Rampage 013 (49Kb)
The Ride 017 (86Kb)
Silver Wolf 023 (84Kb)
A Taste For Killing 004 (201Kb)
Terminator 105 (131Kb)
A Terrible Secret 001 (114Kb)
Tombstone 015 (208Kb)
Zuma Beach 003 (139Kb)

06 Feb New ART by IRAN: - Iran
ALIENS 092 (125Kb)
Blood of the Hunter 002 to 004
Borderline 002 (60Kb)
Chain of Command 003 (60Kb)
Deadly Intentions 009 to 010
The Fan 044 to 046
In A Shallow Grave 010 to 011
K2 021 (165Kb)
Martyrdom of St. Sebastian 014 (70Kb)
The Seventh Sign 014 (50Kb)
Strapped 007 to 009
Streets of Blood 001 (60Kb)
Terminator 104 (70Kb)
Timebomb 009 to 010

New ART by KAYLAH: Terminator Art 202 to 209

New ART by TARLAN: K2 Art 086 (226Kb)

Streets of Blood

18 Jan New ART by KAYLAH: Terminator Art 185 to 201

09 Jan New ART by KAYLAH: Terminator Art 181 to 184

01 Jan HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2010
Another year gone and I hope you are still enjoying all the items brought to you over the year. I'm hoping to add new screen captures for Michael's latest movies/TV appearances this year, as well as play around with more features for the site. Unfortunately it all takes time! Stories are still being added tot he two fiction archives--Chris Larabee (MAG7) and the general Phoenix archive--so don't forget to go check them out! I know the CAPTCHA idea is a bit of a pain for those who are not members of the fiction archives but it is a necessity to avoid being overloaded with SPAM!

I do hope you will come and check out the archive regularly, or even join one of the communities on YAHOO, LiveJournal or Dreamwidth where I try to remember to post update notifications!

One last thing...Please remember to leave a comment when you can! Authors and Artists thrive on PRAISE!

All that's left is for me to repeat last year's good wishes once again - HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2010. May it bring health, wealth and happiness to all.