Yellow Rock artwork created by Tarlan

Yellow Rock


Tom Hanner
Max Dietrich
Dr. Sarah Taylor
Broken Wing
Angry Wolf
Looks First
Chief White Eagle Feather     
Michael Biehn
James Russo
Lenore Andriel
Michael Spears
Eddie Spears
Peter Sherayko
Christopher Backus
Clay Wilcox
Brian Gleason
Amy Jennings
Zahn McClarnon
Joe Billingiere


Set in 1880, Tom Hanner has recently lost his young son, who drowned in the river. He is approached by Max Dietrich and offered a $20 gold coin to guide Dietrich and his men to the last known whereabouts of Dietrich's missing brother and nephew. Hanner accepts the job but warns them that they will need to cross Blackpaw lands. Back in the saloon, Dietrich has a run in with a man called McKinley who claims Dietrich murdered his father. He calls Dietrich out but Dietrich is faster and guns the man down.

Hanner approaches Dr. Sarah Taylor, who is well known and respected by the Blackpaw, to ask if she will help him ask permission to enter Blackpaw land with the group. As she knows Hanner, she agrees to help, and takes Hanner, along with her liaison/friend Broken Wing, to see the elders. They are reluctant due to the number of times the 'white man' has lied to them in the past. They decide that Hanner is speaking the truth and allow him to cross their lands as long as they take one of their warriors with the group. Broken Wing offers and is accepted.

The trail takes them to the edge of Sacred Ground and Hanner tries to convince Dietrich that they go around but Dietrich does not want to waste more days. Despite Broken Wing's pleading, the group head in leaving Broken Wing, Hanner and Dr. Taylor no choice but to follow. The burial ground is creepy and they pass through it unscathed but not unseen. Angry Wolf has watched them desecrate sacred ground with their presence, as the group camp down for the night, the wolves attack. Roscoe is injured and Dr. Taylor splints his broken arm.

Further along the trail they are attacked by men who had been in the saloon a few days back. The gunfight is bloody, and all of the attackers are killed due to Cobb and Dietrich's gun skills. Both Hanner and Taylor are horrified when Dietrich stands over the only survivor and shoots the injured man three times - overkill. Hanner is already having suspicions about the group, that they are not what they claim to be. When they reach their destination, he realizes that there never was a missing brother and his son. They have reached a gold mine, and the sign above the entrance proclaims it as belonging to McKinley. It is now clear that the group murdered McKinley to gain knowledge of the mine and the gold within it.

Realizing the danger he is in, Hanner tries to leave but the gang turn on him. Farley ties him to a horse and drags him. He is badly hurt but Cobb and Farley are planning to kill the others so they can have all the gold to themselves so they would need Hanner to guide them. Broken Wing had tried to stop the group and managed to slit one's throat before he is shot down. The group think he is dead so no one is watching him. He comes round and Taylor tells him to go, to bring back more warriors. He runs off but collapses, begging to the spirits to help him. He loses consciousness and dreams that he sees Angry Wolf, but when he wakens, his prayer has been answered when he is nuzzled by his horse. The horse had managed to break free earlier.

When Cobb and Farley realize that Hanner can be of no use to them, they leave him for dead but he dreams of Angry Wolf, who morphs into Broken Wing. Broken Wing gives him water and then places him on the back of his horse. They head back to the mine and attack the group.

In the meantime, Dietrich has dragged Sarah Taylor into the mine intending to kill her after she tells them they will all die as they have The Curse. The Indians call the white man's lust for yellow rock (gold) a curse that eats them up. Hanner uses a pick axe to kill Farley, who is distracted as he takes aim at Roscoe, and Roscoe escapes on foot. Broken Wing stabs Cobb, but Cobb will not go down so Hanner grabs Farley's gun and shoots Cobb. While Farley is being attacked by Hanner, Taylor manages to get hold of one of Dietrich's guns but Dietrich shoots her in the abdomen. On hearing the gunfire, Dietrich steps out and aims for Hanner, and Taylor shoots Dietrich in the back. Hanner finishes him off.

Roscoe doesn't get far as a spirit wolf had warned Chief White Eagle Feather and he had sent warriors. They gun down Roscoe, who - in a deleted scene - has a flashback while dying. In it he recalls all those strange, mystical moments leading to his death: desecrating Sacred Ground, the Curse of the Yellow Rock.

Hanner carries Sarah Taylor from the mine with Broken Wing, and they head back to the village. As they enter the teepee, Angry Wolf is standing in the center of the empty village... and he fades away.

Cree Prophecy:

When all the trees have been cut down,
When all the animals have been hunted,
When all the waters are polluted,
When all the air is unsafe to breathe,
Only then will you know...

You can not eat money.

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