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Summary: They appeared in a time of great turmoil and no one noticed. When people did pay attention, the posed threat was beyond imagine. Not even the potential of the atom bomb gave comfort to those brought together against them.

Categories: Eric Close > Taken, Magnificent Seven, Magnificent Seven > Other AU
Characters: ALL SEVEN, Buck Wilmington, Casey Wells, Chris Larabee, Chris/Sarah, John, Josiah Sanchez, Mary Travis, Nathan Jackson, Nettie Wells, Raphael, Sarah Larabee, Vin Tanner
Genres: Action, Alternate Universe (AU), Angst/Drama, Historical, Horror, SF/Fantasy, War
Warnings: Dark Themes, Slash (homosexual), Squick - Other, Violence
Series: The Martian Chronicles
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 11717 Read Count: 1420
[Report This] Published: 12 Sep 2014 Updated: 11 Oct 2014