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Summary: So the other day I was watching the olympics and I thought hey wouldn't it be cool if there was a story about the seven in the olympics. It doesn't matter who does what. The story could even be set if you want in the ATF or The Firm universe as maybe an undercover operation for the seven. So this is my challenge.
Categories: Magnificent Seven > Other AU > MCAT, Magnificent Seven > ATF, Magnificent Seven > The Firm, Magnificent Seven > The Agency, Magnificent Seven > Other AU Characters: ALL SEVEN
Summary: Normal rules apply that the MICHAEL BIEHN character must play a center or pivotal role in the story/artwork! After all, it's what this comm is ALL ABOUT! Any genre, any rating.

1. Man pretends to be a ghost, terrorizing families into giving him money.
2. Continue playing cards during a gunfight
3. No problem killing in the heat of battle or in self-defense, but can't bring himself to kill a helpless victim.
4. Traveling salesman
5. Rattlesnake strike

Artwork Responses:

Ghost of a Chance by Tarlan

Rattler by dolarabee

Categories: Magnificent Seven > Old West, Magnificent Seven > ATF, Magnificent Seven > Dark Gift, Magnificent Seven > Other AU, Magnificent Seven > Supernatural, Magnificent Seven > The Firm, Magnificent Seven > Kids, Magnificent Seven > Science Fiction, Magnificent Seven > The Agency Characters: None