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Summary: While adding new items to the PHOENIX website, I noticed that there are a number of movie/TV shows where we have NO STORIES on this Fiction archive. So, I figured, how about a new fiction challenge to:


A Michael Biehn CHARACTER must be a central or pivotal presence in the story (no Real Person or underage fiction, please). Anything else is allowed--gen, het, slash--and at any rating.

I will create a piece of art for any story written for this challenge!

What to write? - Here are a few ideas:

1. A TAG -- what happened right after the end of the episode/movie?
2. A Missing Scene -- expand upon an existing scene or create a new scene in the middle of the movie/episode
3. AU (alternate universe) -- if you changed one moment in that movie/episode, what could have happened instead?
4. Further adventures -- what happened to that character at a later date? e.g. a new case, a new love interest, more nefarious deeds :)

Anyone up for this challenge?

Categories: Michael Biehn > Insatiable, The, Michael Biehn > Legend of Butch and Sundance, The, Michael Biehn > Psych 9, Michael Biehn > Stiletto, Michael Biehn > Timebomb Characters: None
Summary: Someone should write a humor story about where two of the marines experiance a body swap. (eg - Hicks and Vaz) ... ROTFLMAO!!!!!
Categories: Alien Characters: None

Chris falls in love again and he can't ignore it. He falls deep and hard. Can be an original character or canon. Prefer a het story but do what you like.

Categories: Magnificent Seven > Old West, Magnificent Seven > ATF Characters: Casey Wells, Chris Larabee, Inez Recillos, Mary Travis