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I would like to see a storyline where Chris Larabee, in the ATF series, meets up with Mark Johnson from the Runaways series, back when he was around 15 or so. Chris can meet him as a snitch, or a homeless kid  living in Purgatorio or anywhere really, where Mark tries to help him and is injured, or Chris is injured, and the two end up with a special bond and Chris takes him in as Mark's guardian/foster dad. They have a special relationship and Mark can help him out on the streets as he is used to being out on them. I think this could be a great AU and lots of stories could be written. They each bring a lot of baggage with them emotionally and help each other heal and enjoy life again.

I love the "Little Britches" stories and the relationship between Chris and young Vin, but I'd love for Chris and Mark to develop a relationship as an older teen.

I have thought many times about this kind of series, I am not a writer, but LOVE to read all of the fiction stories about M7 that I can find, especially stories featuring Chris Larabee!!  

Categories: Magnificent Seven > Other AU, Magnificent Seven > ATF, Magnificent Seven > The Firm Characters: Chris/OMC
Summary: The woman in Chris's life annoys him so much he has to find a "creative" way to punish her.
Categories: None Characters: Chris Larabee

OW Chris travels through time and meets up with ATF. With or without meeting ATF Chris. Or ATF Chris goes back to OW.

Categories: Magnificent Seven > ATF Characters: ALL SEVEN, Casey Wells, Inez Recillos, Mary Travis