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Character Names
Writers: Please select character names carefully!

If you are writing a story that has two or more characters WITHOUT a sexual relationship between them then select their names separately. Also, if there is mention of HET in the story then select the relationship pairing AND the het/smut warning. similarly for slash stories.
Example: If story has Chris and Buck but focuses on Chris's love for Mary then select Chris Larabee, Buck Wilmington, Chris/Mary
If the SEXUAL pairing is not a character listed then there is Chris/OFC (other female character) and Chris/OMC (other male character)
I know many readers select stories based on the characters and fiction type. If they are Chris/Vin fans then they will be upset reading a HET story, and if they are HET fans then they are NOT going to read something labeled as Chris/Vin (slash/homosexual fic)

--Tarlan on 25 Jul 2009 4:29 pm 0 Comments