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Slowly Moving!

I am slowly moving the archive over into the MB and EC Collections on AO3 as it has far better features for uploading, sharing, reading/downloading stories, searching... and is being maintained by a permanent bank of staff who LOVE fandom in all its many forms.

So if you notice stories disappearing off the Fiction Archive then FEAR NOT! They are not gone, just on the AO3 collection instead.

I'll update individual page links on Phoenix and UpClose as I move forward.

PLEASE CONTACT ME if you already have stories on AO3 and want to add them to either or both the MB and EC collections. Or edit the stories and type in Michael Biehn or Eric Close (or both!). The collections are moderated BUT I will approve as swiftly as I can :)

--tarlan on 13 Jan 2015 11:23 pm 0 Comments