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Reviews For Dark Treasure
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Reviewer: Lynda Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 06 Mar 2009 11:46 am Title: Part 1

Hey, Loved your story, read earlier, sorry I did'nt respond then. Find this AU really interesting, could form all sorts of dynamics in this AU don't you think?

Author's Response:

Thank you for your kind words.  <g>  Yes, I have all kinds of ideas for this AU.  Getting them down o paper is what's hard.  I'll be sending a new one sometime in August, so I hope you'll enjoy it also.  Thank you, again, for reading and taking the time to let me know you liked it.  It really means a lot to me.

Reviewer: Tarlan Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Dec 2008 11:52 pm Title: Part 1

Great story, Clara!

Author's Response: Thank you Sandra.  I really appreciate your kind words.

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