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Reviewer: crystalkenobi Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Jan 2010 11:14 pm Title: Chapter 10 Memory's Resolutions

Whole story reveiew: Loved it. It worked that Rafe would use Mary to hurt Chris last, She is his final love so to speak. I liked also that you have Billy more grown up here and that you mention that all the guys have helped her raise him and that Billy understands taht untill chris feels safe that he will not marry his mother. I like the connection between vin and chris on a mental wave. NIce touch there. I also like that you have Vin come to understand why chris is the leader. I like that Mary helps him thru the nightmares etc. and that she rescues chris from ella at the hospital. Looks like Ella had her way with Chris again though, Chris will need a very hot shower after that to come clean. I love the references to the island getaway. Would lvoe to see a small short story on that. Good work on the team work there in showing how they work as a team. Keep up the good work. crystal

Author's Response: As long as you don't tell my mother I will try to oblige. I'm glad you liked the humor. I am also glad you liked the way I ended it. I just couldn't kill him off, he may show up when I least expect it.

Reviewer: Rowdy Tanner Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Jan 2010 4:45 am Title: It begins again

Wow! You did it again! Great bad guy can I have him?

Author's Response: Did what? Thank you for the kind words. It turns out that it had a life of its own. Glad you and others like the work. Glad I made my own deadline and got it done by New Years. Take him if you want, but let me have final say if that is ok.

Reviewer: Rowdy Tanner Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Dec 2009 9:24 pm Title: It begins again

Yay!More Rafe twisted evil personified!

Author's Response: This has to be my last piece regarding Rafe. I have to pull too deep in my psyche to have him do the evil that he does. If you want more you will have to write him yourself. i won't kill him off, but he may need to be lobotomized. (I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy)

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