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Reviews For Drive me crazy
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Reviewer: Barbara Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 27 Apr 2008 5:58 am Title: drive me crazy

What a wonderful cure for insomnia.  I used to love waking my husband ( rest his soul) up with the lightest touch.  When he came home late his cool body next to my warmth was just as delightful.  Yum!

Reviewer: Rolinda Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 14 Jan 2007 11:45 am Title: drive me crazy

Way to go, Chris and Mary!! Woot!! Well done! Tantalizing and sexy!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Reviewer: gigi Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 09 Apr 2006 9:43 am Title: drive me crazy

Can't remember if I reviewed this, but have to say it's a wonderful end to the 3-part story. Your writing makes me feel as though I'm there. Fun and intense reading!

Author's Response: \Than you kindly. Such wonderful praise.

Reviewer: MBBear Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 13 Feb 2006 4:17 pm Title: drive me crazy

Wow! Hott Stuff! Wonderful Job Dreamer.

Author's Response: glad you liked it!

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