Memories by Linda
Summary: Sean is having nightmares about his last mission for Special Ops during Desert Storm. And then there is his love for Max.
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Memories by Linda
Desert Storm, an unknown location in the Iraqi desert.

"Sean, we have to get out of here. They have our position," yelled Captain Maxwell grabbing the young Lt. Harrison by the arm. They could hear the explosions all around them as they ran for the safety of the helicopter.

"How did they know we were going to be there?" Asked Lt. Harrison climbing into the helicopter.

"I don't know," replied Captain Maxwell yelling orders over the noise of the chopper.

"Come on you guys, hustle faster if you want get out of here," yelled Lt. Harrison firing the machine gun at the enemy.

Sean continues firing the gun at the enemy as they get closer. He can see some of there men running toward the helicopter. He takes the gun firing it over their heads as they run faster.

"Jack, Sam, you guy's want to go home, you had better run faster," screamed Maxwell from the helicopter. He sat there with sweat rolling down his face as the two men ran faster.

Then they heard the sounds of the bullets flying past them. Without warning, they saw Jack slowly fall in the sand. They knew he had been hit by the way he laid there in the sand. Sam had heard Jack yell as the bullet hit him, he turned and started to run back to where Jack lay. He picked him up and put him over his shoulder and started to run to the helicopter. Sam tried as hard as he could to run in the sand but it was almost impossible. Then he heard a voice that he knew and he was being yelled at.

"How many times do I have to save your butt Sam? Lt. Harrison, I need you to lay down fire," yelled Captain Maxwell screaming into the radio. They heard the bullets flying over their heads as they dragged Msgt. Hill to the helicopter.

"As soon as the captain is on board, take off," yelled Harrison watching for the three men.

Captain Maxwell could see the hands as they grabbed him and pulled him into the chopper. He had started to climb into the chopper when he felt the pain in his left leg. He lost his balance and fell back on the sand. He lay there listening to the sound of the helicopter, then he felt hands that dragged him to the helicopter. He felt the cold hard steel against his back as he lay on the floor of the helicopter.

The beachouse on Waikiki Rd

A cold sweat is covering his body as he toss and turns in the bed. He opens his eyes and just lays there for a few minutes before he sits up on the side of the bed. He can feel the sweat rolling down his face as his breathing becomes heavier. He walks to the bathroom and turns on the shower; he steps into the cold water and lets it fall on him.

"It's been twelve years since that night. Why am I remembering it like it was just yesterday? Sean asked himself running his fingers through his hair.

He could hear the knocking on the front door. Now who is it, thought Sean grabbing the towel and wrapping it around him. He walks to the door and opens it. When he sees who it is, he turns and walks back to the bedroom.

"Hey Sean, the captain wants to know if your coming to work today?" John asked.

"What time is it?" Asked Sean trying to find some clothes.

"It's 9:00. Don't you have a clock?" Asked John looking around the room for a clock.

"I did have one here, I don't know what happened to it," called Sean from the bedroom, where he was pulling up his jeans and snapped them. He started walking out to the living room but grabbed a shirt from the dresser and pulled it over his head.

"The captain was starting to worry when he didn't hear from you. So he sent me here to check on you," replied John sitting down in a chair.

"I would offer you some coffee, but I don't have any. I need to go to the store but I haven't had time," said Sean putting on his tennis shoes.

"Have you got everything?" John asked opening the door.

"I forgot my badge and gun," replied Sean going back into the bedroom.

"Are we having a problem after last night? John asking Sean as they walked out the door.

"I don't know," replied Sean backing the car out of the driveway.

"Did something bad happened?2 John asked looking at Sean.

"I'm not sure," replied Sean looking at John.

"Did you tell Max how you felt about her? Did something happen when you told her?" Asked John.

"I told her, how I felt," said Sean.

"If you told her, then why do you look like something's wrong?" John asked.

"This doesn't have to do with Max," replied Sean turning into the police parking lot.

"What do you mean, this doesn't have to do with Max?" John asked getting out of the car.

"It has to do with something else," replied Sean closing the door behind him.

Sean walked into the police station, he went by Kaleo and Linh who were talking. He sat down at his desk. In his mind, he could hear the sounds of the men yelling as the bullets flew by, hitting into the side of the helicopter. He could feel his hand start to shake as he tried to pick up the pen.

"Sean, Sean do you hear me," yelled Captain Harada from the doorway.

Kaleo walked over and tapped Sean on the shoulder. "Sean, the captain is yelling for you. Didn't you hear him? Kaleo asked.

"No I didn't hear him. Thanks Kaleo," said Sean walking to the captain's office.

"What's wrong with you? Sean, I've known you a long time. If you need someone to talk to, I'm right here," said Harada sitting down at his desk.

"Have you ever had something from your past come back to haunt you?" Asked Sean looking at Harada.

"There are a few things that I don't want to remember," replied Harada getting up and closing his office door.

"What I did in the military has been coming back to me. I just keep having these dreams about my last mission before I got out," said Sean.

"I know that you were in specials ops and that a lot of your missions were in Desert Storm. Have you done anything that would make you remember?" Asked Harada.

"I put all of that behind me. I don't have any reason to remember it," replied Sean.

"Excuse me Captain, you wanted this report as soon as I was done with it," replied Kaleo handing the report to the captain.

"Another unsolved murder for the files," said Harada laying the file on his desk.

"Is that the file on that murdered judge? Sean asked.

"Yes, we have spent the last three months trying to find out who killed him. Whoever did it knew what he was doing. We think that it was a professional hit. He didn't even leave any evidence behind," replied Harada.

"Can I see the file? Sean asked.

"Sure," said the captain handing the file to Sean.

Sean opens the file and sees the picture of the murdered judge. He just sits there staring at the picture. An angry look can be seen on his face as he looks at the picture.

"Sean, do you know that judge?" Harada asked.

"That's the judge that I had to go in front of when I was sixteen, He's the one that gave me the choice, either I went into the military or prison. So I chose the military," replied Sean.

"His pictures was in the paper, it may be the reason you're remembering," replied the captain.

"It maybe the reason," said Sean standing up and walking out of the office.

"Sean, this just came for you," said Kaleo handing Sean a large envelope.

Sean sat down at his desk and opened the envelope. He slowly pulled out each item from the envelope. He picked up each item looking at them and then laid them back on the table. Sean picked up the picture and looked at each of the faces. He could feel his heart racing and his breathing getting heavier from looking at the picture. There was David, Sam, Jack, Tommy, Eddie, Striker, Pete, Bobby and there was Tony the kid. Sean laid the picture down and picked up the letter. He opened it and started to read it.

"Sean, if you are reading this that means I'm still alive. I need to warn you. If you look at the picture then you'll notice the red circle around two of the guys. Eddie and Pete are dead. They found Eddie dead, and a week later, Pete's wife found him dead in his car. Someone is trying to kill all of the guys from the unit, and David was the first one to die. I don't know how many of us have died since David died." Signed Jack.

"Sean, what is all of this?" Asked John looking at the items on the desk.

"Part of my past. Tell the captain that I have to talk to someone. I'll be back later," Sean replied walking past Danny and Chris.

"Hey where's Sean going to in such a hurry?" Danny asked John.

"Does it have something to do with this picture?" Chris asked looking at the picture.

"Where did this come from?" Asked Harada picking up the picture.

"It was delivered by messenger a few minutes ago. Sean opened it, looked at the picture and then read the letter that came with the picture," replied Kaleo.

"Chris, you and Danny follow Sean. Don't let him out of your sight. John take this picture and go talk to Max. Linh take this letter and find out how Eddie Mason and Peter Henning died," said Harada with a worried sound in his voice.

"How are they involved with Sean?" Danny asking.

"This picture is of Sean's old unit when he was in the military. Their names are on the back of the picture. There are three men circled. Two of them have to be Eddie and Peter, because the other one is David Maxwell," replied Terry.

"Wasn't he Max's husband? Do you think that she may know something?" John asked picking up the picture.

"He may have told her something, I really don't know, but Sean has been having recurring nightmares about there last mission," replied the captain.

The coastal highway

"Are you sure you're going the right way?" Danny asked.

"This is the right way, the letter said for Sean to come to the Palms hotel on the coastal highway," replied Chris looking for the motel.

The Palms Hotel

Sean turns into the parking of the motel. He gets out of the car and walks to room seven. He knocks on the door, but there is no answer. He pulls his gun from the holster and slowly turns the door knob, opening the door. He sees a man laying on the bed face down. He put his gun back in the holster and walks over to the bed. He turns the man over, he is barely alive but calls out Sean's name.

"Sean, is that you?" Asks the man gasping for breath.

"Jack, who did this? Sean asked.

"I don't know, I didn't see his face," replied Jack.

"This is 1114 Zulu, I need an ambulance and a couple officers to respond to the Palms Hotel room seven," said Sean.

"Sean, I need to tell you something before I die. I got this letter a dew days ago that said I was next on the list and that he would kill everyone in the unit for what happened to him. He said that it had to do with our last mission," Jack replied breathing hard.

"Jack, did he kill David?" Sean asked with a sad look on his face.

"He said something about starting at the top of the list," replied Jack closing his eyes.

"Sean, you called for backup, so Danny and I responded," replied Chris walking over to the bed.

"The captain has ordered you two to follow me?" Sean asking Chris and Danny.

"He told us to follow you. He says there's a possibility that your life could be in danger. Is he right?" Chris asked Sean.

"Yes he is, someone wants my old unit dead, down to very last man," replied Sean looking at his friend on the bed.

"Get us out here," yelled Lt. Harrison sitting on the floor. He felt the cold sweat rolling down his face, as he sat there shaking.

"Who told you to leave the chopper, Lt? I'm still in command here," muttered Maxwell laying there on the steel floor.

"I could have left you laying there, but I decided not to," replied Sean back against the wall of the chopper.

The Hawaiian Hotel/ The front desk

Everyone is watching the woman as she walks across the lobby. She is carrying several bags of groceries. She walks to the front desk, sitting the bags on floor.

"Good morning Miranda," said the woman behind the desk.

"Good morning," replied Miranda picking up the key off the desk.

"Would you like some help with the bags, Miranda?" Asked the bellboy.

"No I don't need any help, but thank you anyway," replied Miranda picking up the bags.

"Miranda, do you want me to call the penthouse and let her know that your coming?" Asked the woman behind the desk.

"No, she's probably still asleep," replied Miranda walking to the elevator.

Miranda stood in the elevator, listening to the sounds that it made as it passed each floor. She told herself that she needed to find a job where her feet were on the ground and not on the tenth floor of a hotel. "Just keep telling yourself that, Miranda," said Miranda to herself as she watched the door of the elevator opened and she stepped out into the hallway.

As she walked down the hallway, she was still muttering to herself.

"Did I remember to pick up that key? Oh lord I hope so, there it is. I don't know how it got there, but oh well," said Miranda to herself, putting the key in the door and opening it.

She walked into the kitchen and sat the bags down on the table and then she walked through the door that lead to the the living room.

"Max, where are you?" Yelled Miranda walking through the room.

"Miranda, I'm out on the balcony," replied Max standing in the doorway that lead to the balcony.

"Could you come back into the living room? You know I have these things about heights," pleaded Miranda looking at Max.

"I"ll come back into the living room just for you all right," replied Max with a smile on her face.

"I'm going to the kitchen, would you like some tea?" Asked Miranda walking away.

"Tea is fine," replied Max reaching to pick up the ringing phone.

"Good morning Max, this Lee at the front desk. There is a Detective Declan here to see you. He says thats it's important," replied Lee.

"It's okay, tell him to come up," replied Max putting the phone down.

"Max said that she would see you. Take the last elevator, it goes to the penthouse," Lee said as John walked to the elevator.

John stood in the elevator listening as it went past each floor till it came to the penthouse. The door opened and John stepped out into the hallway. He let out a sigh of relief as he walked to the door, he rang the bell and waited. He heard the sound of footsteps and then the door opened.

"Detective Declan, would you come in please. I'm Max, Lee said that you needed to talk to me," answered Max walking to a chair.

"Yes I do and please call me John. Captain Harada sent me here to ask you some questions about your late husband's old unit," replied John sitting on the sofa.

"Max, where do you want your tea...and don't tell me the balcony either," replied Miranda coming through the door.

"The living room is fine and I have a guest so I need another cup please," Max replied.

"How much do you know about David's life in the military?" John asked looking at Max.

"Would you like some tea?" Max asked John as she poured the tea in the cup. "I know what he did while in the military," replied Max handing the cup to John.

"This morning this picture came by messenger for Sean. There was also a letter with it. It was a Jack Layton, he asked Sean to meet him at the Palms hotel. He wrote in the letter that the men in their old unit were being killed one by one," said John handing the picture to Max.

"This is David's old unit. This is David and Sean is next to him on the right," replied Max pointing to the two people in the picture.

"Do you know anyone else in the picture?" John asked.

"No I don't. They came back to the island shortly after their last mission and a few months later they were discharged. Why the red circles around their faces?" Max asked John.

"So far that's how many have died in the last two years," replied John looking at Max.

"David was in a plane crash. They told us that there was a fire in the engine and that's why his plane crashed. You don't believe David's death was an accident, do you?" Max asked with a sad tone in her voice.

"His death was no accident, the other two men that are circled in the picture, were found murdered in the last two years," said John.

"Do you think that Sean could be next?" Asked Max looking at the picture.

"I don't know for sure, but this Jack Layton came here to warn him," said John looking around the room.

"I see that you're looking at the pictures of the three of us together," replied Max walking to the table and picking up one of the pictures.

"How long have you known Sean?" John asked looking at the picture.

"I was twenty two when I first met Sean. David had come home on leave and brought Sean with him. He told me that they had become really good friends. David was like an older brother to Sean. One day I noticed that Sean would make excuses to leave, so I asked him where he was going. Thats when he told me that he had grown up in Honolulu and that he was going to see a friend of his. I found out that his friend was Carly. He had known her for a long time, but they were just friends," stated Max.

"How long have you loved Sean?" Asked John.

"A long time. I have never been able to tell him. I knew it after they came back to Honolulu. After being discharged, David was busy building the new casino and Sean was going to the police academy. If I needed to go somewhere David would have Sean take me. He spent a lot of time at the penthouse and when you're with someone all of the time, you start to have these feelings. It wasn't long before I knew that I loved Sean," replied Max walking to the window.

"Max, if you loved Sean, then why did you marry David?" John asked with a puzzled looked on his face.

"I married David because of Carly. I had to forget any feelings that I had for Sean. She told me that she was pregnant and that Sean was the father, I believed her," said Max.

"When you were at the beachouse last night, did you tell Sean how you felt about him?" John asking Max.

"He told me that we needed to talk about some things, but we never did. It's like he didn't know what to say. So I left after a while," said Max

"Max, he loves you. He has this look on his face whenever he talks about you. You need to tell him how you feel. I probably shouldn't have said anything, but someone had to say something," said John standing up.

"I'm glad you did at least now I know how he feels. Jake has been trying to get me to tell Sean how I feel," stated Max walking John to the door.

Honolulu Police Dept.

Danny walks in the door of the station just as Harada comes out of his office.

"Danny, what are you doing here, I told you to follow Sean," replied Harada.

"We did, Chris is with Sean right now. Sean found the man Jack Layton face down on the bed. He's still alive. Sean went with him to the hospital. Sean had me bring all these files with me. They have to do with his unit. That guy Jack he them in the room," said Danny laying the files on the desk.

"Everything that is happening has to do with that last mission. I have to make a phone call. Go through those files and find all of the men that were in that unit," said Harada going into his office.

"Hand me a file," replied Linh.

"This is Harada, I need to speak to General Haines. Tell him it's important," said the captain with a long look on his face.

"This is General Haines, how can I help you, Terry?" Asked the General.

"I need to know everything about the last mission under the command of Captain David Maxwell," asked the captain,

"I don't know how much I can tell you. Intelligence had information that a factory ten miles from Baghdad was being used to manufacture chemicals and the bombs to deliver the chemicals. All of this happened in the last few days of the war. Captain Maxwell's unit was sent in. They were able to destroy the factory," replied Haines.

"Do you know if everyone came back?" Asked Harada.

"As far as we know fourteen went in and fourteen came back. Terry, why do you want to know about this units' last mission for?" Haines asked.

"Because so far three men are dead from that unit and one of my detectives was in that unit. He was contacted by a Jack Layton and when he went to meet him, he found laying on a bed with a bullet in him," said Harada.

"Do you think that something happened during that mission? From the sound of your voice, you think that someone was left behind. Those men have a code, no one gets left behind, wounded or dead. They would never leave anyone," said Haines.

"I believe that someone was left behind and that the men in the second helicopter had something to do with it. Is there a way I can get a list of the POW's and the MIA's from Desert Storm?" Asked Harada.

"I can fax a list to you, you'll have them within the hour, Terry. Anything else, just call me," said Haines hanging up the phone.

Terry hung up the phone and walked back to the squad room where Kaleo and Linh were going through the files.

"So far we have the names of the fourteen that were on the mission. Six of them were wounded. There were two helicopters used to pick them up. Is it possible that in all of the confusion someone was left behind," replied Linh.

"That's not possible, we lived by a code, no one gets left behind," said Sean walking in to the room.

"Can you be absolutely positive?" Asked Terry.

"The pilot of the first helicopter had received confirmation from the second helicopter that he had seven on board and was going to take off," replied Sean.

"Captain, this just came for you. Do you think that one of them was left behind?" Danny asked.

"I'm not sure just yet, but I think that it's possible that one of them was left behind and they didn't know it," stated Harada looking at Sean.

"Sean, who is Rick Abbott?" Linh asked looking at his file.

"He was wounded on one of our missions, so Matt Turner was his replacement till he could return to the unit," replied Sean.

Sean sat there thinking about his unit s last mission. He was remembering more things that had happened that day. Linh had asked who Rick was and then Sean remembered that Rick was suppose to return to the unit that day, but no one could find him. So Matt had gone instead. He was remembering more about that night, they had been given orders to blow up a factory. They had planted the explosives, but they noticed that it was an empty factory. He closed his eyes, he could see the enemy approaching. He heard David yelling that it was a trap and to get out. His dream made sense now. His breathing was getting heavier as he remembered that night.

"Sean, do you remember something from that night that might help us?" Terry asked.

"We were dropped off by the helicopters, we went to the factory. Striker, Bobby and Jess were planting the explosives. I was standing just outside of the door when Striker came out and told me that there was something funny about the factory. I asked him what and he told me that it was empty. I went in and looked and he was right. I had gone back outside, when I heard the tanks. I yelled for the men to fall back to the helicopters. I could see David yelling for us to hurry. A few seconds later the factory was a ball of fire. Men were running as fast as they could. The second chopper radioed that he had seven on board and that he was leaving. We pulled Jack and Sam on and then we left."

"When we got back to the base, we went straight to a briefing. I told the Colonial what I had told David and that was, they knew were coming. I was surprised that he agreed with me. He also told us that they had found Rick Abbott dead. He had been strangled," said Sean.

"That explains what I found in the file that General Haines gave to the captain," remarked Chris.

"What did you find?" John asked.

"The General sent this file to the captain by computer. Matt Turner was a plant in your unit, he had orders to make sure that none of you came back. He is the one that probably killed Rick Abbott. He found out that Rick would be returning for the last mission. So he had to get rid of him," said Chris looking at the computer.

"Why was he trying to kill all of us?" Asked Sean.

"According to this file, the government was trying to cover its use of special ops units. It says here that the ninth unit never returned from their last mission. When we checked their names against the POW list, it shows that six were POW's and the others were listed as killed in action," replied Chris.

"Sean, General Haines sent me a copy of the POW's list. Matt Turner's name appears on the list. I checked he was found wounded by an Iraqi tank crew. He was a POW for almost six months before they could get him back. He told them that he had been tortured everyday for twelve hours and they only ate once day and it was very little. Until a two years ago, he was in a mental hospital," said Harada.

"That explains the three deaths, he trying to finish his mission. He has to kill the last unit," said Sean looking out the window.

Kaleo picked up the ringing phone and answered it.

"Sean, that was the hospital, your friend Jack is dead. A nurse said that she saw this doctor coming out of his room, but then she told them that she had never seen him before. When they went to check him, they found a needle in the line of the IV," replied Kaleo.

"Sean, I'm putting you into protective custody till we can catch this man." Remarked Harada.

"No you're not, I can't catch this maniac if I'm sitting in a cell," replied Sean.

"Someone has to be with you at all times," Harada said looking at John.

"No problem," replied John.

"Is there a current picture of him?" Asked Danny.

"General Haines contacted the hospital in Washington D.C. and they said that they would fax the last known picture of Turner. It's coming through the fax machine right now," replied Harada handing the picture to Sean.

"I need to go talk to Max. I have to explain to her that David's death wasn't an accident," said Sean starting to walk out the door.

"Make sure that you stay with him at all times, John. The rest of you, I want every cop that we have out looking for this guy. Linh make sure that everyone has a picture of this guy," yelled Harada going into his office.

"Sean, I guess now's a good time to tell you. The captain sent me over to talk to Max. We got to talking about you and so I asked Max how long she had been in love with you," stated John looking at Sean.

"You know that's none of your business," said Sean.

"I know, but someone had to say something and it wasn't going to be you," replied John with a smile on his face.

"He's close by, I can feel him watching me," said Sean driving to the hotel.

"Linh, what do we know about this Matt Turner?" Asked the captain.

"I was able to access more of the files from Haines. Turner and several others worked for the CIA. They were given orders to eliminate the special ops units. According to this information, the military had been denying the existence of the units for over a year," said Linh.

"It doesn't make any sense, the special ops units were able to do a lot of damage, so why eliminate them?" Asked Danny looking at Linh.

"I may be able to answer that question for you," answered the man standing in the doorway.

"Who are you?" Chris asked looking at the man.

"My name is Lt. Baker, I'm from General Haines office. He sent me to help you in finding this Matt Turner. This file explains everything," replied the Lt. handing the file to Harada.

"According to this, a military convoy was ambushed by a group of rebels. The rebels took them as captives, they were put on display in the village. On the second day, the bodies of the four soldiers that had been killed in the ambush were brought to the village by the rebels. It says that the four bodies were tied to a post just like the others. It says that they were forced to watch as the bodies were mutilated beyond recognition. They were told that this was going to happen to them and then the rebels took one of the bodies and burned it in a fire. They were tortured everyday and then they would burn another body. On the fifth day they were told that one of them would be next, but something happened during the night. Msgt. Benson told his commander that on that night they were rescued by a group of men in black. He heard one of the men giving orders referred to as Captain Johnson. Benson says that the man who cut him loose, noticed the fire and what was left of the soldier. He's says that Johnson came over to investigate. He said that Johnson went crazy and told his men to plant explosives around all of the houses in the village. Benson's said that they were taken to waiting helicopters, he could hear the sounds of shouting and the grenades going off. Then he saw Johnson and his men running for the helicopters and then he heard the explosions from the village. He ordered the pilots to fly over the village and for his men to continue firing at anyone that was still alive," said Harada laying the file on the desk.

"He ordered the massacre of a whole village, men, women... and children. Then he blew up the village," replied Chris with a shock look on his face.

"When the commander for the special ops learned of this, he sent orders out to find Johnson and his unit, but after going through all the records for each unit. There was no Captain Johnson in command of a unit," replied Lt. Baker.

"So that's where the company's operatives came into the picture," Chris replied looking at the Lieutenant.

"An operative was placed in each unit. He was to listen, hoping that they would talk about what had happened. Then he could report back to the commander, but who ever was responsible never talked about it. The operatives were pulled out of the units, but something happened to Turner. He told his boss that he believed Captain Maxwell's unit was responsible for the massacre. He told them that he had heard the name Johnson mentioned by one of the men," said Baker sitting down in a chair.

"So their last mission was really a trap, set by Turner, but Sean says that they heard Iraqi tanks coming and Maxwell ordered them to fall back to the helicopters," replied Harada.

"Yes, but something went wrong and Turner was left behind. He was in a POW camp for a long time, before they got him back.

"So he blames Maxwell and his men for what happened to the village and for leaving him behind to rot in a prison, plus he was tortured everyday," said Danny.

"A few months after their rescue, Msgt. Benson gave his commander four sets of dog tags that he had taken off the four who had died. One of the dog tags belonged to Captain Johnson, who was in charge of the convoy. Benson told his commander that he had lied about hearing the name of the captain in command of the unit. He said that he wanted the villagers to die for what they had done," stated Baker.

"So now we have a maniac out there looking for Sean," yelled Harada.

"Captain, he has to know about Sean's family," replied Linh.

"Kaleo, send a couple officers to Jake's house. Tell them to watch that house. No one goes in," said Harada.

"Couldn't we put Turner's picture on the TV and let the public help us?" Danny asked.

"Thats not a bad idea, Danny and Chris go to the local station and have them run the picture on the news," said Harada going back into his office.

"Kaleo, how about we go and check some of the hotels and motels. We can show his picture around. would you like to go with us, Lt. Baker?" Linh asked.

"Yes, I would thanks," replied Baker, picking up his hat and following Linh.

The beachouse at Waikiki

"Did you have a rough night?" John asking Sean who was coming out of the bedroom.

"I had that dream again. After that I couldn't sleep, I would sit up on the edge of the bed and then I would walk to the balcony and watch the ocean. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. We have to find him, before he kills again," replied Sean looking at Sean.

"You want some coffee?" John asked going toward the kitchen.

"I guess so. I need to get dressed. I can't find him sitting in this house," stated Sean taking the cup from John.

"I'll get dressed and go with you," said John pulling on his jeans.

"We need to go back to the Palms hotel and go through Jack's things. There maybe something there that we can use. We need a picture of Turner," said Sean pulling on the t-shirt.

"You ready?" John asking Sean.

"Ever since last night, I have had this erie feeling that someone is watching me. I got that feeling now," said Sean closing the door behind him.

Honolulu Police Dept.

"Captain, we just got a call from the Palms hotel. The man on the desk said that a man came into the office and asked if Jack Layton was still in room seven," said Danny standing in the doorway.

"Fanny, you and Chris go check it out and then let me know," replied Harada.

"Chris, grab that picture of Turner," yelled Danny walking out the door.

"Sooner or later, we have to get a lead on this guy," replied Chris following Danny.

The Palms Hotel

"What's the matter?" John asked Sean.

"I keep thinking about what the captain said about leaving someone behind. Was Turner left behind?" Sean asked turning into Palms hotel driveway.

"It's possible the pilot thought that he had seven men on board. If he was told that four of the men that were wounded were laying on the floor, there was no way that he could of looked to see if there were four. He took the word of the other three men that there was four wounded," said John getting out of the car.

"I guess it's possible, when we realized that it was trap, all we wanted to do was to get out of there," replied Sean walking up to the door.

"There's the Palms hotel," said Chris pointing to it.

"Not one of the better hotels on the island," replied Danny turning into the driveway.

"Let's go talk to the man," remarked Chris getting out of the car.

"I have the picture of Turner, I hope he recognizes him," said Danny following Chris into the office.

"Excuse me, I'm Detective Gains and the is Detective Edwards. You called the station and reported that a man was asking about Jack Layton in room seven?" Chris asked.

"Yes I did, I told him that the man had left. He didn't say any more and just left," replied the man behind the desk.

"Is this the man?" Chris asked showing the picture of Turner to the man.

"That's the man that was here," replied the man.

"Thank you, that means he was probably here about two hours ago," said Chris walking to the car.

"Chris, isn't that Sean's car in front of room seven?" Danny asked.

"Yeah it is," replied Chris getting out of the car.

Danny and Chris walked over to room seven, where Sean and John going through the room.

"Do you need any help?" Danny asked from the doorway.

"What are you two doing here?" Sean asked.

"We got a call at the station from the desk clerk here. He said that man came to the office and asked about Jack Layton in room seven. We showed him the picture of Turner and he identified him as the man," replied Chris.

"Sean, you need to look at this," said John handing Sean a book.

"It has the names of all the men in the unit and their addresses. Under my name are the names of my family," said Sean looking at the book.

"Sean, Linh just called me. Jake called the station. Someone has taken Nick. They left an envelope on the table addressed to you," said John looking at Sean.

"What happened to the officers watching the house?" Sean asked running to the car.

"Jake said he looked out the door to make sure they were there and he said that there was something wrong, so he went out to the car and he found them unconscious," replied John closing the car door.

"Sean, what's going on?" Yelled Chris running to Sean's car.

"Someone has kidnapped Nick," replied Sean.

"Do you think it was Turner?" Danny asked looking at Sean.

"It had to be him," yelled Sean racing out of the parking lot.

"Where's he going?" Danny asked pulling out of the parking lot.

"He's going to Jake's house, someone took Nick and he thinks it was Turner. Follow him," yelled Chris

Sean raced through the traffic. He could feel his heart beating faster, his breathing was getting heavier as he weaved in and out of the traffic. John could see the worry in Sean's face as he turned the corner that lead to Jake's house. Sean stopped in front of the house and ran to the opened door of the house.

"Jake, what happened?" Sean asked his father-in-law.

"Like I told you on the phone, Nick was watching TV and I was in the kitchen fixing lunch and I had just made a new pot of coffee for the officers. Every hour one of them would come and check on us. I would send coffee with the officer for them to drink. I was watching TV with Nick, when I realized that it had been over an hour since one of them had come to the door, so I looked out the window. It looked like they were sleeping, so I went out to check and they were both out cold. I ran back to the house, Nick had been sitting in the chair, I started to go to his room, thats when I found the envelope on the table. That's when I called you, Sean," replied Jake turning away from Sean.

"It's not your fault, Jake. You didn't know this was going to happen," said Sean looking at Jake.

"Haroer, did you find any prints on the envelope?" John asked walking over to the table.

"There's prints all over this envelope, it's like he left them behind for you to find. I'll call you and let you know about the prints. Sean there was a letter for you, I put it in an evidence bag," said Harper handing the letter to Sean.

"What does it say, Sean?" Asked John.

"He has Nick, he also wants five million dollars, for all that he went through, because we left him behind. I have to bring the money to the Arizona," stated Sean looking at John.

"How long do we have before you have to be there?" John asked.

"He gave me two hours. I need to talk to someone about getting the money," remarked Sean walking out the door.

"I'll be waiting for you, two miles from the memorial with a wire. Everyone will be ready when you get there," replied John watching Sean drive off.

The Hawaiian Hotel

"Is Max in the penthouse?" Yelled Sean running to the elevator.

"Yes, but you just can't go up there without someone calling first," replied the woman.

"I don't have time for you to call her. I'm Detective Harrison with HPD," yelled Sean walking into the elevator.

"Security, this Grace at the front desk. I need you to go to the penthouse, we may have an security risk in the penthouse elevator," said Grace hanging up the phone.

"Max, this is Eric, we have a breach in security. The intruder is on the way to the penthouse," Eric replied running up the stairs to the penthouse.

"Thanks Eric. Miranda, That was Eric, we have an intruder in the elevator," stated Max walking to a room of the living room.

"I know what to do," replied Miranda going to the door and putting on the alarm.

Sean paced back and forth, waiting for the elevator to open. Can't it go any faster, Sean told himself. He could feel the sweat rolling down his face as he waited for the door to open. then it stopped and the door opened. Sean ran to the door of the penthouse. He saw that the security light was on, security must have a breach. I can use the other entrance, I have to hurry, Sean told himself running down the hallway. She said the eighth panel was the entrance to the kitchen. Sean pushed on the panel and it slid back to reveal a door. He took the key out of his pocket and opened the door. He started to run through the kitchen into the living room.

"Max, are you here?" Yelled Sean ruining to a room. Where is she, he thought running from room to room.

"Sean, what are you doing here. How did you get in?" Asked Miranda.

"The alarm was on, so I came through the back door. Where's Max?" Asked Sean pacing the floor.

"I'll go get her," replied Miranda walking to a door.

"Sean, you came up in the elevator just now, didn't you? Miranda call Eric, there's no breach in security," said Max just then the door opened and Eric walked in.

"Sean, what's wrong, something has happened hasn't it?" Max asked.

"You're the only one that can help me. Nick has been kidnapped by Matt Turner and he wants five million dollars. I have less than two hours to get it and bring it to the Arizona," Sean replied looking at Max.

"Eric, go to the casino and take the money out of the vault. Bring it back in a briefcase. Is the helicopter still on the roof?" Max asked Eric.

"Jim hasn't moved it yet," stated Eric.

"Tell him to bring to the parking lot and, Eric, you go with Sean," said Max looking at Sean.

"Max, thank you," said Sean looking at Max.

"We can talk about this later, you don't have much time left," stated Max watching Sean and Eric run out of the penthouse.

The Arizona Memorial

"Where's Sean, he doesn't have much time left," said John looking.

"I think I hear him, look up," said Chris looking up at the helicopter as the helicopter landed. The door opened and Sean climbed out carrying the briefcase.

"You have that wire for me?" Sean asked.

"You went to Max didn't you and she gave you the money and the helicopter?" John asked.

"Yes she did, and the helicopter is hers too. Is everyone in place?" Sean asked.

"We have sharpshooters everywhere and the tourists walking around the memorial are cops," stated John.

"Make sure I have Nick before any one does anything, okay," replied Sean who starts walking toward the memorial.

"Can you see your dad walking toward us?" Turner asked Nick.

"I can see my dad," said Nick.

"I suppose you're proud of your dad?" Asked turner.

"Yes I am," replied Nick looking at his dad.

"You know that your dad is coward," stated Turner with an angry look on his face.

"My dad is not a coward, he risks his life everyday to help people," yelled Nick with an angry tone in his voice.

Sean walked closer to the memorial, where he could see Turner standing with Nick.

"I'm here Turner and I have the money you want. Now let my son go. It's me that you want not him," yelled Sean watching Turner.

"I think he needs to know what kind of person you really are. You and the others with your code of honor. What was it, no one gets left behind. You left me behind. I laid there yelling for help, but no one came to help me, did they. The others made it to the helicopters, but I laid there yelling for help as the helicopters took off. I spent almost a year in that POW camp before I was rescued. You know what it's like to be tortured everyday for hours and hours. Finally you can't take any more and you tell them what they want to know. Then I spent all those years in a mental hospital. All I wanted to was to get revenge for what you all did," yelled Turner.

"What about the guys in the unit, I know now that you lead us into a trap. We were not the men responsible for the massacre of that village. The pilot of the second helicopter told us he had seven on board and that he was taking off. We didn't know you were left behind. I'm sorry okay, but you have to let my son go," Sean pleaded.

"You have to believe my dad, he wouldn't lie to you," pleaded Nick.

"Come closer and bring me the money," said Turner as Sean got closer.

"When I give him the money, I'll grab Nick, you'll have a clear shot of him," Sean said into the mike.

"I got it. Did everyone hear Sean?" Asked John.

"We heard him," replied the officers.

"Here's the money you wanted," said Sean handing the briefcase to Turner.

"Let's see what five million dollars looks like, but first I have something for you," said Turner pointing a gun at Sean.

Just then Sean grabbed Nick and fell into the water. He could hear the sounds of the sharpshooters firing at Turner. He heard the sound of Turner's body hitting the dock.

"Sean, can you hear me," yelled John standing on the dock.

"I'm right here, help pull Nick out of the water," said Sean watching as John grabbed him.

"Sean, we'll help. You just grab our hands," Danny said as he and Chris pulled Sean out of the water.

"What about Turner?" Sean asked.

"He's dead, and we have the briefcase," John said.

"Give it to Eric back at the helicopter. He can put it back in the vault. Nick are you okay?" Sean asked looking at his son.

"I'm all right. Can I go back to Grandpa's house? I know he must be scared, dad," asked Nick.

"Yeah, I'll take you home to Jake. Are you sure that you're okay?" Sean asked closing the car door behind him.

"Yes dad, I'm all right, I just want to go home," replied Nick looking at his dad.

"We'll take care of everything here," said John as Sean drove away.

Jake's house

Sean and Nick walked to the front door of the house, just then the door opened and Jake came out. Nick ran up the sidewalk to Jake.

"Is he okay?" Jake asked hugging his grandson.

"He says he's okay," replied Sean.

"Max gave you the money, didn't she?" Jake asked.

"Yes, but how did you know?" Sean asked.

"I have tried to tell you, she'll do anything for you. You need to go see her and let her know that Nick is okay. We are going into the house and lock the door and watch TV till we fall asleep," Jake said.

"I do need to talk to her and to tell her thanks," said Sean going out the door.

"You had better tell her more than thank you," said Jake closing the door behind Sean.

The Hawaiian Hotel

"Miranda, are you leaving?" Max asked looking at Miranda.

"Yes, did you need me to do something?" Miranda asked.

"I want you to leave a message at the front desk for Sean. I don't know if he's coming back here or not," said Max giving a note to Miranda.

"I have to agree with Jake, if you want to get his attention. You need to put on something that will get his attention," said Miranda smiling at Max as she walked out the door.

Sean drove up the driveway of the hotel, stopping at the front door. He got out and walked through the door. Sean started across the lobby to the elevator. Just then the door opened and Miranda stepped out.

"Sean Harrison, you're just the person I need to see. I was suppose to leave a note for you at the desk, but since you're here I'll tell you. Max is waiting for you upstairs. You need to tell her and tell her now," Said Miranda with a smile on her face.

Sean walked to the elevator. He started thinking that maybe everyone was right. Just then the door opened and Sean walked to the penthouse. He opened the door and walked in.

"Max, Miranda said you were here," yelled Sean from the living room.

"Sean, I'm in the bedroom doing something, you can come in, it's okay," said Max sitting there in the middle of the bed with a sheet wrapped her.

Sean opened the door and walked in. He could see Max in the bed.

"Are you sure about this?" Sean asked.

"Yes I am," replied Max as Sean walked into the room closing the door behind him.

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