Against Fate part. 1 'Hope and Lost' by kaylah7
Summary: Kyle survived. He and Sarah are in hospital.
Kyle's condition is severe, but stable. Sarah dreams about their future life together.
Suddenly, everything is complicated ...
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Series: Against Fate
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1. Chapter 1 'Salvation' by kaylah7

2. Chapter 2 'Hope' by kaylah7

3. Chapter 3 'Lost' by kaylah7

Chapter 1 'Salvation' by kaylah7
- Run! - He exclaimed. She is not obeyed him immediately. She could not. She would not just leave him. He stood there, all bloody, totally helpless in the battle with a mechanical monster that inexorably approaching in their direction. He knew he was not able to stop him, but he was ready to give his life in its defense. She saw that holds something in his hand. Last bomb, which they had left. She guessed what was going to do. "That's crazy!" She thought, but she knew that they had no choice. She looked at him. His eyes expressed everything: love, devotion and boundless longing. It has to be. That's the only way out. She turned and fled. From a distance came to her voice Kyle: "Come on, beast!", and then all exploded.

The explosion stunned her for a moment. When she shook a little she felt a terrible pain in my leg. Something sharp was stuck in her thigh. With great effort, she tore the metal from the body. She screamed in pain. She felt warm blood flowing ... "Kyle!" - That one word ran through her mind like lightning. "-" He succeeded: he destroyed the terminator! But where is he? "He's fine?" - Thoughts whirled in her head. Groaning with effort she rose from the floor. But the board did not give the stand. She began to crawl towards the explosion site.

From a distance, she saw a familiar figure. "God, no! Just do not it! "- she thought. Kyle was lying in a pool of blood.'s head fell limp. Sarah gathered strength and turned his face to her. He does not move. Through the tears that have been released into her eyes, she could not see whether he is breathing." God, I beg you: he does not deserve to die, do not let him die! "- she prayed in the spirit, and her heart was pounding wildly. She already had to stoop to check his pulse, when she suddenly heard a rustling.

At the last moment, almost instinctively, she has retreated when the steel arm stretched up to her. Panicking, she started to withdraw, almost crawling ahead. Terminator was not destroyed. Kyle's bomb tore it only on half. Though damaged, he continued to race. She does not have nowhere to run. Its forces quickly to leave it. Already he had reached almost her. She slipped between two walls of a hydraulic press. She was sure that the terminator will follow her. Last ounce of strength she had this episode and once she was outside, she slammed the security grille which separates himself from the approaching machine.

However, this did not stop the terminator. His arm broke through the steel grate and tried to reach the target. Sarah had no where to run anymore. She took control behind the plate. In panic she began to blindly search for the switch actuating the press. She already felt almost like a mechanical squeezing fingers on her neck when she finally found the right button. She pressed him to stop. Press started. This time, the terminator was trapped. Sarah watched as his body is rolled metal. Finally, the red light went out in the eye of the machine, and his outstretched arm stopped moving.

Sarah rebuffed them with disgust. She felt no satisfaction. She felt rather relieved that it's finally over. But she knew that it was not true. The worst was yet to come. And she was alone. Kyle was killed. She knew that he must deal with it, she was not sure if she can. Her memory of Kyle raised new streams of tears. She could not stop them. Anyway, she did not want. She wanted so much to look at him again, but she had no strength to move. She felt extremely tired and after a moment she lost consciousness.

When she opened her eyes with astonishment she saw strange faces. She was lying on a trolley, connected to a drip. In great haste sent her to an ambulance. She wanted to scream, to tell these people that she is not alone, that have yet to deal with Reese, but she could only move their lips - without any sound. Resigned she looked away. At one point, a similar truck, she saw her beloved. He was very pale and he was covered in blood. To her ears came the scraps of conversation:

- And what of him?

-He is alive, but his condition is critical. We need to immediately ...

Sarah closed her eyes. "Alive!" - that one word she kept repeating in his mind like a mantra. After a while she fell into the darkness again.
Chapter 2 'Hope' by kaylah7
When she woke up, it hurt her everything - from the fingertips of the hair follicles. Her lips were cracked, and the tongue dry as chips. "Where am I? What happened? "she wanted to ask, but then the memory came back, and with it the awareness of recent events."This is a hospital. I'm in the hospital, "she thought looking around.

- Well, well, look who woke up! - heard it on themselves. - And how do we feel?

- Water ... - Sarah managed to utter. When she could swallow again, she threw an avalanche of questions of myself. - What about him? What about Kyle? Is he alive? - she asked frantically.

- Are you talking about this boy who is brought in with you? He is in serious condition ... Difficult to say for now. He lies in intensive care. My friend takes care of him. I see that you care for him a lot ... I'll ask her later, then you talk. But now you want to eat something babe?

Sarah looked with gratitude to the nurse. It was a plump, about 60-year-old woman with a cheerful face and soothing voice. She brought the soup and spoon she fed a spoonful of Sarah, not rearranging the talk, interjecting every now and then "babe"in its continuous stream of words. Sarah does not mind. For her, it sounded more like music, soothing. She preferred it to be a nurse said, if instead she began to ask questions that Sarah did not know how to respond.

In the afternoon came to a doctor. It was a young and extremely attractive woman. She had a perfect figure, coal-black hair, perfect complexion, and certainly most of the men was considered as an ideal woman. Sarah, however, something did not like it. Her eyes, though beautiful, was cold and penetrating. She looked at Sarah with superiority and ill-concealed contempt.

- Hello Sarah! - she said, sitting at her bedside. - I would like to ask you some questions.

Sarah closed her eyes and nodded reluctantly.

But she was surprised that the doctor did not ask about her, or of unusual events in which she participated. Her questions related to Kyle. Who is he, where is he? Does he have a family? Sarah did not quite know what to think about it. She explained she was a medical curiosity ordinary intelligence. Kyle had no documents, he did not appear in any records, not counting those gathered at the police station, but after the attack on the outpost terminator they did not order anything there soon. Sarah was the only person who could give any information about him.

Unfortunately, Sarah is not much she could say about Kyle. She knew him only for a few hours, and she could not yet say that Reese is really not even born yet. She gave only his first name and last name and the fact that an except her Kyle has no one close. The doctor seemed to be satisfied that. She explained what his interest is true concern for the welfare of the patient, but Sarah saw in her eyes a strange glow as soon as she mentioned the Reese. She asked Sarah a few routine questions, and she left the room.

Sarah lay wondering what it all might mean, but nothing came to her head. Soon came a nurse who watched over Kyle. Betty, because that was her name, she was a young, nice girl, with whom Sarah has quickly found a common language. It turned out that Kyle's condition, although very heavy, but it is stable and his life threatened nothing. Although it has not regained consciousness yet, the prognosis is favorable. Reese became the darling of the entire branch and object of many women's sighs.

Sarah was so happy that she quickly forgot about the strange behavior of doctors. She is very eager to see her beloved again, but she was still too weak to be able to leave bed. She thought about a lot about the future, their common future ... There were so many things and so many places that she wanted to show him. They raise their their son, John. She did not imagined that anyone else, except Kyle, he could be his father.

Subsided in dreams, she fell asleep ...
Chapter 3 'Lost' by kaylah7
Fleeting happiness did not last too long. A few days later, Betty with anxious face and tears in her eyes communicated the news of the death of Reese. He had a collapse. Despite the efforts of doctors and resuscitation could not to save him. He died without regained consciousness.

Sarah was not able to get the word. She stared at the nurse's face, as if she did not understand a word. After a while the shock has passed and flowed all the dams.

- That's impossible! - she cried out in despair. - Everything was fine! He survived! God, do not get him away from me! I have only him! I need him! I can not live without him!

She jumped out of bed, ready to rush to the beloved, snatch it yourself to the devil, to sell soul, if only to get him back ... But the ground did not give support, go wild pulled her down. Feeling stabbing pain in leg she fell limply to the floor.

Sobbing in pain and helplessness began to punch the floor. Betty tried to calm her down and pick up on the bed, but Sarah still be rescued. Crawling toward the door did not stop screaming: - Kyle! Do not leave me! I beg you, stay with me Kyle!

Suddenly she felt that her lack of breath. Desperately trying to breath, she lost consciousness ...
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