Against Fate part. 2 'Alone and Lonely' by kaylah7
Summary: Sarah tries learn to live without Kyle. She feels lonely and confused. One day she finds out that she is pregnant...
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1. Chapter 1 'Lonely' by kaylah7

2. Chapter 2 'Gift' by kaylah7

Chapter 1 'Lonely' by kaylah7
A red beam of light is stuck in her eyes like a laser. Drilled into the brain causing indescribable pain. The cold, steel claws tightened on her neck to block the access of air. Coughing up, tried in vain to break free from the grip. She kicked his legs, banging her fists on blindly. Without effect. All this is not done no impression on the mechanical monster, which stifled her further.

Help nowhere. She is alone. Only she and the machine. Setting around began to blur. Pervasive darkness began to encircle her. Only those eyes shines penetrating red glow. Nothing more except them she did not see. She ceased to defend herself. She could not move. Red light grew until at last turned into a great reflection of a nuclear explosion. She felt like an explosion inside her burns, burns her eyes. She burns all. The only thing she can do is give terrifying scream ...

- What is it, for heaven's sake!? - exclaimed the nurse.

- It's you again, Sarah? Do you have nightmares again?

Sarah did not answer. She did not understand yet that she woke up, and that it was only a dream. She sighed deeply. Air. She needed it very much now. Oxygen in the lungs ... Slowly the shock passed. She felt the taste of blood in her mouth. She noticed with surprise how thin trickle of fluid from her lips. She had to bite his mouth to the blood.

- Are you okay? - inquired the nurse.

- Yes ... - Sarah answered with a hoarse voice.

- Calm down dear, it was just a bad dream. Do you want some pills?

- No, thank you. No more drugs. I can handle it ...

Not true. She knew that it was not only a dream. It was a harbinger of future events - terrifying and inevitable. She also was not sure if she can deal with this. After Kyle's death she was alone. Only she knows about the future, the Day of Judgement, Terminators, War and Resistance. The knowledge that nobody else, did not even realize that the apocalypse is coming, meant that the burden of responsibility which now rested on her, it became unbearable.

She was afraid if she will cope with it all. She must be strong. Like Kyle said. Become a legend if she wants it or not. She must change his whole life, learn so many things ... Must be ready when the time comes, to teach her son everything that in the future he became a great John Connor

- Will do it! - she whispered. - I will learn everything. I'll do it for you Kyle! I want to earn on love that you gave to me ...

Memory of her beloved acted like a balm. She is slowly sinking into sleep.
- I love you ... - the last words she added almost silently.

Somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, in the deep seams of the subconscious, she heard a familiar voice: "I will always be with you!"

Chapter 2 'Gift' by kaylah7
Blue. She stood in the bathroom and stared at the small window in the tester pregnancy. Blue bar, according to the instructions, clearly pointed on her condition. She has lost count of how long standing. So many thoughts at once commotion in her head. Is pregnant! This fact introduces a woman is usually in a state of indescribable euphoria. Sarah did not immediately surrendered to this affectionate. Her thoughts occupied another matter. Awareness of who is the father of her child ...

The fact that she gets pregnant it was not for her surprise. She had finally become the mother of the future leader of mankind. When she met Kyleshe she not imagined by someone else, except him, could be the father of John. But Kyle died ... The awareness that she must forget about him and let get close to another man filled her with disgust and loathing. However she knew that she must overcome herself. John MUST come into the world. But whom to choose on his father? How to explain to that person how important it will be their child, whom he will be, what will he do? She was afraid that she will make the wrong choice.

Apparently, someone has chosen behind her. Kyle said that John's father died before his birth. John so did not met his father in childhood, but he certainly knew who he was. That's why he gave Kyle a picture of her. He knew that fell in love of his mother Reese, will be ready to give life to defend her. However John did not send Kyle for defense only. He sent him because HE was his father! That one night was enough time to Kyle and Sarah could connect, and John could exist.

- Jesus! It's very confusing! Going crazy ... - she thought. Relieved her. Emptiness, as filled her heart after the loss of Kyle, would not be able to meet any other man. She knew she did not love no one else, so truly and infinitely like Kyle. Aware that her beloved is father of her child has made, that she could now pour all her love on her son. Looking at on adolescent John she will certainly see in him many characteristics of his father. From Reese stories she knew that Kyle already gave him his courage, strength and determination to fight. Now is the time that she has made something from herself ...

She tore his eyes from the tester, raised her head. She looked in the mirror, and her face appeared on a wide smile. - We will be have a baby Kyle ... - she said in a trembling voice, and in her eyes shined tears of happiness.
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