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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is a submit for a challenge by Dreamer for "Price of Freedom." It's not exactly the way of the challenge, but pretty close! I hope you like it.

Chris dropped Mary’s freshly printed newspaper and his beer glass and they crashed to the hardwood floor in Inez’s saloon. He searched the saloon for Buck, for JD, for any of the seven who rode with him willing on dangerous tasks. When he couldn’t find so much as a belly laugh from Buck approaching a lady friend, Chris kicked the beer glass at his feet and it broke to pieces against the wall, causing a scene for the guests in the saloon.

“SeÑor, Chris, what is the matter?” Inez asked as she approached him. Chris glared at her and the beauty bartender stepped away from his dark stare and watched him pass her and walk out into the open town lot.

“Buck?” Chris shouted in the busy town as he walked the lot. Dust and specks of rocks blew in his face and he wiped at his dirty eyes as he walked. Ezra stumbled out of the jailhouse with Nathan behind him.

“What’s wrong, Chris?” Nathan asked as he joined him, busting through crowd of locals. When Chris didn’t answer him, Ezra took it to ask himself.

“Mr. Larabee, what happened? Why the need to search for Buck?”

“It’s Vin!” Chris barked, and hurried his pace to find Buck in his room at Virginia’s Hotel. He left his comrades at the entrance as he walked through the doors, up the two flights of stairs, and banged hard on Buck’s closed door, yelling his name the entire time.

Moments later, the door swung open and Buck stepped out, pulling his trousers up. He looked at Chris with a pair of surprised eyes, wondering what was wrong.

“You interrupted me, Chris!” Buck exclaimed as he cocked his head over his shoulder and watched Lady Belle covering herself with the bed sheet.

“Yeah, I know but we’ve got problems. A big problem. I need you to find JD and get Josiah and meet me at the jailhouse. It’s Vin and I can’t wait another minute. So get dressed.” Chris looked at Belle in the room, and groaned. “You can finish this later.”

Buck took the instructions as something serious when Chris left his doorstep and shut the door to get all the way dressed, kissing Lady Belle on the cheek, making her promise to keep her schedule open for him this evening. Once she agreed, and Buck finished dressing, he flew out of the door and headed for the jailhouse as Chris ordered.

Chris paced the jailhouse, wondering what the hell to do next. He didn’t know whether to go find Vin with spit and vinegar and pray he wouldn’t get killed and Vin killed in the action, or wait and see what the others thought would be best. Their leader or not, Chris always appreciated second opinions.

“What’s up?” Buck asked as he joined the others, JD and Josiah behind him.

Chris sighed a bit easier when he saw his old friend join the group. Once he knew everyone was in and listening to what he had to say, he started talking.

“It’s Vin. He’s been kidnapped well over three hours ago by a wagon full of prostitutes.” Chris shot his glare at Buck and watched his gawk. “That’s right, old friend, prostitutes.”

“What? How? Why?” Buck spouted out.

“One at a time, Buck,” Josiah said and patted his back. “How did this happen, Chris?”

Chris rubbed his stumbled chin. “We were out riding, trying to locate a wagon someone in town hired us for. We didn’t know what we were up against. We were ambushed unexpectedly. Someone knocked me out with the barrel of a rifle, and Vin with the bottom of a high heeled shoe.” Now that he thought of it, Chris wanted to laugh that he and Vin were attacked by women. Something he never wanted to reveal but Vin was taken and he had to do something about it. The shame worked its way to the back of his mind.

“You sure they were women, Chris?” Buck asked, after his initial shock died.

“Hell yes I’m sure, Buck!” Chris snapped. “When they thought they knocked me out, I heard laughing….women laughing as they rode away. I couldn’t do a damn thing. I couldn’t feel my legs, my head was bleeding.” He rubbed the bump on his head, and remembered the article in Mary’s newspaper he read in the saloon. “But I know who they are and I know where we can find Vin. Mary had an article in her paper about disappearing men.”

“Hold on, Chris.” JD said, and walked around Josiah. “You had time to read the newspaper when you knew Vin had been kidnapped?”

“No, I remembered I heard something about a wagon full of women kidnapping men and luring them into a deep and painful death.”

“How do you know it’s the woman doin’ the killing?” Nathan asked.

“I don’t know. It’s only what I think. I just knew I remembered something in the paper last week about those women. Now they have Vin and we need to go out and find him before it’s too late.”

“Alright,” Buck said. “Let’s go.”

“No,” Chris stopped him. “We have to come up with a plan. First things first….JD and Ezra, go and search for Landon Peters. He was the one who hired Vin and I to find the missing wagon. Throw him in jail until we come back. Don’t ask him questions, don’t taunt him, don’t do anything. Just leave him be and let him rant about what’s going on because he damn well knows.” Chris turned to Josiah and Buck at the jailhouse doors, “You two come with me, and Nathan.” He looked over his shoulder. “Stay here with JD and Ezra. The town needs to be looked after. We’ll be back before sundown.”

“And if you aren’t?” JD asked.

Chris turned and looked at the young gunslinger. He didn’t know whether sundown gave him enough time to look for Vin and come back into the safety of the town but he had to sure try. He stood for a moment, taking in JD’s question, then said. “Then come find us. They’re women....what’s the worst that could happen?”

Vin gagged on the rope in his mouth and spit out at his captures as she tied his feet to the bed, eagle spread. The hotel room windows were open, sending a jagged cool wind through the lace curtains, skating across his naked body. He shivered to the lady’s touch as she finished tying his right foot to the bedpost.

“Shush now, my man. We’re gonna start having fun.” Tonya purred as she moved up Vin’s nakedness and hovered him so she could be face to face with him. She touched his nose gently with her own and continued to make moaning sounds as she straddled his waist, his manhood getting lost under her white, laced skirt. Vin widened his eyes as he felt pressure on his length and moaned when he was lost in the folds of her silky thighs.

Tonya moved her long blond hair to the side of her right shoulder and kissed Vin’s covered lips. She moaned out loud and bite his bottom lip, waiting far long enough to make it bleed. Vin groaned from the pain, and Tonya smiled and lifted herself away from his face and placed her hands on his firm chest and began to ride him.

“Oh, Tanner, I’ve got my own private horse now.” Tonya moaned through clenched teeth as she moved harder, faster until she came in a blinding pleasure of ecstasy. Vin wanted to scream when his sex hardened again in her tight folds, his legs and face sweating as he held back his own climax. He didn’t want to have pleasure with this woman who kidnapped him just so she could have hers.

“It’s okay, sweet pie.” Tonya whispered as she gathered her strength back and leaned down to his ear. “It will be over soon for you….but for me….I’m full of orgasms.” She kissed him square in the mouth until she leaned away and started moving again, keeping a strong hold on the knife inches away from his throat. Vin squeezed his eyes shut, blocking out the intensity of her sleek, smooth, stranger’s body.

Chris lead the way in Grover’s Point Village where he knew Vin was taken. The images of the attack were a blur to him but not as much where he noticed which direction the wagon was headed. He’d find Vin if it took the rest of his life in doing so.

Riding through the village’s entrance, with every local’s watchful eye on the three strangers entering, Chris slowed his pace as did Buck and Josiah.

“Not very friendly here, are they?” Josiah commented as he was just scoffed at by an elderly lady he passed.

Buck trotted by a man dressed in rags and spit flying out of his mouth at his horse’s hooves. “Nope, I guess not.” He laughed it off, but kept the humor to himself.

Chris stopped the walk altogether in front of the jailhouse, jumped off his horse, tied her up, and walked inside without waiting for the others. He walked up to the sheriff’s desk where he saw the poor excuse of man sleeping with his hat over his face and his boots propped up on the corner of the wooden desk.

Chris’s anger boiled and spilled over his limbs as his hand jerked and hit down hard on the desk, wrenching the sheriff to his feet and his hat falling to the dusty floorboards.

Sheriff Diamond coughed and cursed and rubbed his eyes as he looked up at the dark man dressed in black, his green eyes just as dark. “What the hell in blue blazes is goin’ on here? What do you want?”

“Not very friendly for being the sheriff,” Chris muttered.

“Yeah, and who wants to care, huh?” Diamond said loud and clear and stood easier on his feet. Chris shot him a daring glare as if to pull for your gun and see what will happen look just as Josiah and Buck entered. Diamond straightened his brown jacket, too small for his body, and looked from one man to the other. “What can I do for you, gentlemen?” he switched his outlook on the intrusion quickly when he saw these men meant business, and they were not from around these parts of his village.

“Do you know that you are bordering wanted outlaws? Females to be right?” Chris asked, curling his hands to fists.

“What are you talkin’ about? I haven’t seen any crime happenin’ around here for the past two weeks.” Diamond frowned and walked around his desk. “Now if you gentlemen would see your way out, there won’t be anymore—“

Chris grabbed him by the elbow and made him look at him square in the face. “I know you know what I’m talkin’ about. I’d just seen The Clarion Newspaper on your front doorstep. The murderous story about the female kidnappers is right there on the front page. Now don’t tell me you haven’t heard shit when you know very well what I’m talkin’ about.” He tightened his grip when he felt Diamond pull away. “Now spill it, Sheriff.”

“Chris, this isn’t the way to handle things.” Josiah warned.

“You’re right, Josiah.” Chris growled. “I think beating him senseless might do us some good. Maybe we better.”

Buck put his hand over Chris’s on Sheriff Diamond’s elbow and made him pull off. “No, that’s a bad idea.”

“Yeah, that’s a bad idea, Chris.” Diamond agreed.

Without thinking, Chris punched Diamond in the jaw and the sheriff fell to the floor in pain.

“Now he won’t talk at all, Chris!” Buck shouted.

“Yes, he will!” Chris shouted back and dropped to his knees and grabbed Diamond’s shirt collar, his fist back behind him ready to strike again.

“Wait!” someone screamed from the doors. Chris, Buck, and Josiah twisted around and Diamond held his hands up in defense from Chris’s fist as he also turned to find a young female in the doorway, blocking out the afternoon sun.

“Who are you?” Chris demanded to know.

Veronica gazed at all three gunslingers inside the jailhouse and the weak sheriff, drunk as always and clueless about everything, on the floor. “You looking for a friend of yours?” she asked.

Chris dropped Diamond on the floor and he banged his head. Chris stood right up and walked over to Veronica. “Do you know where he is?”

Veronica held her breath, tightened the shawl around her shoulders and nodded.

“Where, child?” Josiah asked. “We need to know where he is now.”

“First tell me who you are and why you want him back.” She said.

Chris wanted to shout at her and shake her senseless to tell him without questions and answers involved, but he knew it was the only way he would know where Vin was. He had to cooperate.

“We’re his friends,” Buck said in good timing just as Chris opened his mouth to answer. “And we want him back because he’s our friend.”

Veronica eyed the dark haired man behind the out front blond gunslinger before her. The dark haired man appeared friendlier than the other one did. “Those aren’t good enough answers, mister.”

“How about this being good enough—“ Chris barked and held up his fists to fight, but Josiah grabbed and dragged him to step back.

Buck took Chris’s place in front of the woman and asked gently, “Please, darlin’, we need your help. Tell me.”

Veronica wanted to bite her tongue and wondered what crazy thought made her come to these men in the first place. She knew when they brought the long haired man in hours ago that someone would be coming to look for him. He wasn’t like the other stragglers. This one was important, and someone out there would want vengeances. Then she remembered the whispers between wild fire Tonya and her mother, Sasha. The woman wasn’t her biological mother but the mother who helped her get into this line of business with hooking and kidnapping men to get their money. Sasha took her from her dirty home and showed her a life full of wonders and diamonds and long, beautiful dresses. She had to work for the glamour, and Sasha showed just how to do that.

But Veronica never wanted to kill anyone. She never wanted to hurt them or do it intentionally especially Sasha. Tonya was her least favorite in the house of her sisters, the crazy one who took men’s lives for pleasure after she had their way with them for hours, and even days at a time. She knew these men standing before her were a friend of the unlucky one Tonya had this time around.

“I will tell you. I will tell you but you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone that you found out from me. You have to promise me this.” Veronica pleaded, her baby blue eyes glistening in the sun’s rays.

Buck looked away from her and behind him at Chris and Josiah as they looked back at him. Chris wanted to go for it with teeth and nails and claw his way through the women to find Vin. Buck saw the sharp light in his eyes, knowing Chris was game no matter what the cost.

“Okay, miss.” Buck said, and looked at her again. “Tell us.”

Veronica was more than happy to but she made sure she was out of the watchful eye of Tonya or Sasha for the fact. She stepped inside the jailhouse, told the men where their friend was, and then she was gone just as she appeared.

“That’s something, isn’t it?” Josiah said and shifted his pistol in its holster around his hip.

“That is something,” Buck agreed and looked at Chris for his comment. When he didn’t give one, and he was heading for the jailhouse doors to walk out and go to the hotel where Veronica told him where Vin was, Buck grabbed his arm to stop him. “Don’t even think you’re goin’ in there alone, stud.”

“Why not? They’re just a bunch of drunken, sleazy women. I can take them.”

“And those drunken women have weapons with them, I guarantee it.”

“So what if they do? They’re just women.” Chris shrugged out of Buck’s hold and walked out of the jailhouse. Buck groaned and walked out right after Chris with Josiah following.

“I’ll remember you said that, stud. You remember how vicious and clever Ella was?” Buck said as he reached him and they walked side by side.

“Ella’s different. She’s sick and crazy.” Chris mumbled.

“And women who kidnap men and kill them after they’ve had their way with them aren’t?” Buck fired back.

“Buck!” Chris yelled and stopped dead center in the village and looked hard at his old friend. “We’re not discussin’ this anymore. I’m goin’ in there to get Vin. You can stay out here if you’d like but I’m goin’ in.”

“Without a plan,” Josiah added. “You gotta have a plan.”

Chris gritted his teeth and was forced to stop his crazy thoughts and really listen to Josiah. “You have one handy?”

Josiah shifted his weight. “Chris, you’re a fine looking man. You go in there like the way you are, those women are goin’ to sniff the good looks right off of you and kill you on the spot. They will recognize you from the attack. It’s suicide if you go in there now.”

Chris thought what he said over, then said. “Doesn’t matter. I’ll talk my way through. You two stay out here. I will figure this out. I don’t wanna have your deaths on my conscience too.”

“And I don’t want your death on mine either, Chris! Going in there with nothing but a gun, they will know and kill you!” Buck yelled.

Chris told him to lower his voice before they all got shot on spot. “I’m going in there. Watch for anything suspicious and wait for me and Vin. I will be okay. Trust me....”

A hot, fierce fire poker tapped Vin on his plump bottom and he groaned and bit down hard on the rope in his mouth. With his eyes covered now, he heard a faint laugh behind him.

That woman....

Tonya laughed harder each time she poked him in the bottom, or the back, or around his shoulders.

“You’re being a good boy.” Tonya hummed. “Very good boy.” She poked him again and Vin jerked and grabbed the wooden posts where his hands were tied to relieve the pain. He tried to mumble something but the words were clogged with the rope and he gave up trying to make sense of any of it. He wanted to know where he was, what he had done, and where the hell his clothes were.

“Be quiet!” Tonya yelled and poked the middle of his back with a hot coal she dug out from the room’s lit fire. Vin did yell out and his cry for help echoed outside the room, through the corridor, and down the stairwell where Chris had just walked in and waited to be taken notice to.

Chris heard the cries but he didn’t know who it came from or where. It came from the second floor, that he could he tell, but which room? The hotel was huge, there must have been more twenty rooms up and down the first and second floor as far as he could see.

Chris looked up the lonely stairwell leading up to the second floor and a sudden wash of chills covered him and a sweat broke out on his forehead. He didn’t wipe away the chills, and he didn’t care for the fear he felt in the pit of his stomach this place gave him. He stood still but moved his eyes down to the left of him, looking down the dark corridor, finding women walking in and out of occupied bedrooms. He turned his head the other way and saw a mirror image of the same thing. Many women glided across the wooden floorboards as if nothing could bother them, no one could see them, and they didn’t care who looked and who wanted.

“Can I help you?” a deep, seductive voice asked from behind him. Chris swallowed down fear in his throat, thinking these people were just women, and they couldn’t do harm, or had the strength. But he had never killed a woman before, nor had the reason to until Ella Gaines. But she was past news and he turned around to face the woman at his back to only have his breath stolen from his lungs.

“Yes,” Chris said slowly, sticking on his word like honey as he looked deep into the woman’s dark, chocolate eyes. “You can.”

Sasha moved her satin, burgundy shawl around her neck and around her slender body and settled her equally dark hair to one side of her neck. She looked Chris up and down, loving his build, the strength in his arms she saw everywhere else and the strength she knew he had. She was more than willing to help him out.

“What is it I can do for you then?” she asked, and moved her hand to her back and locked the main hotel doors. Chris saw her motion but ignored it and when she returned her eyes to his he made out as if he didn’t see her.

“Vin Tanner,” Chris said coldly. “You heard of him?”

Sasha’s sexy eyes dropped to his pulsing groin, and she moaned. “Why are you asking about another man?”

Chris took a step toward her and she took step back though she regretted she had or she’d be right up to him, feeling his hot breath upon her face.

“You have him here,” Chris said in a deep, seductive voice just as she had given to him seconds ago. He moved his rough hand up her body, cupped her right breast, squeezed tenderly, then glided his knuckles across her cheek. He made sure the whore had every bit of his attention since he was not leaving until he had answers about Vin’s whereabouts. Chris moved closer to her face, closer, closer until they were nose to nose, mouth to mouth, eye to eye. “And I want him back.”

Instantly he shied away his sex appeal and gripped her chin, getting a bit of plump cheek in there, and jerked her head toward his. “Where is he?” he practically shouted in her face and Sasha used what she could of her long nails to claw at the hand that held her still.

“You’re the other one we left behind,” she said through gritted teeth, remembering the attack. “We should have killed you.”

“And then what?” Chris yanked harder. Sasha cried out but everyone was so busy to care or notice.

“You want to see your friend again, then you let me go and I will show you to him.” She said.

Chris snorted, “I’m not a fool, whore. I’ve lived my whole life with people like you: the killers, the cut throats, the ones who want only sex and money. What makes you think I’ll believe anything you say?”

“Because I know well where he is,” Sasha gasped, covering his hand with her own. “They’re all my girls, they will listen to me. I know it.”

Chris’s hand shook with rage but he released her and she thumped back against the door, hitting her head. “Show me.”

After Sasha rubbed the back of her head and regained her ability to play nice girl and get back with the bad attitude, she turned on her heel, walked to the stairwell, and turned to make sure Chris followed.

“This way,” she ordered.

Chris took a deep breath and didn’t think twice about the consequences he was about to face. It had been easy to get the whore to cooperate but how long did he think it’d last? Given she was a woman, and didn’t have the same strength a man had, but she was still a woman and he would never hurt a woman in his life. He’d lock them up and send them to prison for the rest of her life, but he would never give her a bullet from his pistol.

He looked behind him and out the side window, remembering Buck and Josiah were just outside and ready for action when he gave the sign. He watched Sasha sway her hips as she walked up the stairs as he walked closely behind, not touching the stair rail, not touching anything until he knew where Vin was.

“Just a little further,” Sasha said as she walked down the long corridor. Chris continued to follow and when she stopped at a half way open door, he tried to look through the crack but she stepped in his way.

“This it? Is this where Vin is?” Chris ordered to know, keeping calm.

Sasha smiled wildly and that seductive smile came back, and she looked out of the corner of her eye. Chris caught on and before he could react, his head snapped forward, and he fell to his knees, to the floor, and blacked out.

“You really shouldn’t have mentioned anything about Vin Tanner, Mr. Larabee.” He heard the familiar, evil voice whisper. Chris tried to open his eyes but couldn’t because it hurt too bad. He tried to frown, but that just worsened the pain as he knew he must have a cut somewhere on his forehead from the blow.

“Where....what....have you done?” Chris slurred his words and put his head back down on the pillow.

“You’re still here with me....” Sasha said as she studied every muscle in the gunslinger’s bare chest. His skin was tight, tan, and his stomach was hard as rock. She got giddy just thinking what she could to him that would make her sing with pleasure.

Chris did open his eyes, avoided the pain, and saw the evil, beautiful woman he met just....however long ago it was....downstairs. He felt a cool breeze from the open window and he shivered under her light touch and kisses on his naked chest.

“What....” Chris tried to move off the bed, from underneath her, but couldn’t as he was bound to the bed. “Let me go!”

Sasha came up to meet his face and kissed his nose. “You didn’t say please, Larabee.”

“How do you know my name?”

“From Tanner,” she said as if nothing was wrong and she was his lady and they were just waking up from a long passionate night in each other’s arms.

Chris yanked on his hands and feet, and the bed jerked. “Let me go,” he growled.

Sasha liked his growl, ignored what he said, and kissed his neck, and nuzzled into him. “Not until you agree with what I have to say. I have a proposition for you.”

“A proposition? Why would I do anything for you when you had me knocked out and tied to a bed?”

“You will when I tell you Tanner’s life will be in danger if you don’t.” Sasha said and leaned back up to look at him. She watched his face turn from angry to quiet, and listening. “That’s what I thought. Given you care so much about him I will release him only if you give me what I want.”

“What do you want?” Chris was curious and cocky and livid mixed as one.

“You,” Sasha pointed at him, “And this….” She moved her hand down the length of his six foot build and squeezed his manhood over his black pants. Immediately Chris groaned but only out of a sense of shock.

“Let me get this straight….you’ll release Vin if I give you pleasure?”

Sasha shrugged. “What more could a girl ask for? For the way you look right now, how open you are for all to see and the dark look in your eyes tells me you’ve been down that dark, lonely road before like me.” She propped herself on an elbow. “You see, you and I have so much in common it’s silly we haven’t connected before now. You were lead here by someone, by something.”

“By instinct for a friend you kidnapped! I don’t know you and you sure as hell don’t know.” Chris again yanked at his bound hands but nothing gave. “If you don’t let me go, woman, you will get more than you’re askin’ for.”

Sasha laughed hard and rolled her eyes in the back of her head. “You outta be glad you got me instead of Tonya….the real crazy lady your boy is with now. If you talked to her the way you’re talking to me….you’d be dead long ago.” She controlled her laughter. “So, if you do want to see Tanner again, I’m the only one who can set him free. I’m in control here. Tonya is working for me. If I tell her to kill him, she won’t think twice about driving a fire poker straight through his chest.”

As of right now, Chris was not in control. He had been taken advantage of, tied, and was being talked to like a kid and if he didn’t obey his mama, there would be punishment later. And in this case….death.

“If I give you want you want you will let him go after you’ve come and satisfied?” Chris moaned looking at her right in the eye, making sure he saw every ounce of evil she carried in her beautiful body.

“Consider it done,” Sasha whispered and leaned in and bit his bottom lip. She rolled over him, ran to her door like a silly girl, and locked it. Chris slammed his head down on the pillow, regretting what he was about to do for a friend. But this just wasn’t any friend. This was Vin Tanner.

When Sasha returned and bounced on the bed, Chris said, “You gotta untie me for this thing to really work. So I can give you every inch of me.”

Sasha looked down at him, thinking whether or not she should let him go. Would he run and try to find Vin himself, or would he actually keep his word and take her like she wanted?

“Will you stay if I do?” she asked the inevitable.

“Will you release Vin if I take you?” Chris shot right back.

Sasha thought it over again before leaning over his face, her open breasts in his face, and untied his hands.

“That’d a girl.” Chris moaned, then before he took her breasts in his free hands, he thought about everything wrong in his life and the people he cared for back home and about Buck and Josiah right outside the window he could flag at and they’d come in there with pistols and bullets flying. Then he wouldn’t have to show this woman what he was really made of. But just the thought of getting lost in a woman hardened him.

This was all there was, sex and stupid hope.

He kissed her breasts, and flipped her over to her back. He brushed some hair off her forehead, kissed her eyelids. “You asked for this.” He took her mouth in a full, deep kiss that left her gasping, aching for more, then ran his hand down to the damp curls between her legs. “Do you want that?”

She nodded and mumbled a “Yes.”

“You’re already wet for me,” he whispered against her hair. He ran a finger along her slick seam, opened her, and probed deeply, one finger, two, then pulled out to play with her hardened nub, circling it with a deft finger until it stood away from her milky flesh, distinct and exposed. He touched it with a sure and gentle finger, then left it to cool, to wait….

A new rush of moisture pooled and heated at her opening.

Sasha gasped, her dark hair sprawled on the pillow, her legs tightening around his hand between her legs. She grasped the sheet on either side of her with trembling hands, clutching the bunched linen as if it were a life raft in a storm.

Chris played with her body, toyed with it, his hard length only a promise at the juncture of her thighs. He kissed her throat, down, over her laced bra and stomach, and thrust his fingers into her heat, each motion different than the last, slow now, then faster, then gone.

Replaced by a mouth that took her hard, fast, and relentlessly. She screamed, convulsed, and came in a blinding, seething rush, a wild thing, her mouth dry with breath and fire, her heart deafening sound in her chest.

“Oh, my God....” She clutched at him, pulled him to her, wanting him in, wanting him deep.

Chris shushed her and calmed her hands when she tried to reach for his belt buckle and zipper.

“This all for a friend?” Sasha breathed.

“You have no idea.” Chris said in short breaths, and cursed under his breath with what he had to do next, what she was expecting of him. It only had to take a matter of minutes before he had her come and show him to Vin so they could get the hell out of there and he could wash away this disgusting feeling of having to take a woman instead of wanting to.

Sasha kept her eyes closed and waited for Chris to do something next. As her thighs cooled and her breathing calmed, she opened her eyes but only to find movement above her, then he entered her in a long, potent plunge. In deep, he raised himself again, and she could see the strain, the tautness in his neck at the effort to still himself. “This isn’t fair,” he said then flexed, went deeper, pulled back, then drove into her, to her limits, his hard, demanding length pinning her to the bed.

Man into woman....totally, intensely gloriously.

She shuddered, desperate to pull him in deeper, deeper still. Her inner walls closed around him, and every nerve and sinew in her body melded to his, urged him on. A climax of her own hovered, first in flutter, then a demand, and she sank her nails into his taut muscles of his shoulders, hung on so....she could let go.

She bucked, panted to get breath, tore at his back, his shoulders, his buttocks. Crazed. She was crazed.

Chris groaned, lifted her hips, dug his fingers into the plump flesh of her bottom to hold her high, and tried not to release himself inside her but it was too late from his last powerful plunge, his body a thrust of pure steel under her grasping hands, the contractions of her inner walls.

Exhausted, they clung to each other, sated, their bodies slick from heat and sex.

When she found her voice, she said, “Not bad, Larabee.”

Chris buried his face in the core of her neck as he took large breaths to regain himself. After he calmed, he found the snake in his voice and moaned, “I’ve had better.” Not waiting for her argument, he sat up and away from her heated body and slid back into his pants and left his shirt undone, revealing his moist six pack. He ran his hands through his hair before bending down to put his boots back on she had removed earlier, and drop his hat on his head. After he finished dressing, he looked at the whore still soaking in the lusciousness of their lovemaking. “Where’s Vin?”

“What?” Sasha moaned, her eyes closed.

Chris stomped his boot, irritated, “Where’s Vin?”

Sasha opened her eyes and looked over at him. “Oh yeah,” a twisted smile curled her lips. “I think he’s already dead.”

Chris lunged for her and Sasha got up so quickly, her head spun. She stood across the double bed from him, staring at him in those dark eyes of his again, then she laughed.

“You didn’t really think I was going to hand him to you just like that, did you?” She laughed softly now, evilly, seductively again.

“Where is he?” Chris barked.

“I told Tonya that after you agreed to make love to me to go ahead and kill him. So that she could have her way, and I could have mine. And it all worked out as planned.”

Chris didn’t have time to think over of what she just said. He turned around just as quick, slid open the window, and searched for Buck and Josiah. When he found them just outside the saloon doors, having a drink, he yelled for them and they dropped their beers and ran to the hotel.

He turned back around to a worrisome whore. “You like to play games, Sasha….so do I.” Chris sauntered around the bed, took her by the neck without stopping his stride, and yanked her into the corridor. “Tell me which room he’s in, and lady, if you don’t I’ll have two gunmen ready to come up here and put an end to whatever games you have goin’ on around here. Now do you want to have a physical game, or a nice and easy play?” He tightened his grip on her neck, her eyes ready to pop out.

“You won’t kill me,” Sasha gasped. “You don’t have it in ya.”

Chris gritted his teeth and closed in on her face to see his own reflection in her eyes. “Lady, I’m not so sure what I’m capable of anymore! I gave you my end of the bargain, give me mine!” he threw her up against a wall, making a thump on the walls, and inside the rooms along that wall.

“What’s going on?” Buck yelled his pistol aimed and ready to shoot.

“Did you find Vin?” Josiah shouted behind him. They found Chris in the core of the corridor, his shirt hanging open for all to see, and Buck looked at him quizzically.

“Don’t have time for questions now,” Chris said. “Search all the rooms. Vin’s in one of ‘em,” he switched his glare on Sasha nursing the back of her head. “And if we find him dead you and his killer will be just the same. Woman or not.”

Sasha ignored his threat, “Oh, I liked it better when you were inside me, and not talking.” She hissed and Chris slapped her, cutting her bottom lip with his rough knuckles.

“It’s called rape. Blackmail. And if I take you back with me to face the judge, you’ll wish you were dead.”

The search began and Chris had Buck and Josiah open every door that was closed. When they made it to the back of the corridor by the huge glass window overlooking the back lot of the village, there was one last door to break into.

Tonya heard the commotion from the corridor, and wished she had killed her man when Sasha ordered her to. Fact was she was having too much fun, enjoying the pleasure, and hearing him whine to let him go. When her bedroom door kicked in and there stood three gunmen with their pistols held high and all she had was a hot fire poker, she had nothing left to give or take. Her pleasure had ended when a dark haired gunman grabbed the poker from her and slammed her to the floor.

Josiah rushed into the room as Buck held down the woman and found Vin on the bed, his face down, still alive but wounded to the brink of death and hours of torment. The ex-preacher searched for his clothes but couldn’t find them. He used the blanket Vin laid on instead to cover his nakedness and untied the ropes around his ankles and wrists.

When Vin found strength, he jerked his free hand and tried to grab at Josiah’s neck but he calmed the bounty hunter and told him he was here to take him home. He removed the cloth from his eyes and took out the piece in his mouth and wrapped the blanket tighter around his wounded body.

Using all his upper body strength, Josiah carried Vin out of the dark room, through the corridor, and out of the smelly hotel whorehouse.

Chris walked into the room now, saw the ill woman Buck held down, and the dirty bed Vin had laid and suffered in at this woman’s hands. Chris was as disgusted as was Buck that he didn’t want to do anything about it for now.

“Take her with us,” Chris motioned at Buck, and he stood up and took Tonya with him, holding her arms behind her back as he used his large hands as a rope. They passed Sasha on their way out of the hotel, with eyes of women watching as they went and all the doors wide open.

Chris stopped at Sasha, looked at her long and hard, and waited for her to be the first to speak. She turned her head, telling him she wanted nothing more to do with him. He took that as a good sign, remembered their threats, and his especially, and when she said she was the leader. That she was the one who told Tonya to kill Vin. He remembered it all too well and almost too well to let it go forever.

Without saying a word, Chris reached around the back of her neck and yanked her away from the wall, and pulled her down the stairs in a hard grasp, and threw her out of the hotel.

He found rope by his horse and used it to tie her hands, and he took the other end and tied it to his horse. He ordered Buck to do the same as when he was finished, both the leading women of the was-going-to-be murder were dragged behind them as they headed back to town at a slow pace.

Within the hour of getting back to town, Chris looked at the setting sun just ahead of him, and remembered telling JD they would be back before sunset. He smiled to himself, happy to be back in one piece as he told the others and to have Vin back safe and alive. He yanked on the long rope and Sasha was forced to walk faster. He laughed.

Nathan and Ezra met them at the entrance of Four Corners and helped Josiah with the withered Vin and took him under Nathan’s care in his room to patch him up and get him back on his feet.

JD walked out of the saloon, and headed right to them as did a few locals curious as to what happened.

“JD,” Chris said, then pointed at a few men behind the young gunslinger. “And you three men, come and get these women and toss them in the jail. JD—you take care of it until I get there, understand?”

JD looked at his leader, confused as to why he wanted to jail up these two beautiful women, yet dirty from the walk home. He wondered but didn’t ask and did what he was told.

Buck took a deep breath, letting the setting sun soak his face. “That was somethin’.”

Chris watched the two women being dragged across town to the jail. He saw Sasha turn around and look over her shoulder at him. They shared a straight, hard glare before she disappeared into the dark jailhouse.

“What do you think makes women do that?” he asked.

Buck looked at him, “What happened in there?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

“Try me.”

Chris now took the deep breath and met Buck’s stare. “Let’s just say....what I was thinkin’ before I went in that hotel wasn’t what I was thinkin’ when I walked out.”

“Are you tellin’ me you....” Buck wasn’t sure what he was trying to understand but what he had in mind wasn’t what he expected. “You did that for Vin?”

“I would for you,” Chris said without a smile or smirk on his face. His expression was hard, serious, and unreadable. The conversation was getting too sticky to the truth and he tapped his horse and started walking away.

“Hey, Chris....” Buck called out. “I’d do it for you, too!”

Chris laughed, and it felt good. “You’d do it for anybody!” he called back.

Buck laughed when he heard Chris laugh. Truth of the matter was Chris was a good friend, one Buck never wanted to let go. He put himself in a situation no man would take to save a friend’s life. They’d try to find the easy way around, but not Chris. And Buck thanked the heavenly Lord and wondered what he did in life to have him as a friend.

Buck smiled and kept the smile plastered on his face all the way to the jailhouse.

The End.
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