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Author's Chapter Notes:
Includes Billy Travis. Two more things: all spelling and grammar errors are intentional. Second thing: I have no children of my own, plus I can only approximate Billy's age, so I've done the best I could with the little I know about little boys.
Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Billy Travis. Ma and I wrote you before but I left somebody out, so I'm writing to you again. Vin Tanner is helping me. He don't write to good but hes going to try on acount of this is such an importent letter.

We have seven men who watch our town and try to keep it safe. They are all nice to me and Ma and everybody and I'd like it if you could bring them something.

For JD Dunne, please bring him a new knife on acount of I broke his by acksident when he let me play with it. It was a real nice knife and he didn't get mad or anything.

For Buck Wilmington, he likes to play with girls. He even kisses them! And you know how bad that is. Maybe you could bring him a real nice top to play with insted like that big one you gave me last year. Or maybe some marbles. Vin is laffing but he sed it's becuz he thinks Buck would really like those.

For Ezra Standish, I think he'd like it if his ma could be here for Christmas. She don't come around here much. A guy needs his ma to kiss his hurts and make cookies and stuff. My ma does that and I bet Ezra's ma would to if she was here. Vin told me that Ezra ain't real good all the time, but maybe you bring him this any way. I'm shur he tries real hard. It's hard to be good all the time!

For Josiah Sanchez, coud you bring him a hammer that don't hurt? He hits his thum sometimes when he's working at the church and it makes him cuss something awful. Ma allways told me God don't like that and I wouldn't want God to be mad at him.

For Vin Tanner, I think a real house wood be nice. He sleeps in a wagen now, but a guy needs a place he can call home. Sumplace with a roof and walls and a nice lady inside like my ma is who can cook his suppers. But if that's too much, Santa, how about a book of poems? Vin don't read real good yet, but he writes some mity nice poems.

For Nathan Jackson, maybe you could fix it so nobody gets sick for Christmas. He works real hard to help sick and hurt peeple here. I think he'd like it if he could have a nice Christmas all to himself.

For Chris Larabee, I'd like him to not be alone, but I don't want him to have a little boy like me. I like spending time with Chris but if he had his own little boy, I mite not see him much any more. I think he should have a dog. A dog is good becuz I can go see Chris and then Chris and I can play with it.

That's everybody I fergot. Thank you, Santa!


Billy Travis

P.S. I'm still being good. Even Vin sez so.

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