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"I ain't gonna do it!"

"Yes, you are. I don't talk that much in a month. Buck will lose us clients cause he sounds like a pervert. Josiah will go on two hours. Nathan could do it, but he's in Boulder. J.D. will talk, but he's liable to tell one of his darn jokes. Ezra…who know what Ezra'll say, or who can understand him anyway. You're the only one."

"What do you expect me to do. That jerk on the news is a jerk!"

"All you got to do is smile at him and stick to who, what, when, where, why, and how. That's all you need to give him…what he needs for a good interview, and Mag7 could use the publicity after we found that kid."

"And pard, it ain't the jerk doing the interview, nohow!"

"Buck, they told me it was Marlin. It isn't him?"

"'s Vivian Goodly!"

"Vivian? It's red haired Vivian? Well, maybe I better handle this one, Vin."

"No, Chris.Terri'd kill you for flirtin' with this one...and you know you'd do it, too. I don't have that kind of problem."

"You're problem is you won't know what to say to her at all. You're a total idiot when it comes to women."

"All I got to do is answer questions, Buck."

"And smile."

"Chris, I can sure do that…almost as good as you... and it's my turn! And I don't think this one's married for once."

"What's that got to do with anything."

"Vin. Buck will get us in deep, deep trouble. She's the one that does that expose on men who don't know spit. Buck'll wind up being her sole subject."

"Then I get to go?"

"She's all yours. Just wear something beside the mealy buckskins, and remember to smile."

"She's gonna be all mine!"


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